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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 4 Recap

Faced with Yin Sichen’s blunt marriage proposal, Gu Xixi felt that Yin Sichen was particularly unreasonable, and left Yin Sichen. Seeing that Gu Xixi refused to agree, Yin Sichen played some tricks and sent the wedding dress to After Gu Xixi, he arranged another overseas phone call to Gu Xixi, so that Gu Xixi paid the balance within three days. Gu Xixi had no choice but to borrow money everywhere. Lin Xiaoya suggested to call Mo Zixin to try, but Mo Zixin was looking for a color matcher in the mountains at this time, hoping that he could match Kalin 5277 paint, Kalin The color 5277 is Gu Xixi’s favorite color. Unfortunately, it was discontinued a long time ago. Mo Zixin’s trip was for Gu Xixi, but there was no signal in the mountains, so I missed Gu Xixi’s call.

Gu Xixi could not borrow money, so he could only choose to call Yin Sichen to agree to his marriage request. Yin Sichen took out three contracts and tricked Gu Xixi into signing the contract, and Gu Xixi paid it back. Three conditions were added, allowing Yin Sichen to give himself independent personal space, working only eight hours a day, overtime pay for the extra part, and Yin Sichen not being able to have feelings for himself. After signing the contract, Gu Xixi knew that Yin Sichen had deceived herself, but now he has signed it, and if he breaks the contract, he will have to pay liquidated damages. This is done. The two went home and talked to their families about their marriage.

Yin Sichen’s father was a little angry when he learned that Yin Sichen was going to fake marriage with someone for the company, but the stubborn Yin Sichen valued the company more and didn’t want to damage the company’s interests because of this incident. Yin’s father was no more than his son. Agree, but he said that Yin’s mother would definitely not agree. Yin Sichen had considered this matter a long time ago, so he asked Yin’s father to take Yin’s mother to travel. After three months of the two-person world, he would help during this time.

With the Yin Group, Yin Sichen did not forget to ask Yin’s father to help record a blessing video. On Gu Xixi’s side, at first, the Gu family members were a little surprised to learn that Gu Xixi was about to marry suddenly. Grandma Gu called Gu Xixi prodigal when she heard that there was no betrothed gift. At this time, Fei Ang brought a bunch of gifts. When they came, Gu’s father and Gu’s grandma were bought by these things instantly, and no longer opposed the marriage, but Gu’s mother still had a worried look on her face.

Although Shang Ke did not participate in the team building, he still went downstairs to the team building site and wanted to find Mu Ruona. When she was thinking of an excuse, Mu Ruona suddenly came down, and Shang Ke stalked with Mu Ruo. Na walked together. When the two were walking, Shang Ke suddenly became serious and said that she knew that Mu Ruona had many companies that she wanted. If Mu Ruona didn’t want to stay in her company, she could leave, but Mu Ruona said the company atmosphere Very well, Shang Ke is also working hard, and he will still stay. Shang Ke was very moved, and she hugged Mu Ruona in his excitement. Mu Ruona did not blame, and asked Shang Ke to cheer.

Shang Ke was very angry when he learned that Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi were married. He also felt that Gu Xixi was not worthy of Yin Sichen, and Ran Xiwei was also very sad. Both felt that Gu Xixi was unreliable and had seen Gu Xi before. Xi and Mo Zixin walked very close, worried that Sichen Yin would be deceived by Gu Xixi. Sichen Yin was very confident and convinced them that they could deal with Gu Xixi. After a few words, Sichen Yin said that there was still something to do. To deal with it, let Shang Ke send Ran Xiwei back, and Ran Xiwei left angrily. On the way back, Shang Ke understood Ran Xiwei’s feelings for Yin Sichen, and she would cry if she wanted to cry, but Ran Xiwei said that when she cried when she was a child, Yin Sichen said that tears could not solve any problems, and she has never had any problems since then. After crying, she always felt that when she returned to China, she would be standing next to Yin Sichen, but she did not expect to be destroyed by Gu Xixi.

The next day was the wedding. The Yin family’s parents did not come, but Grandma Yin came to the wedding scene. Grandma Yin pretended to be serious and asked Sichen Yin if she was sure to marry Gu Xixi. After Sichen Yin was sure, Grandma Yin changed serious. With a smile on her face, she praised Gu Xixi’s beauty and told Yin Sichen to take good care of Gu Xixi. After Grandma Yin left, Ran Xiwei came, and while shaking hands with Gu Xixi, Ran Xiwei said viciously in her ear. Taking away his life, Gu Xixi had a chill. After Ran Xiwei entered, Gu Xixi looked at Yin Sichen and said that the contract did not say that he had to deal with rivals, and Yin Sichen said that if Gu Xixi did not fall in love with him Gu Xixi was speechless.

After the wedding ceremony, Yin Sichen told Gu Xixi that she is now the nominal Mrs. Yin. The first thing is to learn to socialize. In order to hide his emotions, Gu Xixi tried to fill herself with wine, and Gu’s mother secretly stuffed herself. Give Yin Sichen a note and bank card to tell Yin Sichen that Gu Xixi will eat spicy food when he is sad, and that Gu Xixi wants to be a design dream. After Gu Xixi drank too much, she was taken back to the room by Yin Sichen. When she drank too much, she cried in front of Yin Sichen, but Yin Sichen envied that Gu Xixi could cry freely and vent her emotions. Gu Xixi even took Yin. Si Chen pulled to the bed and hugged him to sleep.

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