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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 7 Recap

Wu You begged He Xia to let go first, but their hands were tightly entwined. He Xia counted and let go, but Wu You’s hair was tightly entangled in He Xia’s buttons. She couldn’t move, He Xia had to Begging Manager Liang, who was watching the excitement on the side, to help untie it, Wu You’s hair was torn off a small ball, and she gritted her teeth with anger. He Xia hurriedly took off her suit to cover her messy dress. After Wu You left angrily, He Xia remembered that the phone was still in the pocket of the suit.

Yang Zijiang approached Su Fei a little bit, staring at her face squintingly. Sophie was terrified by his weird behavior and wanted to find an excuse to leave. Yang Zijiang hugged her waist tightly to take a photo. Sophie desperately broke free, Yang Zijiang Calling herself Sophie and spending all her savings, Sophie immediately guessed that he was Mr. X on the Internet. Yang Zijiang took the opportunity to act on her and forced Sophie to compensate him. Sophie was frightened and shouted for help.

Wu You rushed to rescue Sophie desperately when she heard the news. She was pushed away by Yang Zijiang. He Xia chased Wu You to ask for a mobile phone. He subdued Yang Zijiang with three fists and two kicks. Wu You picked up her bag and smashed it at Yangzijiang. , But missed He Xia’s head, He Xia resisted the pain and escorted Yangzijiang to the police station.

Qian Jiayi happily drove the newly bought car home, and couldn’t wait to call Wu You to announce the good news. When he learned that Wu You and Sophie were at the police station, Qian Jiayi was immediately shocked. She rear-attended Lin Yueda’s car when she was distracted. . Qian Jiayi was very distressed and couldn’t help but complain about him. When the traffic police arrived, Lin Yueda took the initiative to take all the responsibilities, but Qian Jiayi did not buy it. Lin Yueda found that she was Qianjiayi and smiled with relief.

Wu You and Sophie took a taxi home. He Xia got into the car first and wanted to get her mobile phone back from the suit. Along the way, Sophie made fun of Wu You and He Xia, believing that they were inextricably linked, Wu You couldn’t laugh or cry. He Xia chased Wu You for a suit when he got out of the car. Wu You refused with the excuse of being cold. They went home one after another and ran into Wu You’s parents downstairs. They mistakenly thought that Wu You and He Xia were in love, Wu You She denied it, took off her suit and gave it back to He Xia. He Xia deliberately admitted that the two of them were dating, and put on her a suit to protect her from the wind. Watching his parents go away, Wu You cursed at He Xia. He Xia made it clear that he was not interested in her, and the two of them broke up without speculation.

Yaman masks went on sale for a few days and quickly occupied half of the market. Due to the high cost of raw materials, the profit was far less than 40% than expected. Manager Liang was anxious and persuaded He Xia to cater to the market to reduce costs, otherwise he would be asked by shareholders. Responsibility, He Xia just refused to make concessions.

Meili revealed two important news to everyone. Lu Man changed from an intern to a full-time worker. Mr. Xiao made Wu You solely responsible for the decline in sales of Yaman masks. Wu You was very dissatisfied. At this moment, Xiuxiu’s mother suddenly came to the company to ask Qian Jiayi’s teacher to inquire about the crime, and condemned Qian Jiayi for expelling Xiuxiu. Mr. Xiao fanned the trouble. Wu You and Lu Man hurried over to make a relief. Mr. Xiao then went to Mr. Fan. Save Xiuxiu. Wu You persuaded Qianjia to be careful everywhere. Mr. Xiao made it clear that he wanted to kill them all. Qian Jiayi hated this kind of intrigue. Wu You vowed to give Qianjia a head start. She wanted to visit with Lu Man tomorrow. Sophie, Lu Man refused on the excuse of something.

Father Wu wanted to fully understand He Xia’s situation, so he asked He Xia to fill in a resident population survey in the name of the property staff. Father Wu took the opportunity to visit each room in his house and commented on the decoration of the house. He Xia sees Out of his purpose, he still bit the bullet and filled out the form. Father Wu saw that He Xia had filled out not to marry in the column of marriage. He was so angry that he suspected that the purpose of his relationship with Wu You was not pure, so his wife had to go out in person. She asked He Xia to help repair the water pipe, He Xia. It was fixed without much effort.

Wu’s mother asked He Xia to eat fruit, He Xia flatly refused. Wu took the opportunity to inquire about He Xia’s family situation. Wu’s father forced him to ask him about his attitude towards marriage. He Xia made it clear that he was unmarriage, and Wu’s mother was furious. , Suspecting that he is plotting wrong with Wu You, He Xia claims to have been in love for no less than 20 times. If he and Wu You are not suitable, he will break up decisively.

Wu You went home and heard He Xia’s rhetoric. She gritted her teeth with anger, and He Xia took the opportunity to leave. Her father persuaded Wu You to break up with He Xia as soon as possible, but her mother noticed that He Xia was pretending. Wu You repeatedly claimed that her soul was severely traumatized and begged her father to buy her a limited-edition manga suit, and his father transferred her money on the spot.

He Xia received Lu Man’s message with only the word “sacrifice”. He Xia remembered that tomorrow is the sacrifice day of her ex-girlfriend Lu Yun. Early in the morning, He Xia came to visit Lu Yun’s grave, and she couldn’t help but think of the painful past. Lu Yun refused his marriage proposal because he was pregnant with someone else’s child. He Xia left the cemetery with his forefoot, and Lu Man and his parents came to visit Lu Yun’s grave. That night, Lu Man went to the bar to buy drunk because of his sadness. He also called Lin Qing to accompany him. Lin Qing forbade her to drink any more, and hurriedly paid for her.

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