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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 10 Recap

Sophie ate on her face, worried about scars on her face, the doctor suggested that she go to the cosmetic surgery consultation, Wu You took her to the doctor. Sophie determined that there was a problem with the Yaman mask. Wu You and Qian Jiayi thought it was impossible. The Yaman mask was certified by an authority and there was no allergies so far. Sophie let Lu Man throw away the rest of the mask. Lu Man secretly stayed behind and decided to check it out himself.

Lin Yueda invited Qian Jiayi to eat, and Qian Jiayi carefully observed his every move. He was gentle and decent. The waiter accidentally spilled vegetable soup on Lin Yueda. Not only did he not get angry, he also tried his best to help the waiter. Qian Jiayi wanted to accompany him to buy a piece of clothing. He didn’t expect Lin Yueda to replace the clothes in the trunk. Qian Jia was very satisfied with him. Lin Yueda took the opportunity to offer to fall in love with Qian Jiayi, but Qian Jiayi flatly refused.

Lin Yueda had to admit that he had a crush on Qian Jiayi during his college years. He once wrote a love letter and tried to confess to Qian Jiayi, but finally gave up. Qian Jiayi suddenly had an unbearable abdominal pain. Lin Yueda rushed to send her home. Qian Jiayi found out that she ran out of painkillers, so she had to reluctantly lie on the sofa.

Lin Yueda went to the convenience store to buy sanitary napkins and hot soup, put them at the door of Qianjia’s family, and then sent a message to her, Qianjiayi took the bag of things, she took a sip of the hot soup, her heart was warm, she sent it overnight The message wants to marry Lin Yueda. Early the next morning, Qian Jiayi brought Lin Yueda to the company to give the wedding candy, Wu You and Lu Man were shocked, and President Fan was speechless.

Lu Man and Wu You called Lin Yueda to the pantry and asked him about his situation with Qian Jiayi. Lin Yueda confessed that they had crashed in a car. Wu You refused to give up. Lin Yueda had to admit that he and Qian Jiayi were university alumni, Qian Jiayi. When they arrived in time, they formally announced that they had obtained the certificate. Sophie couldn’t accept Qian Jiayi’s flash marriage. She was worried that she would be harmed. She tried to persuade her to be cautious. Qian Jiayi had already identified Lin Yueda. Wu You believed Qian Jiayi was to quell the company’s rumors. Sophie insisted that Lin Yueda was against Qianjia He wanted to investigate his details personally if he tried to make a mistake, Wu You took the initiative to ask Ying to visit Lin Yueda for a while.

Wu You asked Lin Yueda to meet at Xiong Xingyi’s coffee shop and rented a taekwondo costume to demonstrate to him. Lin Yueda came to meet on time. He ordered a cup of hot black tea. Wu You asked Xiong Xingyi to change to three cups of iced American coffee and threatened Lin Yueda. Don’t let the money plus one be disappointed, otherwise you will never be merciless. Then Wu You introduced in detail the obsessive-compulsive disorder and cleanliness of money plus one, and wanted Lin Yueda to retire. Lin Yueda learned that Qian Jiayi loves iced American coffee the most. After drinking three cups in one breath, Lin Yueda vowed that he would always love Qian Jiayi and was willing to accommodate all her shortcomings.

Lin Yueda wanted to pack a cup of iced American coffee for Qianjiayi to take home. Suddenly he felt abdominal pain. He hurried to the bathroom. Xiong Xingyi accused Wu You of being too much, and Wu You repeatedly claimed that it was for the sake of money plus. Afterwards, Wu You returned to Sophie. She thought that Lin Yueda really loved Sophie. Qian Jiayi bought Sophie ointments and supplements and sent them, complaining that they were too much. Sophie asks her to live a little more happily. Add a warm heart.

Lu Man asked someone to test the Yaman mask and found that it contained a fluorescent agent. Lu Man decided to expose the matter and retaliate against He Xia. Lin Qing rushed to stop him in time, and pointed out to the face that Lu Man wanted to avenge his personal revenge. Lin Qing firmly believed that He Xia was a person and he would never make such a low-level mistake. Lu Man left with anger. Lin Yueda packed up his luggage and moved to Qianjia’s family. Qian Jiayi repeatedly emphasized the requirements and rules of hygiene and living habits. Lin Yueda remembered all of them.

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