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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 13 Recap

Murong Jaylun and Ouyang Wenshan discussed the danger when they changed their clothes. The prince thought it was related to him. However, in Ouyang Wenshan’s view, the biggest crisis in front of us is the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl. The love of the prince, Murong Jaylen claimed that he would not let go of the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl.

Meiru brought a silver basin and a lot of garlic to look for Murong Jaylun the next day. Duan Shuiliu came to see that Dragon Girl brought her small noodles. Suddenly she saw Dragon Girl holding a little baby. She also told Duan Shuiliu that she knew how to live. Just like this little baby, whether she was crying or laughing Truth, what you want, sleep when you want to sleep, this is life itself. Duan Shuiliu told Dragon Girl that they are surrounded by love, and she can do the same, let Dragon Girl decide to start from scratch, get rid of beauty as writing is everything, do what you like, live your life, shine brightly, and live what you want Look like.

Meiru placed a lot of candles in the room. She wanted to pray for Murong because she remembered that Murong Jaylen had done a lot for her, and the pious ceremony can be blessed by heaven, and she would do it more thoughtfully for the prince.

But Murong Jaylun felt that this shouldn’t be what his beloved woman should do, but Meiru felt that he could do it for himself, and he could also do it for him. Duan Shuiliu was just talking about changes in Dragon Girl, but Nine Heavens Dragon Girl insisted on going to Murong Jay Lun and disappointed Duan Shui Liu. She felt that the prince was of the same kind as herself, so he was going to find Murong Jay Lun and tell him.

Jiang Huizhen put the diary in the cabinet, there was still a picture of the queen of Sichuan opera in it, to protect the secrets of the diary. At this time, the small partners in the troupe came to her and brought drinks, because the troupe was going to start the trial tomorrow. At that time, Ouyang Wenshan Suddenly fainted, Jiang Huizhen gave up the performance and took Ouyang Wenshan to the hospital. Most of the hard work of the crew was wasted.

The Nine Heavens Dragon Girl went to Murong Jay Lun and wanted to tell him about the diary. She also said that Meiru wanted to play with them. The prince did not listen to her. Ouyang Wenshan also thought that the Dragon Girl was targeting Chen Meiru and thought it was her impulse. Everyone, but the dragon girl was confirmed to be the instigator of the beauty, they are extremely stupid, no matter what she said, the prince would not believe it, and killed the dragon girl and was stopped by Ouyang Wenshan, but the prince couldn’t see the dragon girl’s appearance. Pushing Ouyang Wenshan away, she pinched Dragon Girl’s neck, but she was still stopped by Ouyang Wenshan, but this time the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl really gave up completely and broke with Murong Jaylun.

At this time, the old man also came over. He came to visit Ouyang Wenshan and asked the girl who was very important to her whether the story was interpreted. Although not, Ouyang Wenshan will definitely hold a more grand event for Huizhen again. Acting, let her become a star. He also asked Ouyang Wenshan to provide him with a quiet space.

Jiutian Dragon Girl and Duan Shui flow back to their previous residence, but she doesn’t seem to want to be noticeable, and she can’t even draw the curtains. Duan Shuiliu thinks she is afraid that Murong Jaylun can’t peek openly. In fact, Dragon Girl is not. This meant that Duan Shuiliu misunderstood her.

The troupe wanted Jiang Huizhen to review, but she didn’t want to tell the fact that she gave up the performance to save talents. She still let others say it. At this time, Ouyang Wenshan appeared and told the troupe that Jiang Huizhen could not review it. He could do his best to fund the troupe, but Jiang Huizhen didn’t think Ouyang Wenshan was right in doing this, and the two had a big fight about it.

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