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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 2 Recap

After Gu Xixi went back, Lin Xiaoya was surprised to hear about Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen. She told her about the Wanmao Mall founded by Yin Sichen. Gu Xixi only felt that Yin Sichen was very annoying, and Lin Xiaoya needed to help. To find out who overtook her car tonight and caused her to have a car accident, Lin Xiaoya agreed, and she asked who the repairer was, whether he was handsome or not. Gu Xixi recalled Mo Zixin’s appearance.

Some excitedly said that she was handsome, but she only left her own contact information, and did not leave Mo Zixin’s phone number. She said that Mo Zixin sent her a message, and the two had made an appointment to meet tomorrow. After an appointment, Mo Zixin began to draw and update the cartoon on the computer, and it happened that Gu Xixi was also chasing the cartoon.

When Gu Xixi was eating at home early the next morning, Grandma Gu kept urging Gu Xixi to get married and asked her to find a rich man. Gu Xixi said that she had a boyfriend and would bring her to meet her on her birthday. Gu Xixi went to Erics again to buy a wedding dress, but Erics said that he had signed a contract with Wanmao. If you want a wedding dress, according to the relationship between Xixi and Yin Sichen, it should be given by Yin Sichen.

She, in order not to expose the lies that Yin Sichen and herself wove, Gu Xixi had to leave. She went to Lin Xiaoya again. Lin Xiaoya told her two news. The first news was that the person who overtaken the car last night was Yin Sichen. One piece of news was that Gu Xixi went on a hot search. The photo of Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi accidentally kissing in the swimming pool last night was taken by unknown people and was publicized.

Gu Xixi’s boyfriend, Zhao Zegang, saw the news and called Gu Xixi to break up. Gu Xixi wanted to go to him to explain clearly, but found that Zhao Zegang was already ambiguous with a girl, and Gu Xixi cursed him as a scumbag. , Took the initiative to break up and dumped Zhao Zegang. Yin Sichen and Shang Ke saw this scene on the side. Yin Sichen heard Lin Xiaoya say that they were going to the bar to drink at night. Shang Ke guessed that Gu Xixi was broken up because she and Yin Sichen’s photo, Yin Sichen proposed to go to the bar too.

In the bar, Lin Xiaoya went to the bathroom. At this time Yin Sichen also found Gu Xixi and sat next to her. Gu Xixi recognized Yin Sichen as Lin Xiaoya, and said that the root of everything was Yin Sichen, which was Yin. Si Chen ruined her career and love. Gu Xixi fell on Yin Sichen with cursing. Yin Sichen couldn’t bear it, so he asked Fei Ang to drive over. Yin Sichen just took Gu Xi. Xi carried him into the car, and Gu Xixi was drunk and said he wanted to eat chicken wings. He took Yin Sichen a bite while he was drunk. Fortunately, Gu Xixi told her home address, and Yin Sichen sent her back.

When she woke up in the morning, Gu Xixi saw her mother look sad. Mother Gu said that her rent was used by father Gu to invest. Two days after Grandma Gu’s birthday, she had to go to a five-star hotel. Gu Xixi comforted her mother. Said that I had a big list recently, and I would pay the rent and birthday money by then.

Gu Xixi went to see Mo Zixin again, and the two had a conversation. Mo Zixin revealed his identity to Gu Xixi. Only then did Gu Xixi remember that the person in front of him was his childhood friend. Mo Zixin used to be afraid of rainy days. , Gu Xixi made him a sunny doll. Mo Zixin repaired the car for her, and didn’t need to pay any IOUs. He asked Gu Xixi to teach himself painting, one session a week, for a full year, even if he paid for the car repair. It’s over.

The beauty Shang Ke met at the bar last night was the new general manager Mu Ruona. Shang Ke still wanted to get close to Murona, but Mu Ruona looked unkind. She only talked about business affairs and talked with Wanmao. There is something wrong with his contract, so I need to talk to Yin Sichen.

When Gu Xixi went to Wanmao to find Yin Sichen, she happened to see Mu Ruona approaching Yin Sichen to negotiate. The two were classmates and they looked very familiar. Gu Xixi misunderstood the relationship between the two. After Mu Ruona left, Gu Xixi asked Yin Sichen to buy a wedding dress, but Yin Sichen said that Mai Linmi would be sold in her store in three months. These three months were their promotion period. There are no Mai Linmi wedding dresses sold in the world. While the two were talking, Ran Xiwei also came to the company. Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen did not reach a conclusion. When they were about to leave, Gu Xixi stepped on her shoelace.

When she tripped, Yin Sichen grabbed her, and the two of them hugged her and fell on the sofa. Gu Xixi was ashamed and annoyed. Before leaving, he took out the maintenance order and said that Yin Sichen had overtaken and caused him to have a car accident last night. To make him lose money, Yin Sichen felt that she was crazy about money and refused to pay attention. When Gu Xixi left, Ran Xiwei saw her and passed her by. Gu Xixi saw that he couldn’t buy a wedding dress at Yin Sichen, so he went to Erics again.

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