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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 10 Recap

Xian Ge passed the news of Rong Jing to Yun Qianyue through Cailian. Yun Qianyue laughed at the relationship between Cailian and Xiange, and Cailian hurriedly took Yun Qianyue to continue shopping. Yun Qianyue saw fountain pens that had always come from modern times at the recycling booth. Yun Qianyue felt that maybe someone was from modern times just like her.

Rong Feng, who had been sent to the Tianxue Mountain to practice martial arts since childhood, returned to Tiansheng. Seeing Rong Feng’s pairing, Yun Qianyue was very excited and thought that Rong Feng was from modern times just like herself. Rong Feng found that Yun Qianyue had amnesia. He bluntly said that this pair was taught to him by Yun Qianyue ten years ago. Rong Jing was very happy to see his younger brother Rong Feng, whom he had not seen for many years, which reminded him of the happy time of a family of four when the two were young. After the two exchanged greetings, Rong Jing told Rong Feng that it was an eventful time now and that he should never reveal his identity.

Ye Qingran lived a life like an uncle in the military camp. Tuoba Yeqian, dressed as a soldier, shouted “The emperor will arrive” outside the big tent. The frightened Ye Qingran hurriedly fell to his knees, and Tuoba Yeqian watched. Ye Qingran was very happy to be teased by herself.

Yun Qianyue went to Rongwang’s Mansion to look for Rong Feng. Rong Feng arranged for Yun Qianyue to go with Rong Jing, who was about to go out. When the two in the carriage talked about Rong Jing’s cold toxin, Yun Qianyue refused to eat for Rong Jing. Feeling a little bit lost because of Quhan San. Rong Yun Qianyue asked Rong Jing if he was the one who burned the grain and grass camp, but Rong Jing said that he wished Ye Tianyi would marry the dude Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue, who was already tempted by Rong Jing, naturally couldn’t bear Rong Jing’s dislike for herself, so angry, Yun Qianyue jumped out of the carriage.

Rong Jing could hardly fall asleep. Xian Ge felt that Rong Jing couldn’t sleep because of Yun Qianyue, and Rong Jing was indifferent. Xian Ge remembered that Rong Jing had never had a cold toxin after returning from Yueqi. Rong Jing held Yun Qianyue in the house. Dispel her in a daze.

Worried that Yun Qianyue would be injured by jumping off the car, Rong Jingte came to visit, but he saw the golden leaves sent by Ye Tianyi on the table of Yun Qianyue. Since ancient times, there have been beautiful talks about poplar leaves, which made Rong Jing very jealous. Rong Jing felt that Yun Qianyue’s reason for pretending to be a dude and refusing to be a princess was to wait for Ye Tianyi. Yun Qianyue couldn’t bear Rong Jing’s misunderstanding of her affection for him, and under her anger, she said that she was thinking about Ye Tianyi day and night.

Rong Jing confined Yun Qianyue and asked her if she was sincere. Yun Qianyue, who was still undeterred, said that she would marry Ye Tianyi and stay together until she was old. In order to stop Yun Qianyue from saying more hurtful things, Rong Jing Kissed directly. The jealous Rong Jing bit Yun Qianyue’s mouth and said that he would never meet Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue held Rong Jing to make him be responsible for himself. Yun Qianyue pointed out that Rong Jing, who has repeatedly saved herself from danger, has the same affection and righteousness towards him, but Rong Jing always refuses to admit it. Looking at Yun Qianyue’s glazed eyes, Rong Jing could no longer conceal his love, and the two embraced deeply.

The soldiers in the barracks shared a big tent, but Tuoba Yeqian was prevented from leaving, but Ye Qingran appeared to help her out. Ye Qingran took Tuoba Yeqian back to his tent, and Tuoba Yeqian offered to sleep with him. The two arguing over who should sleep in the bed, in the end Ye Qingran couldn’t reach Tuoba Yeqian, so they had to give her half of the bed. Ye Qingran woke up and saw Tuoba Yeqian hugging herself, so scared that he got up quickly, Tuoba Yeqian, who was woken up, made Ye Qingran be responsible for him, and returned to Yueqi to marry him, and Ye Qingran said that he paid him back. Without considering this matter, Tuoba Ye Qian decided to stay with Ye Qingran.

The military rules in the barracks are strict, and Tuoba Ye Qian had to pretend to be Ye Qingran’s entourage in order to be able to get Ye Qingran’s asylum. Ye Qingran was picky about the cakes Tuoba Yeqian brought, so Tuoba Yeqian made a soup that she couldn’t even swallow and gave it to Ye Qingran. Who knew that Ye Qingran drank it all. . Ye Qingran sent Tuoba Yeqian to help him prepare bath water, and Tuoba Yeqian added a bucket of chili oil to the bath water. Ye Qingran was so embarrassed by Tuoba Yeqian that he decided to arrange an assessment for the recruits so that Tuoba Yeqian who could not pass would leave the barracks.

Yun Qianyue fell asleep in front of Rong Jing’s desk. Rong Jing painted her a cat face. Yun Qianyue accused Rong Jing of bullying herself, but Rong Jing took pleasure in it. Rong Jing is close to Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue is worried that Rong Jing will have a cold toxin attack. Rong Jing said that he has recovered a lot from cold toxin after taking Quhan San. Rong Jing personally cooks Yun Qianyue’s hibiscus grilled fish. He also carefully helps Yun Qianyue pick out the fishbone. Yun Qian feels that she is extremely happy, and she will rely on Rong Jing to cook her own fish for a lifetime. Yun Qianyue and Rong Jing admire the moon under the tree, and Rong Jing domineeringly said that Yun Qianyue can only be with herself. Yun Qianyue likes this kind of Rong Jing.

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