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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 11 Recap

Ye Qingran personally presided over the appraisal meeting of the recruits entering the camp, Leng Zhaozhuo assisted, and Tuoba Yeqian was arranged for a wrestling match, and the losing party left the barracks directly. Tuoba Yeqian easily defeated a strong opponent with four or two strokes. Ye Qingran, who wanted to drive her out of the barracks, went to the battle in person. At the critical moment, Ye Qingran fell out to protect Tuoba Yeqian. Tuoba Yeqian faced the coma Qingran confided that she had already fallen in love with him at first sight. Ye Qingran, who pretended to be unconscious and teased Tuoba Ye Qian, woke up with a smile. Tuoba Yeqian asked him if he heard her confession. Ye Qingran pretended to be confused and said that she hadn’t heard anything.

Ye Qingran’s arm was dislocated because of this, and Tuoba Yeqian wanted to visit but was stopped by Leng Zhaozhuo. During the conversation between the two, Leng Zhaozhuo discovered that Tuoba Yeqian was pretending to be a man. The hiding of women in the barracks is no small matter. When Leng Zhaozhuo told Ye Tianyi of the news, Ye Tianyi didn’t seem to care. Lord Leng found that Ye Tianyi was a little absent-minded, and he advised Ye Tianyi not to be distracted by a light cloud. Ye Tianyi wanted to hide his thoughts. Lord Leng asked him to make good use of this opportunity. After listening to Lord Leng’s opinion, Ye Tianyi reported to the emperor that Ye Qingran hid the woman in the army. The emperor asked Ye Tianyi to go to the military plane camp to investigate the matter, and at the same time sent Rong Jing to assist.

Yun Qianyue learned about Ye Qingran’s hiding of the woman, and Yun Qianyue, who understood what happened, rushed to the military plane camp. The two who fell asleep were awakened by Yun Qianyue. Before the three of them could act, Ye Tianyi and others had already come out of the tent. In a hurry, Tuoba Yeqian got into the bed of Ye Qingran, Ye Qingran. Lying in bed and pretending to be sick.

Yun Qianyue told Ye Tianyi and Rong Jing that Ye Qing contracted a contagious disease. Ye Tianyi wanted Rong Jing to treat Ye Qingran to a doctor. Yun Qianyue refused on the grounds that Rong Jing was unwell, and followed Lan Yi. He tried to open the quilt to check, but was stopped by Yun Qianyue, and Rong Jing saw the tattoo on the back of Lan Yi’s hand. Rong Jing was jealous because Yun Qianyue was making Ye Qingran’s head, and Yun Qianyue explained that she did it to expand Yeqian, and Rong Jing was amused by Yun Qianyue, who is acting like a coquettish and cute girl.

The Lan family secretly reported that Yun Qianyue is a twin. Because the heavenly kingdom has been passed down from generation to generation, the twins will affect the luck of the heavenly kingdom, so her brother was sent away when she was a baby. The emperor had been suspicious of this, and at this time, Ye Tianyi bought the small internal officer and asked him to mention the Yun family twins when he served in the imperial court.

The emperor was worrying about it all over the country, and when he heard this, he directly asked Qin Yuning to lead his troops to blockade Prince Yun’s mansion. After learning the news, Yun Qianyue, who had not returned home, was worried about Lord Yun. Ye Tianyi stopped Yun Qianyue who was going to return home and said that he was willing to take the risk to help the Yun family get out of trouble. Yun Qianyue questioned his motives, and Ye Tianyi expressed himself. I am willing to help Yun Qianyue, and do not intend to reciprocate.

After Yun Qianyue returned to the house, he sent a supper to Mrs. Yun who had no use for dinner. Mrs. Yun pointed out that the twins were just an excuse. One accidentally would overthrow the Yun family, and if he didn’t do it, he would even hurt the queen.

The talkative little internal officer died in the palace, and Ye Tianyi took the opportunity to persuade the emperor not to listen to the slander, and the emperor sent Ye Tianyi to deal with the matter. The stubborn Yun Qianyue refused to be wronged unclearly, and Ye Tianyi let Yun Qianyue take care of the overall situation.

Rong Jing wrote a letter urging Yun Qianyue to take charge of the family as soon as possible. Yun Qianyue used her learning as an excuse to let Old Master Yun hand over the control of the family to herself.

Yun Qianyue took the key to the master’s house and ran through Yun Mansion but found nothing. Rong Jing, who came by the moonlight, decided to look it up himself. Yun Qianyue asked him about the use of the dossier. Rong Jing lied that he was a friend. Support.

After the old prince Yun went out, the family also idled, Rong Jing took the opportunity to enter the old prince Yun’s room and found a secret compartment, and the secret compartment was storing a scroll. Yun Qianyue waited for Rong Jing to fall asleep, and Rong Jing, who held the scroll in his hand, watched Yun Qianyue for a long time, and finally left the key and quietly left.

The Murong family, who had returned to the Holy Kingdom for many years, was reported to have a correspondence with the Old Ministry of Qi State Rehabilitation. The old Prince Yun, who was ordered to investigate the matter, found the letter. Shangguan Ming Yue felt that the loyal Murong family would not do this, and he believed that Mr. Yun also played a role in this incident. Facing the silent Rong Jing, Shangguan Ming Yue advised him to make a break with Yun Qianyue as soon as possible.

Lan Yi bought the subordinates of the Yun family and said in front of Yun Qianyue that Rong Jing had told the emperor about the twins. Yun Qianyue rebuked the subordinates not to chew their tongues. Cailian reminds Yun Qianyue that it will be the Qiqiao Festival. Every year, the Qiqiao Festival is a day when men and women give each other tokens of love. Yun Qianyue prepared a pair of embroidery to give to Rong Jing. When Rong Jing arrived at the Royal Palace, Xian Ge lied that Rong Jing was not at home.

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