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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 8 Recap

At the banquet, Ye Tianyi and Rong Jing seemed to compliment each other, but in fact, the two had long regarded each other as rivals. Rong Jing invited the national teacher to the courtyard to talk alone. When asked about the murder of Murong Mansion, the guilty national teacher said The Murong Mansion case was actually murdered, and Rong Jing wanted to find out the real culprit and help Murong Mansion to reverse the case. The eager teacher said that all this was caused by the prince’s struggle for power, and even the war between Yueqi and Tiansheng was caused by this. When Rong Jing wanted to ask for details, Lan Yi, who had been eavesdropping on the roof, shot a poisonous thorn at the national division, and the national division was killed on the spot.

Tuoba Yeqian, who is devoted to Ye Qingran, wants to attract Ye Qingran’s attention. Ye Qingran turns a blind eye to Tuoba Yeqian’s diligence. Yun Qianyue stepped forward to help Tuoba Yeqian resolve the embarrassment, Tuoba Yeqian said Yuban refers to the treasure passed down from generation to generation by the Tuoba family.

The death of the national teacher made King Yueqi very sad. The hostile Ye Tianyi asked Rong Jing why he had to talk to the national teacher alone. Rong Jing bluntly said that the national teacher valued his status as an envoy of the Heavenly Saint Kingdom, so he talked to himself alone that Yueqi had never had a heart of resignation. . Rong Jing cured the king’s stubborn illness. The bold Tuoba Ye Qian wanted to give the jade finger to Rong Jing. Seeing that Rong Jing seemed to refuse, Yun Qianyue stepped forward to accept Rong Jing in a hurry.

Tuoba Yecheng secretly met with Ye Tianyi. It turned out that the war between Yueqi and Tiansheng was arranged by the two. The death of the national teacher was also the order of Lan Yi by Ye Tianyi. Tuoba Yecheng hoped that Ye Tianyi would be able to win the throne of the Heavenly Holy Kingdom.

When returning to the Tiansheng Barracks, Ye Qingran lamented the order in the barracks. Ye Tianyi, who had led soldiers for many years, was ruthless and resourceful. Of course, this was a trivial matter. Ye Tianyi wanted to find a military doctor to treat Yun Qianyue’s snake venom. Rong Jing said that he had helped Yun Qianyue suck out all the snake venom. Ye Qingran blamed Rong Jing for ignoring the difference between men and women. Yun Qianyue wanted to take a rest in the account, and Ye Tianyi, who was so worried about Yun Qianyue’s amnesia, wanted a military doctor to treat Yun Qianyue, but Yun Qianyue, who knew that she was not simply amnesia, refused directly.

Yun Qianyue refused Ye Tianyi’s invitation on the grounds of fatigue. Ye Tianyi stared at the table full of Yun Qianyue’s favorite dishes in a daze. Rong Jing, who was aggravated by snake venom, began to cough up blood. After Xian Ge sent it to Quhan San, he began to have broken thoughts. Rong Jing who wanted to be quieter went out for a walk alone. Ye Tianyi met Yun Qianyue outside the tent. He pulled Yun Qianyue to talk about his longing. Seeing Yun Qianyue’s reaction was cold, he also told about the relationship between the two of them when they were childhood sweethearts. Ye Tianyi’s obsession caused Yun Qianyue to scratch her head, and Rong Jing walked away lost after seeing the scene of the two talking.

Rong Jing was drinking alone outside the tent to sorrow. Yun Qianyue sat next to Rong Jing after seeing it. She sighed how romantic it is that two people from different time and space can see a starry sky together. Yun Qianyue felt that she had this experience, and it was not a worthwhile trip, and the drunk Rong Jing had fallen asleep leaning on Yun Qianyue’s shoulder. After Yun Qianyue settled in Rong Jing, she wanted to leave. Suddenly, Rong Jing wanted to kiss Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue, who wanted to accept the kiss, remembered that Rong Jing would have cold toxin when she touched a woman, so she pushed Rong Jing away. . Yun Qianyue left Rong Jing’s tent in a panic, and Ye Tianyi was vicious when she saw this scene.

Tuoba Yeqian asked Ye Qingran to accompany him to the flower market, but Ye Qingran refused, and Yun Qianyue took the initiative to do it for him. When the two of them wandered, Yun Qianyue asked Tuoba Yeqian if he knew any herbal medicine that could cure cold toxins. Tuoba Yeqian brought Yun Qianyue to the cliff to look for ice-fire grass. In order to help Rong Jing treat the cold poison, Yun Qianyue, who disregarded her own safety, decided to go down the cliff to search, but an accident happened when she was about to pick the ice flame grass. Fortunately, Nan Lingrui came to the rescue in time. Nan Lingrui joked that Yun Qianyue was his own lady, and Tuoba Yeqian exposed Nan Lingrui’s lustful nature.

Yun Qianyue elaborated the dispelling of coldness for Rong Jing. Rong Jing, who did not want to accept, saw Ye Tianyi and took it straight away. She also said that Yun Qianyue’s heart is more precious than any herbs. The stimulated Ye Tianyi makes Yun Qianyue Ride in a carriage arranged by yourself. Tuoba Yeqian wants Ye Qingran to stay in Yueqi, but Ye Qingran, who is incomprehensible, insists on leaving. Yun Qianyue invites Tuoba Yeqian to be a guest in the Kingdom of Heaven when he has the opportunity.

At the court, Lord Leng reported Ye Tianyi’s news to the emperor, and Qin Xiang bluntly stated that Rong Jing had mentioned in his letter that the Yueqi incident was not as simple as Ye Tianyi said. Lord Leng praised Ye Tianyi, and suggested that the emperor let Ye Tianyi’s birth mother Xiao Fei go out of the cold palace. Even if Qin Xiang spoke to stop him, the emperor finally decided to recall Ye Tianyi, who had been away for seven years.

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