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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 9 Recap

He Xia took Wu You to the river to fish. Wu You was chilled by the wind. He picked up He Xia’s cover and put on it, but it was still trembling with the cold. Wu You wanted to go to the car to warm up. He Xia Worried that she would sneak away from the car, she took out a fishing rod to let Wu You fish together.

Wu You warned He Xia not to mess up their relationship in front of her parents, otherwise she would go to the property or the Women’s Federation to report him. He Xia ridiculed her and asked her to devote all of her energy to the sale of Yaman masks. Wu You was obsessed. Speechless, she suddenly found that the fish had taken a bait, He Xia hurriedly pulled up the fishing rod, and finally caught a shoe. Wu You laughed and sneered at He Xia.

He Xia didn’t catch a fish, so I had to take Wu You to the restaurant to eat fish. Wu You’s bunny headgear attracted the children. Wu You sang and danced with the children. The child’s father hurried over to apologize. He Xia suggested Wu You used this method to attract the attention of adults and increase the sales of Yaman masks.

After the meal, He Xia drove Wu You home. Wu You was drowsy due to overwork, so He Xia put the rabbit headgear on Wu You’s head. Wu You worked hard to figure out a good way. She asked Sophie for help overnight and went to Sophie’s live studio to promote her facial mask while wearing a bunny headgear, which quickly attracted many customers. He Xia showed a gratified smile when she saw this scene.

Wu You concluded that the reason for the sluggish sales of Yaman facial masks is that customers lack the experience of facial masks. Wu You suggested launching a one-week limited tasting facial mask immersive experience hall, and her proposal was affirmed. The event officially started, customers experienced the effects of Yaman masks, and sales volume rose steadily, quickly exceeding one million sheets.

Liang Kuai reported the good news to He Xia, but He Xia felt that this was what Wu You should do. He wanted to raise funds to start a business with all his heart, and invited Liang Kuai to work with him. Wu You called to return the umbrella to Lin Qing and invited him to dinner to express his gratitude. Lin Qing made an appointment with her on a time and place to meet Wu You. Lu Man mistakenly thought that Lin Qing was here to harass her and forced him to Pushing away, I didn’t expect Lin Qing and Wu You to have an appointment, and Lu Man went to dinner with them.

Lu Man targeted Lin Qing everywhere, and secretly warned him not to make bad ideas to Wu You, otherwise he would never be polite. Lu Man didn’t dare to eat spicy food, and deliberately adjusted the base of the super spicy hot pot. Man accidentally splashed the hot soup on her hand, Lin Qing hurriedly helped her apply ice, and even asked her about her cold. Wu You saw that they were in a situation and encouraged Lin Qing to pursue Lu Man hard. Lin Qing smiled silently.

Sophie discovered that a man was following her all the way to secretly photographed her. It is indisputable that he stepped forward and robbed the man’s camera and deleted the photos one by one. The man blurted out and called Aunt Sophie. Sophie became furious and forcibly took out the camera’s memory card. . The man introduced himself as Xiong Xingyi and opened a photography studio. Sophie didn’t believe him. Xiong Xingyi had to take out his ID card and begged Sophie to return the memory card to him. He repeatedly apologized to Sophie. Sophie warned him not to take photos. Post it online, or send him to the Public Security Bureau.

Wu You invited Sophie to a restaurant for dinner. Sophie came early. She was attracted by the restaurant’s unique decoration and photo wall at a glance. She wanted to use it as a venue for a new show, but she didn’t expect the owner of the hotel to be Xiong Xingyi. Wu You came, claiming to be Xiong Xingyi’s aunt, Sophie said her thoughts, Xiong Xingyi promised, and also took Sophie to his studio. Sophie was overwhelmed by the dazzling array of photos and asked Xiong Xingyi to take pictures of her. .

He Xia sent a message to discuss the sales plan with Wu You. Wu You did not respond for a long time. He Xia came to the home to find Wu You directly after work. Wu You’s parents enthusiastically greeted him to taste the melons and fruits just picked from the farmhouse. Wu You sang loudly while taking a shower. She came out of the bathroom in her pajamas and saw He Xia at a glance. Both of them were very embarrassed. He Xia explained her intentions and asked Wu You to come to the company with a plan to find him tomorrow.

Sophie got up early in the morning and found a lot of red rashes on her face. She was so scared that she yelled and hurriedly covered her tightly and went to the hospital. Wu You rushed to register her after hearing the news, and then sent a message to He Xia to explain her missed appointment. s reason. The doctor examined Sophie’s face for severe contact dermatitis.

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