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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 16 Recap

Duan Shuiliu followed the navigation to find the Dragon Girl of Nine Heavens. She went to the hospital in Ouyang Wenshan. It turned out that she found the strange old man, not only made her and the wine, but also made Dragon Girl feel like a match. She originally thought it was a woman, but she didn’t expect it to be a misunderstanding. But she didn’t know that the danger was coming quietly. He told Dragon Girl that he had met a man before coming to the hospital.

The eyes looked like they did not belong to this. He was talking about Murong Jaylun and Ouyang Wenshan, but Nine Heavens Dragon Girl felt that He is a special prince, but the old man with bad intentions wants to know him. Although the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl has weakened her feelings for Murong Jay Lun, she still can’t let go of her hatred for Chen Meiru. At this time, Chen Meiru took Murong Jielun to eat supper, but the prince seemed to know something, because someone at the wedding had told him about the diary.

Murong Jaylen asked Meiru what was going on, and she couldn’t explain it, but Murong Jaylen kept on it. Meiru taught him that he was right. Naturally, she knew when she was sad, when she was happy, and she also knew what she was. When he was lying, he must ask why he mentioned Murong Jaylun and what his diary was.

Meiru recalled that when she was a child, a boy scored a goal. She thought he was mixed, so she made up a mixed prince based on him. Meiru told Murong Jaylun that she wrote a diary when she was a child, and the people in it had thought of his appearance, and he was just the origin, inspiring Meiru to write Murong Jaylun, and wrote a story with the prince, all about Murong Jaylun Everything about him, he is brave and good at fighting, and only loves beauty as a person is designed and made up by her. Murong Jaylun thinks that he is a fake, and the prince is sentimental.

Now he is very angry, even Meiru explained. I don’t listen anymore, he thinks he is a dummy, but Meiru’s feelings for Murong Jaylun are sincere all the time, but in Murong Jay’s heart he feels that he is a stand-in, and just now he thought about himself.

Want to marry Meiru, the current prince can’t make sense no matter what, Murong keeps repeating that Murong Jaylun is fake, and that he seems to be living in mid-air, repeating strange dreams, and saying that he doesn’t understand everything. Learning from the beginning, there is nothing in this body, how can this be regarded as a real person? I also said that this feeling is beautiful if you don’t understand it, and don’t let Meiru call him by this name anymore. It’s better to pester him, Murongjie. Lun left, leaving only the beauty in place.

Nine Heavens Dragon Girl looked at her setting. Although she had everything, she was very sad. She was destined to not have a prince. She was finally lost in love and lonely. She decided to get rid of this ending. She is no longer a savage princess. She must recognize herself. The love in her heart, she wants to be a free person, and she begins to think about what she is, what she likes, and what she cares about. In the final analysis, it is Duan Shui Liu. Nine Heavens Dragon Girl finally knows that she has her own heart. The person she cares about is Duan Shui Liu. .

Duan Shuiliu heard the strange old man’s words rushing in and thought he was suspicious. He refused to let the dragon girl listen to him. Duan Shuiliu also let him speak. No matter who he is going to do, he must stay away from Meiru and he will not If there is a chance to encounter the diary, the old man actually said that he is ignorant and safer.

Meiru found Murong Jaylun and told her that she had always loved Meiru. The prince really loved Meiru. He had already broken away from the setting, and he hugged Meiru tightly. Duan Shuiliu found Ouyang Wenshan and talked to him about encountering an old man in the basement of the hospital. Duan Shuiliu reminded Ouyang Wenshan that he was not easy. He might have come to them and mentioned the diary. Jiang Huizhen didn’t tell him.

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