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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 8 Recap

He Xia also came to the bar to drink, and a girl took the initiative to talk to him. Lu Man saw this scene and rushed to stop him, claiming that He Xia was her brother-in-law, but the girl was discouraged. Lu Man regards Lu Yun as an idol. She believes that He Xia is the culprit in Lu Yun’s car accident. She yells He Xia as a scumbag. Lin Qing rushes to check out the bill and recognizes her alumnus He Xia at a glance, and forcibly pulls Lu Man away. .

Lu Man yelled at Lin Qing and insisted that He Xia killed her sister Lu Yun. Lu Man became more excited because he was too drunk to vomit. Lin Qing picked her up in the car and watched her tearful eyes, Lin Qing was full of compassion and love, and then drove her home. Mr. Lu asked Lin Qing to arrange for Lu Man to return to Xuanrui as soon as possible. Lin Qing felt that Lu Man had done a good job in the sole company and had made several good friends. After thinking about it for a while, Mr. Lu gave him full authority.

President Liang called to remind He Xia to attend the alumni meeting. The two of them went together. Lin Qing took the initiative to greet them. He Xia was relieved when he learned that he had sent Lu Man home safely last night. Manager Liang thought they were secretly dating for a drink, and couldn’t help complaining loudly. It turned out that Manager Liang, He Xia, and Lin Qing were famous three Musketeers in the school.

He Xia recognized Yu Miao, a famous economic expert among his alumni, took the initiative to say hello and introduced herself. Yu Miao took the initiative to exchange business cards with He Xia. Yu Miao claimed to run a financial investment company named “Hong Ye”. I would like to invest in companies in Why West Asia, and ask He Xia to introduce some alumni who are doctors.

He Xia came to participate in the alumni association just to attract investment. His goal has been achieved. Before leaving, He Xia asked Manager Liang to prepare a copy of the company’s information, and then check the background of Yu Miao’s company. Sales of Yaman facial masks have been declining. Mr. Xiao is very annoyed and forced Wu You to come up with a solution as soon as possible. Wu You feels that Yaman facial masks have a good reputation and are suitable for senior white-collar workers, but the promotion is not enough. She analyzed the previous data of the marketing department. , It is recommended to find major bloggers with white-collar fans to promote, and after word-of-mouth fermentation can increase sales. When Mr. Xiao heard the marketing department, he was so angry that he gave Wu You a severe lesson.

Lu Man questioned Wu You publicly and suggested that she go to the front line to get first-hand information. Mr. Xiao praised Lu Man and asked Wu You to increase sales within a time limit. After the meeting, Mr. Xiao took the initiative to show his favor to Lu Man, claiming that it took a lot of effort for Lu Man to become a regular employee. He threatened to have a relationship with Mr. Fan for more than ten years, and that only one director of the marketing department and sales department would be enough. Finally, Mr. Xiao Remind Lu Man to stand in line.

Lu Man has long understood the rules of the workplace. She deliberately refuted Wu You in public, just because she didn’t want to be questioned about forming gangs, and she didn’t want Wu You to be a thorn in Mr. Xiao’s eyes. Wu You thanked her for her help. He Xia asked Yu Miao to play billiards and took the opportunity to discuss investment matters with him. Manager Liang called Lin Qing. Lin Qing exposed to the face that Yu Miao was the helm of YG Investment, and Yu Miao had no choice but to leave.

He Xia wants to play billiards heads-up with Lin Qing. Lin Qing introduced Yu Miao’s conspiracy to He Xia in detail. He used to work for YG. Some small companies looked for YG investment. Yu took the opportunity to drive up prices and used this as a springboard. Finally, he made a public offering, and then used the company to develop it. In name, he put his own people in to be the CEO, kicked out the dilution of the founder’s equity, and took the opportunity to take this company as his own. Because Yu Miao and his team are very secretive and never leave any evidence. The founders of those small companies can only eat coptis.

Manager Liang suddenly realized that he could not find any negative information about Yu Miao. He thanked Lin Qing again and again for reminding him. He Xia was grateful to Lin Qing, but refused to admit defeat. He claimed to have seen Yu Miao’s true face a long time ago. It’s just acting with him. Manager Liang took the opportunity to suggest that the three of them drink together to reminisce about the past. He Xia asked Manager Liang to treat him. Lin Qing also helped, and Manager Liang complained.

Qian Jiayi was reported to be in power by beauty, and a photo of her having dinner with Mr. Fan was exposed. Mr. Wang reminded Qian Jiayi to be careful and persuaded her to get married as soon as possible, and also to ensure that she would not have children within five years. Qian Jiayi has been in the company for eight years and has never asked for leave. She has been working hard, but she was very chilling when she did not expect to end up like this.

Qian Jiayi digs out his cell phone and investigates carefully, but he can’t find a boyfriend who can make up the count. Qian Jiayi suddenly receives a call from Lin Yueda and decides to use him temporarily. Lin Yueda sent Qian Jiayi’s car for repair. Qian Jiayi deliberately hooked his shoulders in front of his colleagues. Lin Yueda actively cooperated with her in acting and sent Qian Jiayi home. Qian Jiayi took the opportunity to find out his details.

Wu You went to the street to promote the Yaman mask. When it rained heavily in the sky, she had nowhere to hide. Lin Qing gave her an umbrella. Wu You was taking a taxi on the side of the road. He happened to see He Xia and got into his car. He Xia did not go home. He went fishing by the river. Wu You had to accompany him.

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