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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 6 Recap

Gao Daxia came to the police station as an old aunt Fang Ruoyu, and learned that Fang Ruoyu, the chief of the police station, had already taken the mission. So she took the opportunity to read the records of the previous few days and found that she had never been to Harbin a few days ago. . In order to check Fang Ruoyu’s identity in detail, Gao Daxia tricked the guard into providing Fang’s address. At this time, Fu Jiazhuang appeared and found that all records on the entrance registration book were false. The two came to Fang’s door and wanted to open the door with a key. After a long time without moving, I had to leave first.

After returning, Gao Daxia planned to go to the foreign goods store to check if Ma Susu had escaped, but Fu Jiazhuang was worried about her safety and asked Liu Manli to accompany Gao Daxia. Gao Daxia asked Liu Manli to put on the mask. Liu Manli thought it was her task, but was told that today’s task was to drop by.

Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Shouping approached Andre again, but Sister-in-law still hid by the door and eavesdropped on him. Andre told him to come back at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. At the same time, Liu Manli squatted in the biscuits shop, and Gao Daxia saw Ma Susu in the foreign goods shop and was surprised. He didn’t expect that Ma Susu would take her to the tailor shop to make clothes.

Just as the two were talking, Liu Manli entered the door cursingly. After learning that Liu Manli was Gao Daxia’s sister-in-law, Ma Susu immediately greeted him enthusiastically. Liu Manli took the initiative to mention the drama box. Gao Daxia immediately dragged her out of the foreign goods store and learned through Zhen Jing that Ma Susu had indeed dropped a box in Harbin. After returning home, he quickly told Fu Jiazhuang the news.

Li Yunguang found out that the codename of the leader of the KMT spy in Dalian was called Auntie, and urged Fu Jiazhuang to find out the identity of the other party as soon as possible. Fu Jiazhuang handed the contact letter to Gao Daxia, and asked her and Gao Shouping to find Andre in the Soviet Union. In fact, Fu Jiazhuang already knew that he would be followed, so he let Laoguan follow him.

Ma Susu and Zhen Jing set up an ambush along the way. When entering an alley, the spy shot Fu Jiazhuang’s black gun. After Fu Jiazhuang fell to the ground, Laoguan searched for the letter on Fu Jiazhuang and asked the spy to take it away. At this time, Fu Jiazhuang miraculously turned over and aimed his gun at Laoguan. Li Yunguang also took the members of the CCP organization and surrounded Laoguan. Ma Susu, who was lying in the dark, saw that the situation was not good and shot Laoguan to death. Extinguished, as for Li Yunguang, he was shot in the body to cover Fu Jiazhuang.

Gao Daxia took the place of Fu Jiazhuang in the Soviet army headquarters. Aunt Wu pretended to be Andrei’s subordinate and deceived Gao Daxia’s contact letter. Gao Daxia only found out that she had been fooled when Andre came to ask for the contact letter. Andre doubted whether Gao Daxia really had a contact letter. Gao Daxia offered to look at the roster and inquire about the photos, but he did not find out who cheated the contact letter.

The two sides couldn’t help but quarrel, and Andre locked up Gao Daxia in a fit of anger. Fu Jiazhuang hurried to explain to Andre, but Andre must investigate their identities before accepting it. Fu Jiazhuang begged Andre to take herself to meet Gao Daxia, who was detained by the Soviet army. After learning that Gao Daxia knew her lover Yelena, Andre agreed to let her leave, but the contact letter required a letter.

After the incident, Gao Daxia realized her mistake and took the initiative to apologize to Li Yunguang, and Li Yunguang guessed that the failure of the mission must be related to her aunt. Fu Jiazhuang remembered that he seemed to see Ma Susu today, but Gao Daxia said that Ma Susu was going to the tailor shop and decided to ask the owner of the tailor shop, but he did not know that Ma Susu was the first to buy the boss.

Just as Ma Susu was about to leave, she suddenly found Gao Daxia and Fu Jiazhuang coming in from outside, so she hurriedly hid in the room. Gao Daxia asked the owner of the shop, but he hadn’t noticed the strange look of the owner yet, but he found Ma Susu’s customized fabric in the tailor’s shop. Originally, Gao Daxia left after asking Fu Jiazhuang, but Ma Susu accidentally knocked down the hanger and made a noise, which aroused the alarm of the two.

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