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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 12 Recap

Yun Qianyue entered the Royal Palace, and Rong Jing had to come out to meet. Yun Qianyue asked Rong Jing why he was hiding from him. Rong Jing said that he was very busy and had no time to waste on Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue felt that Rong Jing was duplicity, but Rong Jing became more and more indifferent. Sad Yun Qianyue asked if Rong Jing was bored with him, Rong Jing was silent, and disappointed Yun Qianyue left the Royal Palace in the rain. Unknown Xiange felt that Rong Jing was too cruel to Yun Qianyue, and Rong Jing deeply watched the back of Yun Qianyue’s departure.

In a bad mood, Yun Qianyue tore the embroidery, but found that Cailian had prepared a red string to be tied to the tree with Xiange. Yun Qianyue inquired about the use of the red string. Cailian said that if the two people who have the same affection tie the red string together Together will be with you for life. Ye Tianyi invited Yun Qianyue to go out to guess lantern riddles on the Qiqiao Festival, but Yun Qianyue refused. Ye Tianyi mentioned that he helped Yunwang Mansion get out of trouble. Yun Qianyue agreed to his invitation in repaying Ye Tianyi, and Cailian also said Later, Rong Jing will participate in the activity of guessing lantern riddles. Yun Qianyue still wants to see Rong Jing, and then fight for this relationship.

On the Qiqiao Festival, Tuoba Yeqian persuaded Ye Qingran to accompany him to the lantern festival. In order to prevent people from recognizing Ye Qingran, Tuoba Yeqian dressed him as a woman. Tuoba Ye Qian pulled the women’s clothing Ye Qingran to tie the red string. This spectacle was laughed at by everyone. Yun Qianyue recognized the two of them but did not say anything.

Ye Tianyi brought Yun Qianyue to the thousand-year-old Buddha tree and tied a red string. The absent-minded Yun Qianyue was searching for Rong Jing’s figure among the crowd. Hiding in the corner, Rong Jing looked at Yun Qianyue and Ye Tianyi’s mixed feelings. The newly dressed Qin Yuning wanted to tie his red rope to Rong Jing’s. Rong Jing bluntly said that he did not have a red rope.

Ye Tianyi took Yun Qianyue to guess the lantern riddle, Qin Yuning and Leng Zhaozhuo also participated. The last lantern riddle came from Yun Qianyue. When everyone had no solution, the recognized Rong Jing appeared and told the answer to the riddle–want you to be a wife , The referee asked Rong Jing to tell the answer in front of Yun Qianyue’s face, and the indifferent Rong Jing slowly backed away from the scene. The interaction between the two made Ye Tianyi very angry.

A firework show began, and Rong Jing sent the firework to Yun Qianyue in his heart. Even if the firework is short, Yun Qianyue will be a lifetime memory in his heart. Yun Qianyue held the lantern in her heart and sighed, she was willing to guard the warmth that Rongjing brought to her alone.

The emperor traveled in a microservice, accompanied by Rong Jing, Ye Tianyi and Yunqianyue. The emperor asked Ye Tianyi if he could adapt to this lively capital. Ye Tianyi said that he was very happy to spend this festival with Yunqianyue. During the conversation, an underground bank exploded, and Yun Qianyue immediately rushed to Rong Jing. Rong Jing tenderly took care of Yun Qianyue, who was injured and unconscious, but after Yun Qianyue woke up, Rong Jing returned to indifference. Yun Qianyue used this time to return the love that Rong Jing had saved her. She said cruelly that she would no longer see Rong Jing, and Rong Jing turned and refused to leave.

The explosion that happened under his nose made the emperor angry, and he ordered Dali Temple to conduct a thorough investigation of the bank. Ye Qingran was shocked to learn that the bank had exploded, but he had no idea about it.

This explosion was caused by the pavilion owner Mo. Qin Xiang accused the pavilion owner of being too reckless. The pavilion owner argued that if the emperor’s attention was not drawn, how could the emperor know that this bank is actually Ye Tianyi’s underground industry. The pavilion owner handed over the clues from the investigation to Qin Xiang, who was still afraid that the explosion almost endangered the emperor. The pavilion master led her subordinates to leave the capital and ransacked a team of escorts while on the road. She also threw a token before leaving.

Qin Xiang informed the emperor of the relationship between Xiangyaju Qianzhuang and Ye Tianyi. The emperor tried Ye Tianyi, and Ye Tianyi had to answer cautiously. The bank was bombed and he was suspicious of the emperor. Ye Tianyi felt that these things were strange. Lord Leng suspected that all of this was the work of Ye Qingran. Ye Tianyi felt that the always stubborn Ye Qingran did not have such a plan. Lord Leng said frankly that Ye Qingran did it. The appearance may not be his true face. At this time, Lan Yi reported that Ye Tianyi’s treasure was robbed during the escort, and a token of Ye Qingran was left on the scene.

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