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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 14 Recap

The prince was in the woods with his saber and his upper body bare. He felt that he owed Meiru something and wanted to offer his liver to Meiru, as if she sincerely apologized and prayed for his safety. It was interrupted by a stone thrown from a distance, and it turned out to be Meiru Second Uncle.

Meiru ran to find Jiang Huizhen because she was looking for Murong in the diary, because he was gone and ran away in the hospital. Meiru was worried, but Jiang Huizhen and Ouyang Wenshan also quarreled, and it was uncomfortable to hear the name of Ouyang Wenshan, so The diary was locked in a cabinet by Huizhen.

Both people regard them as set roles, but they actually have their own ideas. No matter whether it was in the diary or not, but now there are feelings, and it seems that they are inseparable. The two people have concerns about each other in their hearts.

The second uncle seemed to be irritating Murong Jaylun, but actually wanted to persuade him, but the second uncle persuaded him in a different way. He also said that his technique was full of flaws. He also said that he was cautiously asking for Meiru, and had a physical examination before offering sacrifices. Alright, but Murong was frightened, so he took him home.

Duan Shuiliu and Jiutian Longnv returned to their previous lives. They also used binoculars to watch the various things that happened to various people on the street, but the Jiutian Longnv was too curious. The dragon girl went to eat supper.

The three internet celebrities of the Shuiliu company here are being poached by another person, but fortunately they are not planning to quit, but she called a group of people to threaten them, but at this time the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl just appeared, at the beginning The Dragon Girl still doesn’t know them, but even if Duan Shuiliu appears, the girl looks like she’s not easy to provoke. It turned out to be Wang Damei. The Dragon Girl couldn’t stand it and was about to call the wind and rain, but she remembered that her ability was also Chen Meiru.

If it is set, I don’t bother to call for rain and let Duan Shui Liu directly rush up, but those people who beat Duan Shui Liu to the water in the morning will hurt the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl. Duan Shui Liu is completely irritated, and a set of flowing water is flowing. Jiutian Dragon Girl was very proud of her actions, and Wang Damei squatted on the ground to brush the hooligan, claiming to call the police. Duan Shuiliu ran on the street holding the hand of Jiutian Dragon Girl.

Meiruyi opened the door to a strange and weird old man. She was startled. She was awakened by the phone. It turned out to be a dream. The second aunt called Murong Jielun who was brought home by his second uncle, so Chen Meiru hurryed. come over.

The second aunt scolded the second uncle, although Murong Jaylun had already understood the reason not to hurt himself, because that would not help Meiru, and it was also called an academic discussion. But the second aunt was very worried about the second uncle, and the relationship between them was also very good. Seeing this situation, Murong Jaylun felt that he was becoming more and more addicted to beauty and unable to extricate himself, and the second aunt would also bring Murong Jaylen To attend the wedding, Murong gave his sword to his second uncle for safekeeping.

Duan Shuiliu woke up and found Jiutian Dragon Girl secretly watching him. He was taken aback. When the doorbell rang, the three Internet celebrities came to them again, and they kept courting Dragon Girl, saying that she was Duan Shuiliu’s woman. , Nine Heavens Dragon Girl actually did not object.

Duan Shuiliu saw a strange old man breaking into Chen Meiru’s house on the balcony. After entering, he pretended to pass by and greeted him. He found that the old man was strange and suspicious. He didn’t know what to look for in Meiru’s house. He said that he was sin.

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