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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 15 Recap

After Duan Shuiliu comes back, his company’s internet celebrity will teach Jiutian Dragon Girl what habits and behaviors are common in Duan Shuiliu, reminding the dragon girl, but Duan Shuiliu will still help their company find cooperation opportunities and mobilize fans to help. idea. The second aunt is arranging a big banquet here, but Meiru didn’t want it like that. She lay in the house and Murong Jaylun went in to see her. She kicked him with her feet, but she was very gentle and loving.

The behavior, like acting like a baby, is very cute. With tears in her eyes, Meiru told Murong Jaylun that her hands were going to be so spicy that she had never peeled so much garlic in her life. It was all because of him. She had to run away from home and was detained by her second aunt. Looking at Meiru affectionately, telling her that he would never leave her again. Meiru asked him why he thought this way, but he felt that it was because he hurt Meiru. He thought he had left, Meiru.

If you will be safe and live a stable life, but Meiru has really fallen in love with him now, she does not allow Murong Jaylen to be a deserter, because she can’t accept his departure, and those crows do not blame Murong Jaylen, Murong. Jayen hugged Meiru tightly. Without her, time would have passed so slowly. I thought about her many, many times, but the day was not over. Without her, she would be very afraid of time. Meiru was very moved, Murong. Jay also vowed to Meiru that he would never leave him.

In the evening, the moonlight shrouded the earth, and the moonlight shone on the faces of Meiru and Murong Jaylun. The two people were full of affection, and they teleported to Wushan. Now they are not what they used to be. They think it is better now, under the moonlight of Wushan. kiss.

The strange old man took a picture and fell into thinking. Meiru was dragged by her second aunt to attend the banquet. Meiru felt very embarrassed because she hadn’t attended the wedding in her hometown for a long time. And these fathers and villagers are not familiar with the beauty, but Murong Jaylun is very excited, because he has not seen the wedding scene, and he is lively and curious, but Murong Jaylun was shocked by the flowers just now. He thought there was Dangerous, but fortunately Meiru told him.

Duan Shuiliu drew the old man’s appearance at home, and the more he painted, the more he felt wrong. The Dragon Girl of the Nine Heavens was still watching the opposite, calling him that he would not listen. The Dragon Girl became angry, thinking that his absent-mindedness was the beginning of his unloving, and said to him.

After a meal, Duan Shuiliu couldn’t keep up with Dragon Girl’s point this time, so she didn’t want to listen to the company’s internet celebrities running the train with their mouths full. After talking, they came. Duan Shuiliu told her not to give Dragon Girl. The values ​​are exported. It turns out that she found the old man’s news, but the analysis was unreasonable. Duan Shuiliu wanted to drive her away, but Dragon Girl asked him out to buy white cakes. After analyzing, he also said that the strange old man sin is a woman, which is very funny.

When Duan Shuiliu was shopping, he called a friend and asked him to help check the strange old man. He found it suspicious. Just input the portrait to find it. When he turned around, he saw a girl driving out on a motorcycle. As soon as I got home, I saw a letter. It turned out that the girl just now was the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl. Duan Shuiliu called but no one answered, so he hurried out to find someone.

Duan Shuiliu just left the house and found that his motorcycle key was missing. He opened the location and saw that he was heading for the hospital in Ouyang Wenshan. He was very strange.

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