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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 19 Recap

On New Year’s Eve, Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling, Ouyang Yifan and Guan Xiaoyu watched the fireworks from different perspectives of the city, looking at the splendor blooming in the sky, Yang Lanhang embraced Bai Lingling and said affectionately: “Happy New Year.”

The next morning, Bai Lingling went to the hospital early to feed Yang Lanhang for breakfast. Yang Lanhang took out the salary card and asked her to take it. He also said that Professor Jiang told him this was the tradition of being pregnant. Bai Lingling didn’t know what it meant and didn’t accept it. After returning home, Guan Xiaoyu heard about the incident and seriously suspected that Yang Lanhang must have read an article written by his official account on how to make his girlfriend happy. The steps were exactly the same, and Bai Lingling also felt that it turned out to be a routine.

Yang Lanhang refused the arrangement of his parents and Ivan, instead of calling Bai Lingling to pick him up and leaving the hospital, he also offered to let her accompany him back to school, because there will be a lecture tomorrow, and Bai Lingling didn’t agree and went back to the laboratory first. Zhai Qing also told her that their subject was originally low-key, but after being promoted by the media, the great god even had a support club overnight, and he was no longer a great god alone.

Qing also learned that Bai Lingling would not be going to listen to the lectures of the great god tomorrow, and felt that all the replies in the school forum were lower-grade school girls. Bai Lingling’s sentiment was only a mere death of Fanghua, and Bai Lingling laughed and scolded him for being superficial.

The next day, Bai Lingling put on a mask and secretly came to listen to Yang Lanhang’s lecture. She sat in the corner and looked at Yang Lanhang, wondering how a big man laughed with dimples. The scientist was not serious at all! Unexpectedly, the girl next to her was unhappy after hearing this. She retorted that the brother is the most handsome male god in pregnant. She and another girl discussed that there is an unwritten rule in the male pregnant boy: wealth is handed over to his wife, and happiness is guaranteed.

In scientific research, there are so many scientific research achievements in Shige, and the prize money must be softened. The two argued that Senior Brother was his own, Bai Lingling told them that Senior Brother already had a girlfriend, and the two immediately exploded. The quarrel alarmed Yang Lanhang on the stage. He asked the three of them if there was a problem? The girl simply stood up and asked Yang Lanhang if she had a girlfriend? If not, she thinks… Yang Lanhang replied that he has a girlfriend.

After class, Yang Lanhang called Bai Lingling to stop, saying that she was looking at herself when the class did not change. Bai Lingling didn’t admit it. Yang Lanhang immediately said that a younger sister asked her to have dinner to discuss the problem, so he passed. Bai Lingling was so angry that she stopped him and warned. What his people were worried about was his people and money. She asked Yang Lanhang for the salary card, saying that she would help him keep it, and after the limelight passed, she would give it to him.

Yang Lanhang laughed and said that she could keep it for as long as she wanted, then he would not eat with his junior sister. . It’s the first time he was a boyfriend of someone else. Ling Ling should forgive if he did something wrong. Bai Lingling smiled and asked her boyfriend not to let herself stay up late to translate documents. Yang Lanhang promised that he would not do it in the future. Will add a note, Bai Lingling returned with satisfaction.

Guan Xiaoyu called Zheng Minghao during lunch, and Bai Lingling would forgive Yang Lanhang sooner or later, and he should stop being serious. As soon as he hung up the phone, Guan Xiaoyu suddenly discovered that the waiter in the restaurant was Geng Panpan. It turned out that Panpan had applied for the re-entry class here and planned to take the exam again next year. He chose to work here because he didn’t want his parents to know about it, and he wanted to go early. Pay back the money for clearance Xiaoyu. He learned that Guan Xiaoyu was not with Ivan, and felt that she had a prejudice and misunderstanding about Ivan. Although he didn’t like Ivan, he hoped that Guan Xiaoyu would not miss someone who might be right.

When Ivan watched Yang Lanhang return home, he couldn’t close his mouth in excitement, fearing that his heart could not stand him, and was so scared to call an ambulance. Yang Lanhang repeatedly said that there was no problem before he was relieved.

Guan Xiaoyu called Ivan to the door of his house and asked him if he had approached Geng Panpan. After learning that he had not done it, he asked him when the company sued him. Ivan lied that the legal affairs had lost the contract and Guan Xiaoyu needed to sign a new one. He went to the trunk to look for the contract, but he regretted it as soon as he opened it, and quickly closed it. This aroused Guan Xiaoyu’s curiosity. She reopened it when she was not prepared.

Unexpectedly, it was all bags sold by Toifan before Guan Xiaoyu. Guan Xiaoyu finally knew that all of this was done by Ivan. She couldn’t help but stepped forward and kissed Ivan and shyly took the contract and ran away. In fact, Ivan really took great pains to help Guan Xiaoyu. He had no friends to open a bag shop. He came to a store with Guan Xiaoyu’s bag that day, but asked the clerk to store it for him overnight, estimate the price, and he would take it the next day. gone.

Bai Lingling saw the sweet scene at the door, and Guan Xiaoyu had to confess, and the two girls laughed and said that maybe they will become concubines in the future. Ivan on the other side excitedly went home and sang and talked to Guan Xiaoyu’s bag. Yang Lanhang laughed at him and became nervous.

At work the next day, in the elevator, Yang Lanhang tried to pull Bai Lingling’s hand several times. Bai Lingling was so scared to avoid Professor Jiang. After getting off the elevator, Yang Lanhang quietly pulled Bai Lingling away. Professor Jiang found out when he looked back for him. Has disappeared. Yang Lanhang wanted to announce his love affair with Bai Lingling in the laboratory. Bai Lingling felt pressured and wanted to go with the flow. Yang Lanhang agreed.

Qing Yi found that Bai Lingling had come with Yang Lanhang in the morning and asked her if she knew who the girlfriend of the Great God was. Bai Lingling blushed and said that it was herself. He didn’t expect Qing Yi to smile and say that she was a little floating recently.

At lunch, Bai Lingling and Yang Lanhang wanted to sit at a table alone, but then Zhang Yi’an, Jingjing, and Qing Yi all came over. Bai Lingling didn’t want them to be light bulbs, and simply announced that the two were officially together and asked everyone to give them some in the future. Space, I didn’t expect the three people to laugh constantly. In order to prove that, Bai Lingling picked up vegetables for Yang Lanhang to eat, but the three of them were still expressionless. Bai Lingling thought of a trick. The three were shocked, and finally moved to another table wittily.

But after get off work, Zhang Yian told Yang Lanhang that if Bai Lingling interfered with his normal work, he could come forward for Yang Lanhang and ask Professor Jiang to transfer her to another laboratory. Bai Lingling became very angry when she learned about this, and she came up with another idea to ask Yang Lanhang to feed herself during dinner tomorrow. Yang Lanhang promised. He told Bai Lingling that he had helped her to correct the patent application. Bai Lingling had to rush back to prepare the courseware. Their research group will have an in-class meeting tomorrow. Professor Jiang is not here and President Li is coming.

At the next day’s in-class meeting, President Li proposed that the film on the surface of the sample in Bai Lingling’s project might not be a ceramic layer but an oxide layer? Bai Lingling explained that the results of the scanning electron microscope were not accurate enough. She needed a device to focus the ion beam to prove it, but there are not many of this device in the country. She will do some in-depth research on the basis of preparation.

After class, President Li asked Yang Lanhang to stay and told him that Professor Jiang had new arrangements for teaching tasks. The school was going to let him be Bai Lingling’s tutor. Yang Lanhang was embarrassed to say that he could not talk to her if he became Bai Lingling’s tutor. In love.

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