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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 5 Recap

On the second day of Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen’s wedding, Yin Sichen took her around the manor. In order to prevent people from discovering that they were married, they must live in the same room. Yin Sichen arranged for her to live. In his cloakroom. On the first night Gu Xixi slept in the cloakroom, he heard movement in the room outside. When he went out, he found that Yin Sichen was doing push-ups. Yin Sichen said that he had severe insomnia and he needed exercise to help him sleep.

Gu Xi Xiben wanted to grab Yin Sichen’s bed, but Yin Sichen only allowed Gu Xixi to sleep on a chair beside him. Gu Xixi picked up a book and read it. She had to read it out, but she just read it. After a few words, Yin Sichen actually fell asleep, and Gu Xixi felt a little disgusted. He felt that he was not insomnia at all, but just slept in seconds. Yin Sichen fell asleep until dawn, and was surprised when he woke up. He had no such effect when he was studying before. Yin Sichen rushed to the company and left a sentence for Gu Xixi to continue studying for himself tonight and leave in a hurry. NS.

The outlets of Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya were banned for three months. They wanted to use Gu Xixi’s name to go to the platform to ask the manager of the merchant department to ask clearly that this platform happened to belong to Wenye Group, and the two were in the company. Li met Mo Zixin. Mo Zixin wanted to conceal his identity, but when the assistant called him President Mo, Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya heard them. Both of them were a little worried. Mo Zixin was a little embarrassed and asked Assistant Yu Nong to go quickly. Take care of it.

At noon, Mo Zixin offered to invite Gu Xixi and the others to eat. Lin Xiaoya left wittily, and asked Gu Xixi to have a good chat with Mo Zixin and settle the online store. Mo Zixin took out the paint he had tried so hard to buy and gave it to Gu Xixi. He didn’t say how difficult the paint came from. He just said that he bought it when he saw it. Gu Xixi didn’t know how to thank Mo Zixin, so Mo Zixin wanted Gu Xixi to paint a picture with this paint.

In order to please Grandma Yin, Ran Xiwei helped Grandma Yin find someone to make a handbag. This handbag is a design drawn by Grandma Yin herself. It is unique in the world. Grandma Yin said this is a gift to Gu Xixi. Somewhat unhappy, she also let people find Zhao Zegang.

After Gu Xixi went home, Grandma Yin gave the bag to Gu Xixi, and asked Gu Xixi to work hard to let herself carry her great-grandson as soon as possible. Gu Xixi was a little shy, and Grandma Yin saw Sichen Yin go home. Just waiting for Gu Xixi, who looked a little angry, she told Gu Xixi that when Yin Sichen was angry, he played two games with him, and let him win the game. Yin Sichen was relieved, and then Yin Sichen called Gu Xixi came to the study. He already knew about Gu Xixi’s visit to the Wenye Group today. He asked how Gu Xixi met Mo Zixin.

Gu Xixi told the truth, Yin Sichen didn’t ask any more questions, Gu. Seeing that Yin Sichen was still in a bad mood, Xixi offered to play a game with him. However, Gu Xixi was only happy for a while, and even defeated Yin Sichen. Seeing Yin Sichen’s incredible expression, Gu Xixi proposed In another round of play, this time she was merciful and allowed Yin Sichen to win. Yin Sichen’s mood was smooth. She also asked Gu Xixi to study and sleep with her. With Gu Xixi’s company, Yin Sichen once again Successfully fall asleep.

Shang Ke saw Murona on the phone with a customer in the company with a smile on his face. He was jealous, so he went up secretly, only to find that the customer Mark was acting on Murona. Shan Ke wanted to go up to the hero to save the beauty, but was caught by Mark. Knocked down to the ground, Mu Ruona saw that Shang Ke was injured, and in a hurry she shot Mark and sent Shang Ke to the hospital. After Shang Ke was bandaged in the hospital, Mu Ruona sent him home and let him rest these days, but Shang Ke suddenly confessed and asked Murona if she liked herself, Mu Ruona said she didn’t like it now. After all, Shang Ke is her boss, she can’t treat him as a love object, and she doesn’t want to let things at work be sidetracked.

Gu Xixi gave the gift money to Gu’s mother before, but the money was taken away by Gu’s father and Gu’s grandmother. Gu’s mother had no money to pay the rent. After Gu Xixi learned about it, she decided to help Gu’s mother solve the matter. After returning to Yin’s house, Grandma Yin found that Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen were sleeping separately, and asked if Gu Xixi was having trouble with Yin Sichen. Gu Xixi quickly said that she was playing games with Yin Sichen and she lost. Man sleeps in rocking chair. Gu Xixi also went to the company to deliver chicken soup to Yin Sichen. When Yin Sichen came out after the meeting, Gu Xixi was already in the office waiting to fall asleep.

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