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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 22 Recap

There was a dead animal in Bai Lingling’s delivery, and Guan Xiaoyu was scared to death. Yang Lanhang suggested that the two move to a place, but Ivan wanted to live in to protect them, Guan Xiaoyu firmly disagreed. Yifan reported and Wang Shu didn’t talk about any results. Wang Shu said that the topic was decided temporarily at the meeting, and the content was provided by the parties themselves, and they were entirely for the sake of enthusiasm.

Yang Lanhang went home. He heard his mother calling someone to ask Deepstream News to remove the manuscript, and advised her not to do this, because if the outside world knows that this matter is not only academic fraud, there are capital operations behind it, which will make scientific research. The credibility of the organization lost, and even the reputation of the department store group would be affected, and my mother realized that she was too impatient.

Yang Lanhang assured her mother that she could handle it. The mother comforted her son distressedly, she might still have her. Regardless of credibility and reputation, she just wanted to make her son feel at ease, otherwise she would make no sense to make money. Yang Lanhang hugged her mother and thanked her for trusting herself.

Bai Lingling bought an infrared night vision camera and installed it at the door early in the morning. Guan Xiaoyu asked Ivan to help put up a warning sign to enter the surveillance. Ivan found that a car downstairs seemed to have been parked for two days. Guan Xiaoyu reminded Bai Lingling to pay attention to work. Be safe, remember the license plate number and keep the evidence.

Bai Lingling came to change shifts. Qing also said that they had speculated about possible problems with the materials last night and conducted countless experiments. When they got off work, they unexpectedly discovered that Yang Lanhang had sneaked into the laboratory disguised as cleaning staff. Bai Lingling smiled and said that he also has today. , Yang Lanhang said that after experiencing it, he knew how to love her, and everyone was disgusted by the spread of dog food.

Vice President Zheng of Huai University talked to Bai Lingling, saying that the Yang Lanhang incident involved the issue of openness and fairness of graduate students and had a bad impact on the school. Yang Lanhang refused to stay on the school because of Bai Lingling. He is a rare talent. If he wanted to be a college teacher before, he could immediately select outstanding young people when he stayed in school, and the school would promote him. Vice Principal Zheng gave Bai Lingling the quota of the last public dispatch from the school, and asked her to go back and sign.

Bai Lingling stated that if they really cherish Yang Lanhang, they should find a way to help him clean up academic fraud, instead of sending herself away by avoiding the importance, she will not go to study abroad, and it is not her own thing that she is holding hot. She was admitted to the graduate school with blood, sweat and tears. She can accept any form of investigation, but she will not leave Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang has experienced so much for herself and did not let go of her hands. She also will not give up.

Ivan sent Guan Xiaoyu home. In the car, he said that Assistant Chen had verified that Tang Shun at the zoo hadn’t asked for leave at all, so he stayed at home. Guan Xiaoyu is happy that she wrote an article about Bai Lingling and Yang Lanhang’s unparalleled love. It has been nearly 10,000 in one hour. They were talking, and suddenly a bucket blocked their way.

Ivan got out of the car and went to see it. A man with a black mask covered his head with a sack and hit them with a club. Guan Xiaoyu got out of the car and hit them with a bag. After the two ran away, Ivan analyzed that the car belonged to Yang Lanhang, and they should have recognized themselves as Yang Lanhang. Seeing Guan Xiaoyu crying so sad, Yifan couldn’t help but embrace her and kiss her passionately.

In the evening, Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling were walking in the playground. Yang Lanhang asked the principal about looking for her. Bai Lingling only talked about professional issues. The two of them were scolded by the girl next to them by walking through the back door. The graduate students were still in the public. It was really shameless. But they didn’t care, still chatting and joking.

After Yang Lanhang sent Bai Lingling upstairs, a man followed up. Bai Lingling took the bag in the corridor and smashed it. Upon closer inspection, it was her father who was worried that she was living in an unsafe place after reading the news on the Internet, so he and her aunt My cousin takes turns shifting work. Bai Lingling couldn’t bear it, and invited his father upstairs for a drink, but his father couldn’t ask for it.

Yifan and Guan Xiaoyu were extremely moved when they learned of what happened. Bai Lingling thought of Yang Lanhang once said: Every father will guard his daughter’s smile. In the evening, she called Yang Lanhang and said that she smiled at her dad, and his dad actually cried. She suddenly found that his dad was old and he was not as tall and strong as she thought when she was a child. She used to dislike her dad calling herself Xiao Nuo, but today He called himself Lingling, but she was even more sad, Yang Lanhang persuaded Bai Lingling to smile more at her father in the future. When they said good night, Yang Lanhang said “I love you”. Mom overheard it and asked him to invite Ling Ling to the house for dinner.

Bai Lingling was very nervous when she heard that Yang Lanhang’s mother was going to see her. She was afraid that Yang Lanhang’s mother would blame her for delaying her son’s stay in school and the honor of outstanding youth. Amidst her embarrassment, she took a pot of green plants and came to Yang’s house. Mother Yang was hospitable and called Bai Lingling his daughter-in-law as soon as she walked in. When eating, she avoided Yang Lanhang and gave Bai Lingling a card. Bai Lingling panicked and immediately declared She wouldn’t leave Yang Lanhang. Mother Yang smiled and said that this was the black gold card of the VIP of the department store group, and Bai Lingling was relieved. The two added WeChat to each other, and Mother Yang also pulled Bai Lingling into the family group.

In the morning, Bai Lingling was angry that the marketing account came out to apologize, but the post was still scolding Yang Lanhang, Guan Xiaoyu casually said that it is difficult for people to prove that they did not do anything wrong, unless Zoe is not dead. Bai Lingling suddenly thought that only Tang Shun said that Zoe was dead, but no one saw Zoe’s body with his own eyes, and the time of his death has been changing. It is very likely that he was lying, and Bai Lingling could not sit still, so he immediately went to the zoo to investigate. .

After Bai Lingling returned to the laboratory, she told everyone that she believed that Zoe was not dead. She would go tomorrow. Everyone discussed taking turns. Yang Lanhang pulled Bai Lingling out. He didn’t want everyone to waste time and energy on this matter. . When the two talked about being scolded for no reason, Li Feifei and Zheng Minghao decided to send them a message to apologize. They exchanged mobile phones to send messages because they were afraid that Bai Lingling would be jealous.

Ivan envied that my aunt gave Bai Lingling a customized black gold card when they met for the first time. Bai Lingling and Guan Xiaoyu thought it was a discount card. Bai Lingling casually said to give the card to Ivan. Ivan told the two that this card is not for sale. Yes, just go to the mall to take things without money, the two screamed frantically after listening to them and quickly grabbed the card.

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