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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 6 Recap

After Gu Xixi woke up, she told Yin Sichen’s grandmother that she had discovered that she was sleeping in the rocking chair. She had already lied and made it through. Gu Xixi went around and said that she wanted to advance her pay in advance, Yin Sichen did not. He agreed, and Gu Xixi had to leave. At night, Gu Xixi slept back to the cloakroom and asked Yin Sichen to fulfill the contract. Don’t open the door, Yin Sichen had to sleep alone.

The next day, Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya took some clothes from Yin Sichen as a gift. Grandma Gu had not opened the clothes to return to the counter. They wanted to change some money first, but the counter said that these clothes have passed the return period. Ken returned the goods, and the two met Ran Xiwei at the store. After a few people greeted him, Ran Xiwei invited Gu Xixi to stroll around. Gu Xixi agreed on the surface, but wanted to leave quickly, but Lin Xiaoya said that if you lose, you will not lose. Gu Xixi wanted to stay and stroll around together, and even resolutely bought the clothes that Ran Xiwei liked.

After they left the mall, they went to the second-hand store to sell those clothes. Ran Xiwei showed them to them. They both bought the clothes. I sold it, but it didn’t cost much. The clerk saw Gu Xixi’s bag. She saw that Gu Xixi’s bag was very valuable, so she offered to buy this bag at a price of 50,000. This bag was given by Grandma Yin, Gu Xi Xi said that she would not sell the bag at all, Lin Xiaoya proposed to mortgage the bag in the store, and he would definitely redeem the bag within three months.

After Gu Xixi went home, Grandma Yin’s face was a little bad, and she asked why Gu Xixi didn’t carry the bag. Gu Xixi was a little guilty, saying that she would not carry it because she was afraid of being sunburned. Grandma Yin said that she would have her birthday next week. , Invited many people to the birthday party, and asked Gu Xixi to carry the bag, and Gu Xixi had to agree.

Shang Ke’s hands were almost better. Mu Ruona came to Shang Ke’s house to deliver documents. Seeing that Shang Ke had been eating snacks these days, she couldn’t bear it, so she cooked instant noodles for Shang Ke, although it was just a simple bowl. She was very touched by her instant noodles, but she was very moved.

Mu Ruona wanted to wash the dishes when she saw Shang Ke finished eating. The two of them touched their hands together, they were very close, and their eyes were facing each other. Mu Ruona couldn’t help but close. Eyes, when Shang Ke was about to kiss him, he remembered the scene of Mark being kicked that day when he harassed Mu Ruona. After a while, Mu Ruona opened her eyes and saw that Shang Ke was still in a daze, so she turned and left. , Shang Ke was upset for a while.

At Grandma Yin’s birthday party, Ran Xiwei deliberately provoked Gu Xixi, saying that someone like her could not be a qualified Mrs. Yin, and asked Gu Xixi to socialize with herself. She wanted to give Gu Xixi a bit of prestige. She deliberately bought the bag that Gu Xixi had sold. When Grandma Yin saw this, she asked Gu Xixi to take out the bag she gave him. Gu Xixi wanted to confess the matter, but Yin Sichen was able to help her out. Said that he and Gu Xixi went back to get the bag together. It turned out that Gu Xixi made a exactly the same one by himself in order to cope with the birthday party.

Yin Sichen misunderstood that she was greedy for money and sold the bag, and asked Gu Xixi to leave it for a while. Speaking, explain by yourself. After the two went out, they handed the bag to Grandma Yin. Grandma Yin didn’t tell the difference for a while. Ran Xiwei deliberately said that the colors of the two bags were different, and said that an appraiser would be needed to appraise, Yin Sichen. It is said that nowadays designers usually make a sample before making the finished product, so both of them are real. It is just the relationship between the sample and the finished product.

This has been resolved in a few words. In the evening, Gu Xixi wanted to ask Yin Sichen to explain, but Yin Sichen didn’t want to listen, but felt that she loved money and Gu Xixi was very wronged. At dinner the next morning, Grandma Yin saw that there was something wrong between the two of them. Gu Xixi wanted to explain to Grandma Yin, but Sichen Yin told Gu Xixi not to make Grandma Yin sad. If he felt guilty, he would spend more time. Accompany grandma.

Although Yin Sichen was reluctant to listen to Gu Xixi’s explanation on the surface, he still asked Fei Ang to investigate the matter behind the scenes. After learning the reason behind it, Fei Ang also gave Yin Sichen a ticket for overtaking. Yin Sichen I remembered that Gu Xixi had indeed said that she had overtaken and caused her to have a car accident.

When Mo Zixin and Gu Xixi were in class, Gu Xixi talked about the comics he likes to read. If there is an autograph meeting, he would definitely go. Mo Zixin saw that Gu Xixi had some difficulties and offered to let him. Gu Xixi came to design and manufacture his own company’s tooling. After Gu Xixi left, he asked Lin Xiaoya for dinner. Lin Xiaoya told Mo Zixin about Gu Xixi’s current difficulties. After dinner with Mo Zixin, Lin Xiaoya also told Mo Zixin’s concern about Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi just received Gu’s mother’s phone call and learned that a boss had bought a shop on the street of the laundry and rented it out to their old tenants at half price. The rent paid for the house was also called back, and Gu Xixi paid it back. Thought it was Mo Zixin’s help.

Shang Ke and Mu Ruona were discussing business with Fang Ming, who was invested by Redwood. Shang Ke saw that Fang Ming and Mu Ruona seemed to be familiar with each other, so he asked Mu Ruona what was the relationship between them, and learned that Fang Ming is Mu Ruona’s ex-boyfriend. Shang Ke was full of crisis, and he quickly called Yin Sichen to ask about Fang Ming’s situation. Yin Sichen only knew that the two had been in love for three or four years, but they broke up without knowing why.

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