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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 7 Recap

Gu Xixi asked Mo Zixin to come out to express his thanks, but Mo Zixin looked unknowingly, saying that he just learned about Gu Xixi’s situation, and when he went to find the landlord of the shop, the landlord had already sold the shop. Gu Xixi was a little embarrassed, but thanked Mo Zixin for his concern, and began to wonder if Yin Sichen was helping behind. Yin Sichen was waiting at home for Gu Xixi to thank him. Gu Xixi did not say anything when he returned home. Yin Sichen also deliberately asked if Gu Xixi had encountered anything strange today.

Gu Xixi pretended I didn’t understand what Yin Sichen was talking about. After Yin Sichen became angry, Gu Xixi said thank you to Yin Sichen, and Yin Sichen asked Gu Xixi to act and let Gu Xixi feed himself soup. As a result, the two got too close, and both were a little shy with each other. Gu Xixi changed the subject and asked if he wanted to study for him tonight. Yin Sichen said that he still had work to do, and when he was done, he went to the bedroom.

Gu Xixi also said that he took the returned money to buy a set of virtual reality equipment for Grandma Yin, and he was responsible for playing with Grandma Yin. When Yin Sichen returned to the bedroom, Gu Xixi was already asleep. Yin Sichen looked at Gu Xixi in a daze, thinking about what the real Gu Xixi was like. Gu Xixi was awakened by Yin Sichen. The book in his hand fell on Yin Sichen’s head. In order to compensate Yin Sichen, Gu Xixi promised to read him the book for two months.

The next day Gu Xixi took the designed work clothes and went to Mo Zixin. Mo Zixin waved his hand and bought the three sets of work clothes she designed. He also said that the company has recently supported policies that can be given to Gu Xixi’s website. For store investment, Gu Xixi would be responsible for the design. After thinking about it, Gu Xixi declined. After returning home, Zhao Zegang called Gu Xixi and insisted on asking her to meet. Yin Sichen also had to go out at this time, and asked Gu Xixi to help him choose a tie.

Yin Sichen went out to have dinner with Ran Xiwei. Ran Xiwei’s studio was about to open. He also said that he would get an exclusive interview with Yin Sichen. While the two were chatting, Gu Xixi also came to this restaurant to meet Zhao Zegang. Ran Xiwei arranged everything secretly. She deliberately wanted Yin Sichen to see Zhao Zegang pestering Gu Xixi. Yin Sichen sat not far away. He heard that Zhao Zegang confessed his mistakes and confessed his mistakes to Gu Xixi.

He also asked to talk to Gu Xixi. Xixi reunited, but all of this was secretly photographed by the photographer arranged by Zhao Zegang. Gu Xixi was not stupid either. Knowing that Zhao Zegang suddenly came to find him, he must have bad intentions, so he beat Zhao Zegang and praised Yin Sichen. Yin Sichen was originally furious and wanted to have an attack. After hearing Gu Xixi’s praise of himself, his mood was instantly relieved. He even took out his mobile phone and secretly took pictures. Ran Xiwei who saw her plan failed, her expression was very serious. Ugly.

Gu Xixi went back and talked to Lin Xiaoya about this. She said that she had guessed the purpose of Zhao Zegang’s meeting by herself, but she was recording a book for Yin Sichen recently, so she has the habit of carrying a recorder with her. This afternoon, the two of them All of the conversations were recorded by himself.

At this moment, Zhao Zegang sent a message to meet with Gu Xixi again, and sent the afternoon photo to Gu Xixi, and Yin Sichen’s text message was also sent over, saying that there is an urgent matter for Gu Xixi. Xixi, ask her to come back quickly. After Gu Xixi went home, she found that Yin Sichen was only going to bed, and asked Gu Xixi to come back just to ask her to study, and Yin Sichen asked if Gu Xixi had anything on his mind.

He did not say that he heard the conversation between Gu Xixi and Zhao Zegang today. He just reminded Gu Xixi to play his role both outside and inside. He also asked Gu Xixi to reflect on it tonight and go to the study to sleep. Gu Xixi said Yin Sichen was an unsympathetic bastard. After Yin Sichen arrived in the study, he recalled that Gu Xixi always said that he had no empathy. In fact, he was also an emotional person when he was a child. It was Yin’s mother who was strict with him and suppressed his nature. .

At breakfast in the morning, Grandma Yin saw that Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen were having trouble again. After learning that Yin Sichen was sleeping in the study last night, she asked Aunt Song to find a locksmith to come to the house. Gu Xixi locked in the room.

The booklet of the comics drawn by Mo Zixin is about to go on sale. In order to realize Gu Xixi’s wish, Mo Zixin decided to participate in this comic signing event, but he didn’t want to be exposed, so he asked Yu Nong to prepare a mask for himself.

After work, Sichen Yin asked Fei Ang to check Zhao Zegang’s information and learned that Zhao Zegang’s recent economic situation was not good. He also arranged for someone to protect Gu Xixi. On the other hand, Zhao Zegang came to meet Gu Xixi again. Gu Xixi wanted to After solving the matter, he agreed to meet with Zhao Zegang and asked Lin Xiaoya to pick him up nearby. Zhao Zegang asked Gu Xixi to ask for two million. Gu Xixi naturally refused to agree. When he was about to leave, Zhao Zegang found out about Gu. Xixi was recording, so he chased Gu Xixi to ask her to hand over the recorder.

Sichen Yin was celebrating the opening of Ran Xiwei’s studio. Seeing that Ran Xiwei still had the paintings that Yin Sichen sent at the age of five, Yin Sichen was a little bit emotional. Ran Xiwei said that she was a nostalgic person, and she took the opportunity to confess to Yin Sichen and said that she had already I have liked Yin Sichen for 20 years. Yin Sichen didn’t know how to respond, but Ran Xiwei took the initiative to hug Yin Sichen.

At this time, Lin Xiaoya called Yin Sichen and said that her car broke down, Gu Xixi It may be dangerous. Yin Sichen hurried over. Gu Xixi avoided Zhao Zegang and accidentally fell. Seeing that Zhao Zegang was about to hurt Gu Xixi, Yin Sichen rushed up and punched Zhao Zegang and asked Fei Ang to take Zhao Zegang to the police. In the game, Gu Xixi, who was still in shock at this moment, also hugged Yin Sichen in fear.

Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi home and bandaged her wounds. He asked Gu Xixi why he was going to meet. Gu Xixi said that Zhao Zegang had evidence against Yin Sichen and he did not want to expose the photos. Yin Sichen said that Gu Xixi is not too stupid and he knows the recording, but he is too stupid emotionally. Otherwise, how could he like Gu Xixi, and Gu Xixi did not refute it. He just said that he liked it and he had no control over it. And Yin Sichen said don’t give up feelings easily, and if you don’t give up feelings, you won’t be sad.

Gu Xixi asked him if he had never been in love, Yin Sichen insisted that he had talked, and Gu Xixi asked what it was like to be in love. , Yin Sichen only talked about physiological reasons, but Gu Xixi suddenly approached Yin Sichen and asked if Yin Sichen blushed and heartbeat. Although Yin Sichen was already nervous, he still said no, Gu Xixi He also said that it is human instinct to blush and heartbeat when the opposite sex approaches. Yin Sichen didn’t want to listen to Gu Xixi’s words anymore, and pulled Gu Xixi in front of him.

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