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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 9 Recap

In order to prevent Yun Qianyue from walking with Ye Tianyi, Rong Jing lied that he was entrusted by the old master Yun to take care of Yun Qianyue at all times, and Ye Tianyi had no choice but to give up. Yun Qianyue did not expect that Rong Jing would let herself go on a horseback ride all the way back, and Yun Qianyue’s crescent was itchy with such care.

Ye Qingran, who had left Beijing privately, was arrested and went to meet the emperor. Ye Qingran argued that he was leaving Beijing to increase his experience. The emperor felt gratified for Ye Qingran’s growth, but he was still punished to go to the military camp to reflect.

Pharaoh Yun punishes Yun Qianyue for her worst female red embroidery. Yun Qianyue would rather be beaten than embroider. When Pharaoh Yun asked about Yun Qianyue’s experience along the way, Yun Qianyue mentioned Nanling, the son of Nanliang. Rui, Lord Yun asked Nan Lingrui carefully whether he had carried some kind of jewelry with him, but Yun Qianyue didn’t pay attention to these.

When Ye Tianyi visited the emperor, the emperor preemptively informed Ye Tianyi of his punishment on Ye Qingran. Ye Tianyi said that as his elder brother, he should take care of his younger brother. When talking about the situation in northern Xinjiang, in order to test Ye Tianyi, the emperor bluntly said that Ye Tianyi should be more deterrent than himself in the eyes of frontier fighters and enemy countries. This made Ye Tianyi very frightened. He hurriedly bowed down and said that Northern Antai is the emperor.

Sitting in the court, the command is proper. Rong Jing entered the palace to meet, the emperor left Ye Tianyi, Rong Jing bluntly said that Yueqi’s war with Tiansheng was deliberately provoked by someone deliberately provoked by Yueqi’s death, and the clue was interrupted. Do more accountability. Rong Jing appealed to the emperor for the loss of the customs clearance document, and the emperor told him not to blame himself.

Rong Jing met Qin Yunning when he was leaving the palace. Qin Yunning asked if Rong Jing was sick. Rong Jing directly took out Qin Yunning’s token to govern the army, which made Qin Yunning very embarrassed. Qin Yunning said that although he sent people to monitor all the way, he did not do any harm to Rong Jing. Rong Jing warned her not to do anything to hurt Yun Qianyue again. Qin Yunning didn’t even get the opportunity to explain, which made her hate Yun Qianyue even more.

Ye Tianyi cried and gave her biological mother Xiao Fei knelt to please her. Xiao Fei, who was overjoyed, took the chestnut powder cake made by herself and let Ye Tianyi taste it. Ye Tianyi watched herself and Yun Qianyue’s favorite chestnut powder cake in a daze, he told Xiao Concubine, Yun Qianyue has amnesia. Concubine Xiao was beaten into the palace by the emperor because of her involvement in the court. As time passed, the emperor ordered Concubine Xiao to move out of the palace.

Lan Yi, the Patriarch of the Lan Family who is loyal to Ye Tianyi, has long been in love with Ye Tianyi, and she has been dispatched by Ye Tianyi to perform secret missions in Beijing. Ye Tianyi asked her why she hadn’t told herself about Yun Qianyue’s amnesia early, and she didn’t dare to show her true feelings, so Lan Yi could only be silent. Lan Yi was the one who killed the court commander and burned Wangchun Tower. Ye Tianyi asked her if she knew Yun Qianyue was among them when she burned Wangchun Tower. Lan Yi defended that she did not know.

Lord Leng quietly joined forces with the central officials in order to help Ye Tianyi win the throne. Xiao Fei, who had left Leng Palace, could also help Ye Tianyi. Now the only stumbling block was Qin Xiang. Ye Tianyi felt that the emperor seemed to be suspicious of him, and Lord Leng said that Ye Tianyi, who was extremely outstanding among the princes, didn’t need to worry too much.

Yun Qianyue went to the palace to visit the queen and her little nephew Ye Tianci. As the queen of Yun Qianyue’s aunt, she felt that if Yun Qianyue and Ye Tianyi had a good relationship, it would be a win-win thing. Ye Tianyi came to ask the queen for peace, in order to match Yun. Qianyue and Ye Tianyi, the queen told them to go out together.

In the face of Ye Tianyi’s pressing on, Yun Qianyue felt uncomfortable, and Rong Jing went back to the house with anger when he saw the two. It just so happens that today is the Grain Festival, Yun Qianyue took the opportunity of buying a mask to escape from Ye Tianyi. Tuoba Yeqian followed Yueqi State’s envoy to Tiansheng, and Yun Qianyue recognized Tuoba Yeqian who was disguised as a man. Facing Tuoba Yeqian’s affection for Ye Qingran, Yun Qianyue helped Tuoba Yeqian get into the military plane camp.

When she was alone, Yun Qianyue was stopped by a fortune teller, and he implicitly told Yun Qianyue that her upcoming fate came from the Royal Palace. After Yun Qianyue left, Xian Ge got out from under the fortune-teller’s desk. He thought this might be able to match Rong Jing and Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue was found by Ye Tianyi within a few steps. In order to prove his sincerity for Yun Qianyue, Ye Tianyi took Yun Qianyue to ask the emperor to give her a marriage. Xian Ge told Rong Jing the news of the marriage, and Rong Jing was impatient and burned the grain camp.

Yun Qianyue tried to argue in front of the emperor but was always interrupted by Ye Tianyi. At this time, there was news that Xishan grain and grass camp was on fire and half of the camp was burned. The emperor sent Ye Tianyi to deal with it. The gift of marriage was temporarily shelved, which made Yun Qianyue relax.

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