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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 20 Recap

After talking with President Li, Yang Lanhang didn’t talk to Bai Lingling about becoming her mentor. He only said that the Chinese Academy of Sciences had an ion focusing device, and President Li said they could borrow it temporarily.

Back in the laboratory, Bai Lingling did not shy away from sticking to Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang was in a good mood and announced that he would invite his colleagues to eat at home in the evening. Zhang Yian and Zhai Qing are also very curious, don’t know when they started.

After Guan Xiaoyu signed the contract, he sent a big red envelope to Ivan, saying that he was paying back his package. Ivan was very happy and went to her house to return the package. He calculated that, every time Guan Xiaoyu redeemed the package, he would be able to see him. She’s gone. Because Yang Lanhang and his colleagues were gathering at home, he used this as an excuse to stay at Guan Xiaoyu’s house and watch horror movies, but Guan Xiaoyu found that he was younger than a girl, so he deliberately pretended to be a female ghost to scare him.

Bai Lingling made a lot of dishes to entertain colleagues. Yang Lanhang was very happy. After eating, Ling Ling washed the dishes in the kitchen. Yang Lanhang gently hugged her from behind and said softly that she is now his girlfriend, and the house has never been so lively. However, although he often said he was a genius, he did not earn as much as his mother in terms of making money, and he was not as good as his father in terms of scientific research achievements.

I kissed it, this time, it was a real kiss. Yang Lanhang asked Bai Lingling to stay because Ivan and Guan Xiaoyu were with her, and the two should create opportunities for them. After Yang Lanhang took a bath, Bai Lingling pretended to sleep, he kissed her tenderly and went to sleep on the sofa. Ivan on the other side, like him, spent the night on the sofa.

When he returned home, Yang Lanhang felt that he used to be in the laboratory before, and that he would have to learn to date like an ordinary couple. He asked Ivan whether he should go on vacation or rent a yacht. Ivan told him that an ordinary couple’s love is to eat. Go shopping and watch movies, but create new ideas in the ordinary.

Zhai Qing also saw Li Feifei’s premiere news promotion, and lamented that such a beautiful girl has become a fan of the Great God. He saw Bai Lingling approaching and reminded her to be careful that Li Feifei was not guilty of death. Bai Lingling said confidently that Yang Lanhang could not escape. .

Li Feifei met Wang Tao at the propaganda meeting. He asked to take a photo with Li Feifei and asked Li Feifei whether he knew Yang Lanhang between the photos.

Yang Lanhang took Bai Lingling to the beach to play, and the two ran and jumped happily, leaving countless sweet group photos on the phone.

After Ivan fell asleep, I went to the hospital to check with Dr. Li about the progress of the experiment. Dr. Li felt distressed that he hadn’t rested. He was too tired from running on both sides. It’s better to let his father know that Ivan felt that he couldn’t work harder than his brother. It’s also to make Dad angry, so it’s better not to say it. The two mentioned that today was Yang Lanhang’s birthday. Dr. Li wanted to book a restaurant to invite Yang Lanhang to dinner. Ivan told him that Yang Lanhang had a girlfriend. The next problem in the laboratory was left to his brother and his girlfriend. Dr. Li didn’t expect Yin Fan to have a girlfriend. Ivan said mysteriously that by virtue of the twins’ telepathy, he knew that his brother’s girlfriend was Cui Jing.

When Bai Lingling was looking for a charger in Yang Lan’s car, he found that he had a lot of gifts in his trunk, so he called Guan Xiaoyu if he knew his birthday, and Guan Xiaoyu didn’t know, so he sent a message to ask Ivan, and Ivan rushed over immediately. Guan Xiaoyu learned that Yang Lanhang’s birthday was today, and just about to tell Bai Lingling, he received a message from Bai Lingling that she would not be back today and accompany Yang Lanhang for her birthday.

Bai Lingling took the cake and sang a birthday song to Yang Lanhang. Only then did Yang Lanhang remember his birthday. His wish was: I hope that new materials will come out as soon as possible to save Lingling’s grandmother and more patients. Yang Lanhang sighed that he hadn’t celebrated his birthday in many years, and Bai Lingling promised to accompany him every holiday in the future. Yang Lanhang thanked Bai Lingling for forgiving herself. Meeting her was like a miracle. Bai Lingling also felt that Yang Lanhang was her miracle and hope. Two people in love hug and kiss each other on the beautiful beach.

In the laboratory, Yin Fan watched Jingjing not leave after get off work, so she sat down next to her and watched her surveillance video on her phone, quietly asking Yin Fan if she would be free tomorrow. She had made an appointment with Lingling to watch a science fiction movie. Yes, Lingling has something to do temporarily. If Yin Fan can accompany him to see, Yin Fan immediately replied: “Okay.”

Guan Xiaoyu didn’t understand why Ivan didn’t tell Yang Lanhang directly to let them celebrate their birthdays at sea. Ivan felt that the cleverness of the two would quickly find clues, so it would be boring for him to say it directly. He lamented his fate. He had to go to work during the day and manage his company at night. Now he is living on the street for his brother, and he doesn’t even have a blanket to cover at night. Guan Xiaoyu is angry that his rich second generation can live in a hotel, so why not live in his own home.

She angrily returned all the money to Ivan and asked him to bring all the bags over tomorrow. Ivan asked her why she had to pay back ten thousand ten thousand yuan since she had saved enough money early, and if she liked herself a long time ago, I want to see more. On several occasions, Guan Xiaoyu was so embarrassed that she pushed Yifan out. During the push, Yifan couldn’t help but kissed Guan Xiaoyu. The two accidentally locked the door when they were kissing.

So Yifan helped Guan Xiaoyu open a room in the hotel and let her stay for one night. Pick her up by yourself tomorrow. After the two broke up for a while, Ivan called and said that he had bought two changes of clothes for Guan Xiaoyu downstairs and asked the waiter to let her at the door. After taking the clothes, Ivan called again to ask Guan Xiaoyu why she pushed herself out just now. Guan Xiaoyu didn’t know how to answer, so she simply hung up the phone.

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