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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 2 Recap

When the train passed Wafangdian Station, Ma Susu and Fang Ruoyu received instructions from their superiors to kill Gao Daxia before arriving at Dalian Station. Ma Susu deliberately spilled vinegar on Zhen’s clothes and found an excuse to dismiss him. The remaining tasks were performed by the killer appointed by the “aunt”.

As the train started to enter the tunnel, the killers flanked the front and back of the carriage. Fortunately, Fu Jiazhuang had a keen insight and solved several killers in time. The other assassins saw that they were not good, and wanted to take advantage of the chaos to escape, but unexpectedly they were intercepted by Fu Jiazhuang, so they took out their daggers in a hurry. Gao Daxia wanted to help, but it was a shame to help. Not only did she fail to stop the killer’s behavior, she accidentally stunned Fu Jiazhuang with a vase.

Because of Gao Daxia’s behavior, Fu Jiazhuang further confirmed the speculation and determined that Gao Daxia was a KMT agent. Seeing the killer chasing Gao Daxia, Fu Jiazhuang shot him to death. At this moment, the Soviet train police came one after another. They detained Fu Jiazhuang, but released Gao Daxia.

Soon the train arrived at the Dalian station. Ma Susu saw Gao Daxia getting out of the car with the suitcase, guessing that the list was hidden in the box, so he hurriedly chased after him, without noticing Fang Ruoyu whose gun was aimed at Gao Daxia. Unexpectedly, the crowd was crowded. After a gunshot, Ma Susu was injured in the arm. When Fu Jiazhuang arrived, he and Gao Daxia sent her to the hospital.

After the doctor took out the bullet, Ma Susu was injured in no serious condition and needs to be hospitalized for recuperation temporarily. Gao Daxia wanted to get rid of Fu Jiazhuang and took the elevator to leave the hospital desperately. However, Fu Jiazhuang chased after her, and even Zhen Fine was followed by Ma Susu’s signal.

Fu Jiazhuang grabbed Gao Daxia and refused to let her leave. The two had a dispute in the hospital lobby, which caused many crowds to watch. Facing the accusations, Fu Jiazhuang lied that Gao Daxia was his daughter-in-law, but Gao Daxia opened her skirt directly in front of everyone, revealing her unmarked thighs, proving that Fu Jiazhuang was talking nonsense.

Enthusiastic people who saw righteousness stopped Fu Jiazhuang, convinced that he was a gangster taking advantage, Gao Daxia ran out of the chaos, unexpectedly met Wan Defu, a former arsonist comrade on the tram, and the two had a good talk and understood at the same time. The experience of the other party in recent years, I feel a little emotional for a while.

At the moment, Fu Jiazhuang, who had lost Gao Daxia, had to go to the tea shop to connect with the organization first, and successfully met Secretary Li Yunguang, the person in charge of the contact site. Because Fu Jiazhuang studied in the Soviet Union a few years ago, he was actually not familiar with Dalian. Moreover, his mission was to arrest his old uncle, so Li Yunguang arranged for him to live in Gao Shouping’s house and follow him to familiarize himself with the environment.

At the same time, after Gao Daxia bid farewell to Wan Defu, she noticed that someone was following her on the way home. Just as she speeded up her pace, she suddenly discovered that there was a mysterious woman in front of her. Gao Daxia realized that the other party was not good, but did not expect that the goal of the two people was the box in her hand.

The masked man was pretending to be Zhen Jing, and the woman, Daling, was Fang Ruoyu’s subordinate. The two had a misunderstanding with each other and competed for boxes in the alley. At a critical moment, Wan Defu showed up with the police, Gao Daxia successfully regained the box, and finally met Fu Jiazhuang nearby.

Neighbors in the neighborhood knew Gao Daxia and didn’t believe that she was the female spy that Fu Jiazhuang said. Gao Shouping heard the quarrel and found her, and this resolved the misunderstanding. The siblings were reunited with joy, but Fu Jiazhuang was very embarrassed. It can be said that the flood rushed to the Dragon King Temple. My family did not know my family.

Sister-in-law Liu Manli cried with joy when she saw Gao Daxia. After all, she had not heard from Dalian for many years, thinking that she would never see each other again in her life. Gao Daxia learned that her brother went out shopping two years ago and missed the Japanese stray bullet. Liu Manli believed that her husband had passed away, but Gao Daxia did not agree. She felt that as long as she had not seen the body, there might be hope for her to live. .

The black-clothed agent conveyed the instructions of the “auntie” to Ma Susu, asking her to open a foreign goods shop in Dalian, and to find the list as soon as possible. But the real list is hidden in the red sausage. Gao Shouping didn’t realize this at all. He went through the box to find no trace, and accidentally knocked the red sausage to the ground.

Fang Ruoyu pretended to be a doctor to see Ma Susu. The top priority was to get rid of Gao Daxia. The list could be postponed temporarily. Ma Susu decided to take over the matter, and at the same time in the ward that night, he personally issued Fang Ruoyu’s letter of appointment of the Kuomintang, instructing him not to fail the party state, and to be loyal to Chairman Chiang and the mysterious aunt.

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