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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 11 Recap

Meiru seems to have returned to her childhood, went to the Babylon tour, and accidentally broke into a magical world where everything is different. Looking at the monuments, dating back to the period when she wrote the diary, the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl is still very tall and calling for the wind and rain. Ouyang Wenshan is also the chief guard of Murong Jay Lun.

When he was a child, the nine-day dragon girl was well-behaved and sensible. By chance, meeting Murong Jay Lun made him fall in love with the prince with sharp eyes and very wise eyes. During a sacrifice ceremony for the Moon God, Murong Jaylen came here to train soldiers, attracting many young girls, everyone admired the prince very quickly, and saw the prince move quickly and compete with the chief guard, but in the end, the guard lost a long time.

However, the prince gave him a sword representing loyalty, and the two have become close friends since then, but everyone is talking about the prince being an illegitimate child. On the day of Dragon Girl’s Day, someone gave her a reed pen. Dragon Girl was very happy and thought she She would also be favored by the gods, and at this moment, she determined to write his chapter for the prince, and fell in love ever since.

Meiru in reality suddenly woke up and found herself lying in the hospital. She realized that the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl suddenly called for the wind and rain, her eyes seemed to kill her, but the sky was not good, the crows flew, and the three were floating in the diary. The people who came out fell down at the same time. She hurriedly asked the nurse if she had seen them, but the hospital was in a panic. Meiru learned that they were in the intensive care unit on the twelfth floor.

Even if there was no elevator, she had to go up the stairs. At this time, Hui was really waiting outside the ward. Meiru ran up and both of them were very worried. Why, the doctor had never seen this kind of situation, and they had to organize a medical research team. The two of them discussed together, and suddenly thought of the diary. , Only the diary is their common feature.

So, the two of them ran to find Duan Shui Liu. He didn’t know what happened to the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl, and he said if Long Long had already left. Then he told him that Duan Shuiliu told them that three people fell at the same time. He didn’t burn the diary back then. He ran to find the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl and realized that this is not a simple matter. It must be related to the diary. Only then did he remember that the diary was in his bag and ran down to find it.

Only when he found that the bag was taken by the nurse and sent to the garbage truck. Jiang Hui really asked Meiru to go back and take care of the three of them. She found a car and Duan Shuiliu chasing the garbage truck. It took a lot of effort to turn over the bag, but when she opened it, there was nothing. Under Duan Shuiliu’s desperation, it suddenly occurred to him that when he was in Meiru’s company, the storm was pouring down, and his diary seemed to be washed away by water.

Duan Shuiliu and Jiang Huizhen returned to the company and found the diary that fell into the water. When they opened it, the paper was dry, but there were a few drops of blood in the diary. At this time, Murong Jielun, Ouyang Wenshan and Jiutian Longnu also He vomited blood directly. Duan Shuiliu hurried back with Jiang Huizhen and his diary. Meiru recalled that when she was writing her diary when she was a child, she was suddenly hit by a ball on her nose, and blood dripped onto the diary.

Meiru is sitting on a bench alone and praying like heaven. If she can exchange them back, she is willing to believe in love again, even as brave as she was twelve years ago. Meiru’s tears drip down, and heaven seems to have heard her. Like prayer, all three people in the hospital became conscious.

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