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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 5 Recap

Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Shouping went to Lieutenant Colonel Andre, but they were told that the Lieutenant Colonel had just left, and the sister-in-law in charge of cleaning was hiding nearby and eavesdropping, and immediately informed Fang Ruoyu. When Fu Jiazhuang was about to leave, a car was vaguely found following him. After the other party noticed that he was exposed, he drove away immediately.

Now Masusu’s foreign goods shop is officially opened, and at the same time it has a good relationship with the owner of the biscuits shop. Laoguan and Ma Susu reported the situation, saying that if Fu Jiazhuang could obtain the Communist Party’s Organizational Approval Certificate in Dalian from the Soviet Union, it would be extremely detrimental to the KMT.

Originally Fang Ruoyu wanted to go to the hospital to find Ma Susu, but learned that she had been discharged from the hospital and received a note. After the incident, Fang Ruoyu brought a pistol to Ma Susu as a self-defense. According to his investigation, it was found that Gao Daxia had opened a bun shop on the opposite side and even sent a guard to the arson group.

Because of this, Fang Ruoyu felt that Gao Daxia would not die in one day, and he felt unreliable. However, Ma Susu bluntly said that their main target now is Fujiazhuang. If they wait until Fujiazhuang takes Dalian, it will be more difficult for the KMT to implement the work. Fang Ruoyu naturally knew the priorities, but he was very worried about Zhen Jing, but only after Ma Susu’s narration did he know the origin of the other party.

At that time, Ma Susu knew that the servant was messing up the relationship between men and women, so she threw the things of the dog and the man out of the house in a fit of anger, and happened to see Zhen Jing who was wandering. From then on, Zhen Jingli regarded Ma Susu as her eldest sister. Although she was a little stupid, she was extremely loyal to Ma Susu.

Gao Daxia learned from Liu Manli that Wan Defu went to a foreign goods store to buy a play box, so she hurried out to find him, and happened to meet Zhen Fine. Zhen Jingjing told her about Ma Susu’s store opening. The two came to the foreign goods store together and were about to enter the door. Ma Susu hid Fang Ruoyu in the cabinet.

Ma Susu let Fang Ruoyu hide in the closet, pretending to deal with Gao Daxia, unexpectedly he was almost discovered by her several times, the process was quite thrilling and exciting. Fang Ruoyu wanted to slip away when Gao Daxia was not paying attention, but failed every time. On the other hand, Gao Daxia was very familiar with the shop and began to explain the details of the various organs in the room.

Gao Daxia pointed out that this shop was originally a liaison station for the arson group. In order to celebrate the opening, she can show Ma Susu all the institutions inside, including the mystery of the cabinets. In fact, the two cabinets can communicate with each other. When Gao Daxia opened the cabinet, she didn’t notice Fang Ruoyu. Zhen Jingjing couldn’t help shouting when she saw that Ma Susu stopped him in time.

Seeing Ma Susu find an excuse to drag Gao Daxia away, Fang Ruoyu hurriedly opened the door to slip away, but unfortunately he ran into the shopkeeper Wang right after he went out. Shopkeeper Wang said that he had come to deliver sesame seed cakes. Gao Daxia heard the news, remembering that he had met Fang Ruoyu in Harbin, and kept asking him whether he had been to the Martier Hotel in Harbin.

In order to get rid of the suspicion, Fang Ruoyu took out his credentials to show that he was a policeman, and Ma Susu deliberately distracted him. Even Fu Jiazhuang thought it was Gao Daxia. Gao Daxia always felt that Fang Ruoyu had a problem, and Fu Jiazhuang believed that he was really a spy and would inevitably appear at the entrance of the casino.

The two wanted to verify their guess, so they decided to investigate it. After Gao Daxia’s description, Wan Defu determined that this person was Fang Ruoyu, and she happened to know him, so Gao Daxia told Fu Jiazhuang that she had deliberately told the agency to Ma Susu that if she was really a spy, she would definitely be ready to escape. .

Fang Ruoyu returned to the foreign goods store, and happened to see Ma Susu preparing to escape. Fang Ruoyu reminded Ma Susu not to leave at this time, after all, Gao Daxia has no substantive evidence yet. Ma Susu said that the top priority is to resolve the contact letter in Fu Jiazhuang’s hand. Fang Ruoyu guessed that Gao Daxia and his party would definitely go to the police station to investigate him.

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