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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 13 Recap

The fact that Tuoba Yeqian lived in the same tent with Ye Qingran in the military plane camp for many days was stabbed in front of the emperor. Not only did the emperor not blame Ye Qingran, but instead asked him to accompany Tuoba Yeqian to play around. Dye’s sister, Ye Qingnuan, accompany her. At the market, Ye Qingran, who was tirelessly tired of Tuoba Yeqian, found an excuse to leave, and then Tuoba Yeqian brought the food he bought to Yun Qianyue to share.

Ye Tianyi wanted to bring Yun Qianyue back to his memories ten years ago. He was not reconciled that he was only two months late. Yun Qianyue completely forgot about her ten years of falling in love with herself. Yun Qianyue couldn’t let it go. Jing, while feeling guilty for Ye Tianyi, after all, Ye Tianyi had a deep affection for Yun Qianyue before him.

Tuoba Yeqian persuaded Yun Qianyue not to agree to Ye Tianyi after learning about this. She could see that Rong Jing really liked Yun Qianyue, and Yun Qianyue introduced the process of changing Rong Jing’s attitude in detail. Tuoba Yeqian Encourage Yun Qianyue to work hard again, and she also convinced Yun Qianyue with her own pursuit of Ye Qingran as an example.

Rong Jing, who was already suffering from cold poison, felt frustrated in his heart. Xian Ge realized that he was doing this for Yun Qianyue, but Rong Jing refused to let Xian Ge say anything more. Xian Ge smiled and greeted Yun Qianyue, who was dragged by Tuoba Yeqian to the entrance of the Royal Palace. Yun Qianyue had the courage to speak, but was interrupted by Rong Jing. He asked Yun Qianyue to find Ye Tianyi on the grounds that he was busy on official business. Or night light dye.

Yun Qianyue told Rong Jing that Ye Tianyi wanted to bring herself back to her previous memories, and she would forget him because she was worried about retrieving the memories, so she would rather not remember, just want to live in the present where she loves Rong Jing. Rong Jing, who turned his back, expressed his noble status, and the heroic and unrestrained Ye Tianyi matched Yun Qianyue more closely. Yun Qianyue asked Rong Jing to look into her eyes and say these things. Rong Jing ordered and told Yun Qianyue to keep a distance of three feet from her. Rong Jing’s attitude made Yun Qianyue extremely sad.

Yun Qianyue and Ye Tianyi came to the temple where they had settled ten years ago, where the leaf letter written by the two at the time was stored. Ye Tianyi expressed affectionately what she has missed for Yun Qianyue in the past ten years in a foreign country, and also elaborated on Yun Qianyue’s feelings for herself. Although Yun Qianyue didn’t think of anything, the handwriting on Ye Zi’s letter was indeed that of her Li Yun. Ye Tianyi asked Yun Qianyue if she believed that Rong Jing was the person she would stay with her all her life. Yun Qianyue also had doubts. After all, she came from the modern world. Is she really willing to stay here forever as Yun Qianyue for Rong Jing? ?

After Yun Qianyue left, Rong Jing removed his indifferent disguise. Only he knew that he had fallen in love with Yun Qianyue earlier than anyone else, and it was his handwriting to let Ye Tianyi return two months later. Weak, he smiled at the portrait Yun Qianyue had painted for herself in the past. Only one Xiaohe painting was the only one that could relieve his inner depression this night.

Yun Qianyue woke up from her dream. In the dream she held Rong Jing’s hand, but Rong Jing disappeared like the wind. She was panicked when she could not find Rong Jing. This dream inspired Yun Qianyue to remember Things ten years ago. Li Yun’s journey from modern times to ancient Heavenly Saint Kingdom was in the 9th year of Tae Hee, when Li Yun’s soul entered the body of Yun Qianyue who was a girl. When the young Yun Qianyue and Ye Tianyi were childhood sweethearts, when the emperor ordered Ye Tianyi to accompany the prince to the border, the two were sure of each other’s minds. Ye Tianyi’s absence was ten years. Ten years later, in the nineteenth year of Taixi, Yun Qianyue lost her memory and forgot Ye Tianyi but fell in love with Rong Jing in just two months.

Lord Leng lied that Ye Qingran had a good time with Tuoba Ye Qian. The emperor was very happy to hear that, Lord Leng took the opportunity to ask the emperor to give Ye Tianyi a marriage, and the emperor wanted to point Qin Xiang’s daughter Qin Yuning to Ye Tianyi. After receiving the news, Lan Yi told Ye Tianyi that Ye Tianyi, who loves Yun Qianyue, wanted to ask Lord Leng to discuss countermeasures. Qin Yuning also got the news at the first time. He had spotted Qin Yuning, who was not married to Rong Jing, and had a good temper at home for this reason.

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