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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 12 Recap

Murong Jaelen had a terrible dream. He dreamed that he came to look for Meiru, but the flood flooded them all, and he ran to rescue Meiru.

Jiang Huizhen hurried down to look for Meiru who was sitting on the bench praying, and told her that all three of them were awake. Meiru opened the diary and saw that the blood stains really started to dissipate. Meiru carefully touched Murong Jaylen’s face. Thinking back to the girl who bravely wrote about love back then, thinking about what Murong Jaylen did to him at the time, he would like to use the name of love to remove the obscurity. Meiru also told Murong Jaylen that she needed protection and her love. Maybe at this time Meiru realized that she really fell in love with this person, even if he came from the diary.

Duan Shuiliu was stitched on his forehead again, but he was still very happy, because the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl was awake, and the Dragon Girl asked him if he had anything to tell her. Duan Shuiliu decided to tell her about the diary. Hui Zhen ran to see Ouyang Wenshan, but when the doctor asked her if she was a family member of the patient, she denied it. She recalled that when she wrote the diary, she wrote that Ouyang was emotional, unrestrained but avant-garde, and free.

He also said that Jiang Huizhen doesn’t care about the status of Ouyang Wenshan’s top rich. They are attracted by the original passion, but never promise to last forever, because Jiang Hui is really cool. Hui Zhen touched the crown that Ouyang gave to her performance, lost in thought.

Murong Jaylen was still having that terrible dream. Some things seemed to be remembered but could not be remembered. He suddenly woke up and saw Meiru who came with the meal and quickly went up to give a big hug, but Meiru was very happy. , Because I already know who I really love. Meiru cared for Murong Jaylen and fed him food, but the prince was sorry that she was frightened. Meiru accidentally expressed her love.

Meiru looked at the diary she had written before, and suddenly read that she had written it back then and there were even unexpected ordeals. She still disliked whether she was ill to write this way, but, she is very grateful now. Duan Shuiliu didn’t burn the diary, otherwise, now Murong Jaylun couldn’t come to him. At this time, Duan Shuiliu was explaining to the Dragon Girl about Meiru’s diary, telling her that it was not that she was bad, but that it was because of the diary that she could not be with Murong Jaylen.

Jiang Huizhen came to see Ouyang Wenshan, just in time to hear the nurses talking about the patient. He heard the urinary incontinence and thought it was Ouyang Wenshan. In the past, he satirized them and admitted that he was a family member of Ouyang Wenshan. He had pants, but Ouyang smiled and told her that it was not him next door that had urinary incontinence, and he squeezed Hui’s face.

Duan Shuiliu brought chicken soup to Jiutian Dragon Girl and said that when he was a child, he was scared that he picked it up from the garbage dump. However, he indirectly told Dragon Girl that she was special and that Dragon Girl could still tease herself is outrageous, but life is always Inexplicably.

Duan Shuiliu and Jiang Huizhen ran to find Meiru, and they disagreed that the diary should be placed with her, but they accidentally told a secret back then that Huizhen and Duan Shuiliu had been ambiguous before. She didn’t say that it was because they were ashamed. But they unanimously decided not to let the prince know about the existence of the diary.

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