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Fall In Love With Him (2021) 爱上萌面大人

Fall In Love With Him (2021)
Other Title: 爱上萌面大人

Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
 Jiang Xiaoli
Release Date: 
Oct 10, 2021 – Oct 27, 2021
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  • Fu Long Fei as Qin Zan
  • Han Zhong Yu as Xiang Ling’er
  • Chen Yu Cheng as Sikong Ming
  • Liang Bo Wen as Yan Meng
  • Pan Xing Yu as Bai Ze


The people around the hostess lost their lives due to accidents or their own impulses. She realized that she must let go of the pain and continue to live hard and help more people. The hostess should not give up life because she is an abandoned baby, but Inspiring to be a nurse to make his own contribution to save the dying and heal the wounded, but under the pressure of life, he can face everything happening around him positively and optimistically.

The heroes were attracted by the heroine’s energy, and she had different emotional entanglements with the four boys. Together, they fought against the dark power behind them, and found their own memories through the four heroines. When the crisis came, she still persisted. They fought side by side and finally defeated Shahrir, the manipulator behind the scenes. More innocent lives.

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