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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 1 Recap

Gu Xixi graduated for two years and is now starting her own business. She has her own online store with her best friend Lin Xiaoya, which deals in clothing sales. Although she is an ordinary person, she has an extraordinary dream of becoming a super first-class clothing designer. Teacher, when Gu Xixi just got up this day, she was called to the dry cleaner by her mother. It turned out that there was a guest making trouble. She pretended that her clothes were high-end clothes, and asked her mother to wash it out of her dry cleaner. Xi pays 30,000 yuan.

Gu Xixi can see that the clothes are fake at a glance. He said that the maximum compensation is one hundred and five. The guest who touched the porcelain still refused to say that he would call the police. Gu Xixi was not scared and said that he would call the police. The police can take it to the counter for identification. If it is found to be a fake, he will sue her for blackmailing her by touching the porcelain. The customer has a guilty conscience and hurried away.

After Gu Xixi helped Gu’s mother solve the matter, he went to Lin Xiaoya. President Yin Sichen just needed some buyers to buy a wedding dress of Mai Linmi. Through Taobao shop, Yin Sichen found Gu Xixi, Gu Xixi knows that this wedding dress is difficult to buy, because designer Erics only makes twelve such wedding dresses a year. Commission, and Lin Xiaoya said that Erics was going to attend a reception nearby, and he could help get the invitation letter. Gu Xixi decided to give it a try, so he took the business, and Yin Sichen also paid it happily. Deposit.

Yin Sichen also went to the cocktail party that Erics attended, and the assistant asked Ran Xiwei to be his female companion. Before Gu Xixi went to the reception, Lin Xiaoya specially rented a luxury car for her to fill her facade, but when it was rainy, Gu Xixi ran the car into a tree in order to avoid pedestrians. Gu Xixi hurriedly got out of the car to check the person. Mo Zixin was so scared that he sat on the ground. Gu Xixi held up an umbrella and asked about his situation.

The man looked at Gu Xixi and remembered what happened when he was a child. Gu Xixi rushed to the reception, Ben He wanted to leave first, but the car could no longer be driven. Mo Zixin kindly sent Gu Xixi to the reception. The two exchanged contact information. After Gu Xixi left, Mo Zixin’s assistant asked him Gu Xixi. Whether it was the person he was looking for, Mo Zixin only said that Gu Xixi didn’t seem to remember himself anymore.

Gu Xixi was about to enter the reception, but found that her invitation letter fell on the car. In order to enter the reception, she stared at Yin Sichen who happened to be at the entrance of the reception. Yin Sichen’s original female companion, Ran Xiwei, was still there. When Paris was unable to return to China, Gu Xixi followed Yin Sichen into the reception.

Yin Sichen seemed to know that Gu Xixi came in with him, but he did not break it. Yin Sichen asked her if she could see that she was Gu Xixi analyzed what he was doing, and the two saw Erics again. Yin Sichen also deliberately told Gu Xixi that Erics’ bow tie and cuffs were around the anime, and asked Gu Xixi to approach Eric.

Gu Xixi, through the details of the animation surroundings, Gu Xixi succeeded in getting Erics to take a different look. When the two had a good time, the security at the reception suddenly came to Gu Xixi and asked her to show the invitation letter. The scene was a bit embarrassing, Gu Xi Xi can only be taken away by the security guard. At this time, Yin Sichen suddenly appeared and said that he needed a person whom Erics appreciated to be his female companion. Gu Xixi also reacted. It was Yin Sichen that he did not have an invitation letter. In order to stay at the reception, Gu Xixi could only agree. Before the two went out, Yin Sichen put a necklace on her neck.

The two went to see Eric, arm in arm, and Eric recognized the necklace on Gu Xixi’s neck. This necklace was a commemorative necklace designed by Eric’s deceased wife. Gu Xixi put on the wedding dress he designed, and stood on the stage with this necklace, which was regarded as remembering his deceased wife. Gu Xixi wanted to agree, but Yin Sichen did not allow Gu Xixi to disrupt. In my own plan, I only hope to reach cooperation with Mai Lin Mi, and I don’t want to go out of business.

Yin Sichen pulled Gu Xixi aside, took off her necklace, and told her to leave. Gu Xixi was motivated by Yin Sichen and vowed to buy Alex’s wedding dress. She lied to Alex Saying that his necklace was lost, Yin Sichen had to come forward and say that Gu Xixi’s necklace was placed with him. Gu Xixi took the opportunity to ask Eric to buy a wedding dress, and Eric readily agreed and let Gu Xi Xi will find herself tomorrow. Seeing that the matter of buying a wedding dress had come to an end, Gu Xixi planned to leave. Who knew that he got her feet when passing by the pool. Seeing that Gu Xixi was about to fall into the pool, Yin Sichen hurriedly stretched out his hand to hold her, who knew that he would follow Gu. Xixi fell together, and the two kissed unexpectedly.

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