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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 21 Recap

Cui Jing was full of joy, dressed up and waited for Yin Fan in the theater, but until the beginning of the film, Yin Fan did not come, and only sent two cold words “Sorry”.

Zhang Yian called Yang Ganghang and told him that Zoe the monkey had died unexpectedly. On the other side, Yifan also received news from Dr. Li that some of the patients involved in the clinic were clamoring to leave and asked him to connect with the insurance company. Guan Xiaoyu analyzed that the patient’s age was 30-40 years old, and he was not so keen on the Internet. Zoe’s death fermented so quickly. Someone must be behind it.

Bai Lingling was very sad, on the one hand for Zoe’s death, on the other hand worried that the material really had a problem. Yang Lanhang comforted her that the experiment was done in accordance with the procedures, and Zoe’s death may not have anything to do with them.

In the hospital, Aunt Zhang’s son took the lead in making trouble. Aunt Zhang rushed over and scolded his son for not paying attention to him when his heart was upset. The hospital gave her free treatment and free care. I have no conscience.

The sad Cui Jing was about to go to study abroad. She met Professor Jiang halfway and knew that Zoe had something wrong, so she hurried back to the laboratory.

Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling rushed to the zoo to learn about the situation. The staff said that Zoe’s body had been cremated. The two and Yin Fan went to Monkey Mountain to ask the breeder again, but they still found nothing.

When everyone returned to the laboratory, Yang Lanhang told everyone that Zoe’s body had been cremated, and autopsy could not be performed. He speculated that Zoe’s death should have been three days ago, and the experimental observation period had passed, which would not affect the progress of the experiment. Zhang Yi’an proposed that, to be on the safe side, they still have to conduct further investigations on other animals participating in the experiment to check the condition of the valves.

If there is a problem, they will increase the experimental samples. Dr. Li also decided to conduct a comprehensive examination of all patients to extend the time and frequency of the experiment to ensure safety. Qing also analyzed that Izo is not an internet celebrity animal, but because of his death, the public opinion is overwhelming. It must be someone behind him.

Cui Jing returned to the laboratory and said sorry to Yin Fan. Guan Xiaoyu and Ivan made an appointment to come to Tang as the editor-in-chief, and asked him to help check the behind-the-scenes instructor of this news.

In the evening, Bai Lingling came to visit her grandma. She was especially worried about what to do if Yang Lanhang and her grandmother had so many participants. Grandma comforted her not to put so much pressure on herself. If she cares, she will be able to wait until Lingling does it. Out the best valve.

Ivan called Yang Lanhang and said that Zoe had just died, but the zoo and the media unanimously said that Zoe died during the experimental observation period four months ago. The laboratory was afraid that there would not be enough live samples for animal experiments, so they gave them a sealing fee. Let them hide it.

Li Feifei saw the Internet saying that Yang Lanhang’s genius was rubbish, and there were problems with her life style. A female student could not finish her undergraduate course, but after she was attracted by Yang Lanhang, she went directly to the postgraduate program. Yang Lanhang was alone in Huai Da Cover the sky. She was very angry and called Wang Tao to question.

Wang Tao admitted that he did the zoo incident and that he bought the online navy. Li Feifei asked why she just wanted to snatch Yang Lanhang over, why did she destroy him? Wang Tao explained that only by destroying Yang Lanhang, can Li Feifei give charity, because a man’s psychology is the easiest to be attacked only when he is at his lowest point and most vulnerable.

Professor Jiang announced: The Academic Committee of the Yang Lanhang Incident has begun an investigation. During this period, the school decided to temporarily close the laboratory. The money in the Qingyisheng laboratory was invested by Yang Lanhang and his cousin. Zhang Yian explained that the enterprise and the university cooperate, and the university still has the right to conduct academic investigations.

Yang Lanhang apologized for the trouble. Zhang Yian felt that someone framed him. Bai Lingling had called the animal management office, and the other party said that Tang Shun had asked for leave. Zhang Yian suggested that everyone go back to the old laboratory building of the school to continue the experiment. Yang Lanhang was inconvenienced because of his sensitive identity, so Bai Lingling sent him home.

In the car, Bai Lingling was afraid that Yang Lanhang would not be able to withstand the blow, but Yang Lanhang was very calm. He felt that if someone operated the incident against him personally, it showed that there was no problem with the experiment. Bai Lingling worried that Yang Lanhang’s academic reputation would be destroyed. Yang Lanhang believed that his personal reputation was insignificant compared to scientific research, but he was not reconciled. It would be a pity for so many people to work day and night.

Guan Xiaoyu read the article of “Deep Stream News” and was angry that she had interned with them when she was in college. It was an unscrupulous media. As long as you give money, white ones can be written into black ones, but the laboratory was shut down because of them. Ivan asked her to go over this afternoon to verify the situation.

On the other hand, he has asked editor Tang to investigate the situation of the marketing account, and asked the legal affairs department to send a lawyer’s letter, asking them to delete it and apologize publicly as soon as possible. Guan Xiaoyu took a look at those marketing accounts, and it really worked, and the article has been deleted.

Yang Lanhang was taking a bath at home. Li Feifei came to see him. She used the stray dog ​​barking she picked up on the roadside last time as an excuse to enter the door. Yang Lanhang, wrapped in a bath towel, only hugged Wang Wang in and shut Li Feifei out of the door. Li Feifei was angry. Seeing Bai Lingling going upstairs buying vegetables, he deliberately provoked, Bai Lingling sneered and took the key directly into the door. After she entered, she was angry that the puppy was called “Yang Wangwang”. Yang Lanhang told her that this was a rescued stray dog ​​called “Li Wangwang”, and Bai Lingling was relieved.

Guan Xiaoyu and Yifan came to Shenliu News to find deputy editor Wang Shu, but Wang Shu avoided seeing them. Yifan heard that Guan Xiaoyu used to refuel Wang Shu’s car during his internship, so he had an idea and deliberately rubbed Wang Shu’s car and left a note waiting for him to come look for it.

Li Feifei came to pick up Wang Wang, and Bai Lingling emphasized that it was called “Li Wang Wang.” Within a few minutes, Li Feifei sent a message to Bai Lingling and asked her to meet and talk in the evening.

Ivan was guilty of being proud of his own tricks. When he turned around to see Guan Xiaoyu was already asleep, he leaned down and wanted to kiss her, and received a call from Wang Shu.

Li Feifei asked Bai Lingling to meet in a cafe and accused her of having a different heart. She said that she had a boyfriend and would not like Yang Lanhang. Bai Lingling explained that she didn’t know that Yang Lanhang was her boyfriend. Li Feifei hopes that Bai Lingling will leave Yang Lanhang. She feels that what Yang Lanhang needs at the moment is herself.

She has tens of millions of fans, and she can just post on Weibo, which can immediately reverse the overwhelming public opinion. Bai Lingling said that Yang Lanhang didn’t need to do anything by herself. He had just finished the operation, so she just had to go back and accompany him. She slowly walked out the door to hold the waiting Yang Lanhang away successfully.

Yang Lanhang learned that Bai Lingling and the female celebrity had won the quarrel and praised her for being so powerful. When the two arrived at the door of the house, they saw a man with a black hat hurried downstairs. They immediately saw that the corridor was filled with paint: Caosuga’s life and other black words.

Ivan came to the parking lot to see Wang Shu. Bai Lingling called Guan Xiaoyu and said that she was not worried about Yang Lanhang and would not go back. The two were talking, and Guan Xiaoyu received Bai Lingling’s courier.

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