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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 7 Recap

When Yun Qianyue woke up, she learned that she was the only one who avoided women like a snake and scorpion. Her heart was very moved. Although she was not convinced, she took the initiative to visit Rongjing. It happened that Rong Jing came to Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue asked about his physical condition. Rong Jing asked her to pretend to be a princess and enter Yueqi with him.

Rong Jing and his party of four showed the red snake snake raised by Princess Yueqi at the city gate. His guards let them go directly. They just left, and the real Princess of Yueqi Kingdom Tuoba Yeqian brought the captured Ye Qing. Ran also had to enter the city. Some of the guards knew Tuoba Yeqian and realized that the fake princess was just past. Tuoba Yeqian ordered them to arrest the fake princess immediately.

The chasing soldiers immediately followed, and Rong Jing took Yun Qianyue and fled away from Xiange and Cailian, and the four met in Zuichunlou. Yun Qianyue asked Rong Jing why he was so familiar with Yueqi. Rong Jing, who seemed to be secretive, only said that he had come to Yueqi when he was young because of his family business. Rong Jing and Yun Qianyue waited at the Zuichun Tower, and Yun Qianyue accidentally provoked Nan Lingrui, the son of Nanliang.

The beautiful Nan Lingrui wanted to keep Yun Qianyue by her side. After Yun Qianyue escaped and met Rong Jing, the two saw Xian Ge and Cailian fighting with the soldiers. Yun Qianyue was anxious, Rong Jing told Yun Qianyue, who doesn’t know martial arts, not to make trouble, and then he joined the melee alone. When Cailian was captured, Rong Jing and Xiange had to be caught with their hands. Seeing that the three of them were captured, Yun Qianyue wanted to save someone, and Nan Lingrui found Yun Qianyue and said that he could shelter her.

Yun Qianyue was taken back to Shizi Mansion by Nan Lingrui, and Yun Qianyue, who was so anxious, slammed into the west and successfully escaped. Seeing that the chasing soldiers were approaching, Yun Qianyue was rescued by Ye Tianyi. Ye Tianyi stayed beside the injured Yun Qianyue, but when Yun Qianyue woke up, she found that she did not know him at all. Ye Tianyi was very distressed by Yun Qianyue’s performance. Yun Qianyue explained her amnesia, and Ye Tianyi said the two of them. It was a lover relationship. Even if Ye Tianyi knew her preferences very well, Yun Qianyue didn’t believe it, she just wanted to save Rong Jing.

Yun Qianyue valued Rong Jing, which made Ye Tianyi very unhappy. Yun Qianyue said that Rong Jing had a life-saving grace for herself, and that as an envoy, Rong Jing must not have any trouble. The subordinates informed that there were indeed people from the Heavenly Saint Kingdom who were imprisoned. Among them, it seemed that there were four princes Ye Qingran. Ye Tianyi decided to send spy Lanyi to Yueqi City to find out.

Ye Qingran, who was taken to the princess’s big tent, was afraid that Tuoba Yeqian would summon bugs, so she had to take off her clothes and accept a body search. Tuoba Yeqian wanted to search for underwear, and the cheeky Ye Qingran stripped off her shirt directly, which made Tuoba Yeqian. Ashamed.

Yun Qianyue looked at Ye Tianyi’s unwillingness to act and was extremely anxious. Ye Tianyi pointed out the special period of the war between the two countries. Don’t act rashly. Regardless of many, Yun Qianyue decided to save Rongjing by herself, and Ye Tianyi could not stop Ye Tianyi. Can only take her to Yueqi Palace.

Ye Qingran was in the same place with Rong Jing. Ye Qingran, who learned that Yun Qianyue was missing, was very anxious. Rong Jing helped Ye Qingran think of a way to get out. He asked Ye Qingran to buy through the guards and take the Fourth Prince of Heaven. The news in the prison was passed to the national division of Yueqi. For the diplomatic relations between the two countries, the teacher of the country approached Tuoba Yeqian to understand the situation, and persuaded her to let herself interrogate Ye Qingran and Rong Jing.

As the prince, Ye Qingran has always been defiant, Rong Jing explained the loss of the customs clearance document. Tuoba Yeqian’s elder brother and son of Yueqi King Tuoba Yecheng questioned Rong Jing’s identity, and Ye Tianyi and Yun Qianyue appeared in time. Yun Qianyue asked about Rong Jing’s body with concern. A gentle Rong Jing said that everything was fine when she saw Yun Qianyue, and the neglected Ye Qingran hurriedly pulled Yun Qianyue to speak. With Ye Tianyi’s guarantee, the national teacher believed in the identities of Ye Qingran and Rong Jing, and Tuoba Yecheng suddenly went into trouble. He doubted that the war was deliberately provoked by the Heavenly Saint Kingdom in order to obtain Yue Qi. Ye Tianyi said he came. Here is to clarify the misunderstanding. :

When the two arguing, King Yueqi’s old illness relapsed again, and even the imperial doctor was helpless. Rong Jing, who was proficient in medical skills, recommended himself. After getting the pulse for the king, he prescribed a snake venom and ice toad that needed red snake training as medicine. Cited prescription. Rong Jing returned the red snake to Tuoba Yeqian. Yun Qianyue found an abnormal bulge on the snake’s body. After Tuoba Yeqian turned the snake upside down, Jade’s finger came out of the snake’s mouth. Yun Qianyue took it. Looking at the jade pull finger, Ye Qingran, who had cleared up the suspicion, was reluctant to show Tuoba Ye Qian.

After the king woke up, Rong Jing persuaded the king not to use soldiers against the Heavenly Saint Kingdom anymore. This was tantamount to hitting a stone with a pebble. The king admitted that someone had paid three thousand taels of gold as the most reward, and asked him to send troops to the Heavenly Saint Kingdom for three months. Ye Cheng reported that the dispute was caused by several vassal states of Yueqi State who were in trouble. When he found out the facts, he would naturally give Heavenly Sage State an explanation. The king stayed in Rongjing and stayed for a few more days, and also let Tuoba Yecheng’s brother and sister accompany him.

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