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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 3 Recap

Da Ling followed Gao Daxia to her house. Even Zhen Jing also found out the address. He went over the wall in the middle of the night to steal the suitcase, but he saw Fu Jiazhuang and the Gao family eating at a table. Liu Manli knew that my sister-in-law hadn’t settled her life’s important affairs so far, so she wanted to match her up with Fu Jiazhuang, taking advantage of Gao Daxia’s time to go out to serve food, and inquiring about whether Fu Jiazhuang was married or not.

At the same time, Fang Ruoyu carefully took out the appointment book in the room, and kept the photo of his daughter behind the frame. At this time, the nanny Cui Ling came to clean the house, because she was a mute, Fang Ruoyu usually spoke, she gestured. Fang Ruoyu saw that it was late, so he asked Cui Ling to go back first, and at the same time handed him the key that had been prepared before.

Gao Shouping realized that Gao Daxia did not like Fujiazhuang, so he explained to her patiently to resolve the misunderstanding. Gao Daxia didn’t blame her for the past. She drank a lot of wine that night. In addition to missing her elder brother, she was emotionally depressed and cried. Liu Manli hurriedly helped her to rest on the kang when she saw it.

Da Ling, who was eating on the side of the road, encountered a few hooligans and beat each other away in twos or twos. Seeing that the timing was about the same, Da Ling sneaked into Gao Daxia’s room and happened to meet Zhen Jing. The two fought for the suitcase. In the end, in order to avoid awakening Gao Daxia, they robbed the suitcase and baggage and left.

Zhen Fine and Da Ling both returned empty-handed and failed to get the list back. Both parties truthfully described what happened tonight. Ma Susu thought that the female spy was sent by her uncle. She might be worried that Zhen Jing could not do this thing well, so she let her confidant take over. As a result, no one noticed the sausage that fell in the corner.

Because of Da Ling’s negligence, Fang Ruoyu blamed her for not doing things well, so she asked her to solve Gao Daxia first. Before dawn, Da Ling turned around with a silencer pistol and fired several shots at Gao Daxia’s bed. She didn’t know that Gao Daxia went to the toilet in the middle of the night, went to the wrong door in a daze, and slept beside Fu Jiazhuang.

Until the next morning, Liu Manli got up to call Gao Daxia, and found the scene of the two sleeping hugging each other. She couldn’t help being shocked. Afterwards, she kept ridiculing Gao Daxia, making her unable to argue. Fu Jiazhuang found warheads and daggers in Gao Daxia’s room, and through analysis of these things, he guessed that two groups of people appeared one after another last night.

Now Fang Ruoyu is serving as the chief of the police station to disguise his KMT status. He read all recent homicide files overnight and went to see Ma Susu in private, saying that the “second uncle” committed suicide by taking potassium cyanide. It is suspected that the “auntie” did it, because this person abandoned the dark and turned to the light, and could not stay anymore.

Ma Susu feels that the Communist Party has not acted yet, indicating that Gao Daxia has not found the list hidden in the red sausage. How unexpectedly Gao Daxia made a pot of stew at this time, and put the red sausage in by the way, waiting for everyone to eat, accidentally I found the note, which was illegible because it was tattered and blurred.

Although Liu Manli is an ordinary housewife, she can’t help but accuse Gao Daxia of being too sloppy. Gao Daxia was so upset that she finally realized her mistake and the reason why Fu Jiazhuang was chasing her. Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Daxia recalled clues about this red sausage. Not only did they find out the motive of the enemy’s pursuit and killing, they also realized that Ma Susu’s identity was by no means simple. Perhaps she and Zhen Jing were KMT secret agents.

In order to confirm the speculation, Gao Daxia went to the hospital accompanied by Fu Jiazhuang. As a result, she met Laoguan who came to Gao Shouping when she left the house. The two agreed to deliver the flyers earlier. On the way to the hospital, Gao Daxia inquired about Fu Jiazhuang’s private affairs, and was still considering how to pretend to be a lover with the other party, so that her sister-in-law Liu Manli gave up.

After all, Gao Daxia still did not believe that her elder brother had died. If Liu Manli fell in love with Fu Jiazhuang, or even married him, when her eldest brother came back, there would be a big drama that would make everyone embarrassed. At this time, Gao Daxia and Fu Jiazhuang saw Gao Shouping near the hospital, and after inquiring, they found out that Laoguan had found an excuse to go to the toilet, but the fact was that he had become a KMT spy and took the opportunity to inform Fang Ruoyu. At first, Fu Jiazhuang disapproved, but when he saw that Lao Guan looked strange, he kept his eyes on him and followed Gao Daxia calmly to visit Ma Susu who pretended to be sick.

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