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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 4 Recap

Gao Daxia pretended to visit the patient, but actually took the opportunity to verify Ma Susu’s true identity. However, the other party did not seem to show any strangeness, but revealed that she was going to open a shop in Dalian Qingniwa Bridge and planned to visit her house in the future. Although Gao Daxia was unable to uncover useful information, Fu Jiazhuang noticed Zhen Jing and found that the female killer Daling was the key to Gao Daxia.

Fortunately, Fu Jiazhuang stopped and rescued Gao Daxia in time. He subconsciously fled, but was chased into the streets by everyone. Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Daxia outflank each other, but they did not know that Da Ling escaped with the help of a hidden spy officer. Gao Daxia wondered why Ma Susu knew the address of Gao’s family. Fu Jiazhuang suddenly became alert and immediately took everyone back by car.

At this time, Liu Manli went out to buy food at the market, and a spy took the opportunity to sneak into the room, and finally found the Kuomintang lurking list in the cabinet. Sister Zhao, the neighbor next door, saw that the door was wide open and mistakenly thought it was Liu Manli who had returned.

When Liu Manli came back, she happened to pass by the spies, Gao Daxia, Fu Jiazhuang and others also appeared one after another, until they heard Liu Manli yelling, they hurriedly chased the spies all the way to the beach. Gao Shouping drew his gun at the spy and threatened him to capture him with no effort, but the spy directly threw the list fragments and Gao Daxia’s files into the sea.

In order to avoid the exposure of his identity, Laoguan took out a dagger and rushed up to kill him. Gao Daxia hurriedly retrieved the files without taking care of others. As for Fu Jiazhuang, he collected the list fragments. Even if the paper slips were collected, the content of the list was not complete, causing some Kuomintang reactionaries to remain hidden within the government.

After Laoguan drafted the known list, he went to Ma Susu and asked her to transfer the Kuomintang agents on the list as soon as possible, and revealed that after receiving the order, he risked death and poisoned his second uncle, pretending to commit suicide. Illusion. Even though the Communist Party has some doubts about Lao Guan, there is no evidence, and he has very good reasons to remove the suspicion.

When Wan Defu visited Gao Daxia, he brought her a lot of food. Liu Manli saw that Wan Defu liked Gao Daxia. Considering his age, she felt that Gao Daxia would suffer a bit when he married. At first, Liu Manli was hesitant in her heart. Later, she gradually felt that Wan Defu was a reliable and honest person. She was very satisfied with this and planned to match him with Gao Daxia. At the same time, Gao Shouping fell in love with the female tram driver Chun Ni, and the two of them had targeted each other. Considering that Gao Daxia had already returned, they decided to take Chun Ni to see her second sister another day.

Knowing Liu Manli’s careful thinking, Gao Daxia reminded her not to be nosy, and then went out with Wan Defu, and the two walked down the street to Masusu’s shop, recalling the incident of setting fire to bury explosives. As the shop was still being decorated, Gao Daxia curiously leaned forward, and Ma Susu was afraid that she would be exposed in advance, and told her buddy to stop Gao Daxia outside.

That night, Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Daxia mentioned that when he was arresting the spy today, he almost let the other party escape. Therefore, someone might have revealed this matter, and the biggest suspicion was directed at Laoguan. Fang Ruoyu wants to get rid of Gao Daxia, but Ma Susu thinks Gao Daxia is pretty good to her. If she can draw the other party over, it might not be a good thing.

Gao Daxia was worried that Liu Manli really liked Fu Jiazhuang, so she asked Fu Jiazhuang to move quickly, but was blocked by Gao Shouping and Liu Manli. The two expressed dissatisfaction with Gao Daxia’s behavior, and Gao Daxia could only compromise temporarily. Afterwards, Fu Jiazhuang said that he would move to Sister Zhao’s house, Gao Daxia was very angry, until Fu Jiazhuang promised that she would never fall in love with Liu Manli, and gradually calmed down her anger.

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