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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 6 Recap

Mr. Xiao talked badly about Qian Jiayi in front of Xiuxiu. Xiuxiu admitted that he accidentally took a picture of Qian Jiayi and Mr. Fan eating together and sent it to Moments. Mr. Xiao insisted that Qian Jiayi deliberately find faults to avenge her, Xiuxiu gritted his teeth. , I secretly sprayed the car with the money plus one.

Qianjia a car was sent to the 4S shop for processing, and Mr. Fan happened to also take care of the car. He guessed that Xiuxiu did it, and advised Qianjiayi not to take it to heart. Mr. Fan heard that their two scandals were spreading in the company, and once again proposed to marry Qian Jiayi. Qian Jiayi didn’t care about the rumors. Mr. Fan advised her to marry herself when she was young. The car used a metaphor to mock Qian Jiayi. Qian Jiayi ordered a top-fitting car of the same brand as President Fan. He clearly stated that men are like cars and can be replaced at any time after a long period of time. President Fan is speechless.

Today is Sophie’s 30th birthday. Wu You, Qian Jiayi and Lu Man came to celebrate her. The four took pictures and watched sweet idol dramas together. Wu You casually mentioned that Xiao always took her to the industry exchange meeting. Lu Man and Qian Jiayi felt that there was a fraud. Xiao would definitely not miss the opportunity to show off, but Sophie felt that they thought too much and persuaded Wu Worry to find a good man at the exchange meeting.

Wu You went home drunk, and she and He Xia took the same elevator. He Xia couldn’t understand her drunk appearance. Wu You drank He Xia through the wine, and He Xia struggled desperately. The elevator suddenly opened. When the parents saw Wu You and He Xia close together, they decided that they were in love. They pestered her to ask questions. Wu You repeatedly explained that they were not in that kind of relationship and called He Xia a scumbag. The man then became drowsy, and his parents had a fierce dispute over whether He Xia could be the son-in-law candidate.

Lu Man came home very late, and seeing Lin Qing at her house again, Lu Man mocked him and Lin Qing didn’t care. As a customer, He Xia went to the only customer service platform to consult and found that the customer service knew little about the product. He Xia decided to form her own customer service team to serve the customers.

Sophie came to see Mr. X on time. He didn’t expect his wife to be waiting. She slapped Sophie in the face and scolded Sophie for defrauding her husband’s money. Sophie couldn’t even explain it. The woman fought Sophie so hard that Sophie didn’t show any weakness, so she subdued her with three blows. The woman accused her husband of being fascinated by Sophie. The child is always scolding, Sophie asks the woman for an account and promises to transfer 200,000 to her. Sophie told the woman to manage the money well and stop letting her husband get it. She even gave the woman an emotional education class. Sophie took her to do hair and clothes, and encouraged her to be nice to herself. Women treat Sophie. Many thanks.

Lu Man followed his father and Uncle Huang to play golf. Lin Qing gave Lu Man a set of expensive golf clubs. Lu Man suspected that Lin Qing had gained a lot of benefits from the company. Lin Qing admitted that he bought a house and a car. All he did was to thank Mr. Lu for his kindness. Uncle Huang took the opportunity to match up the marriage between Lu Man and his son Huang Jianan. Lu Man claimed that he did not want to find a partner, and then took Lin Qing’s arm and talked and laughed to buy water. Lin Qing knew that Lu Man was using him as a shield. Lu Man made fun of him as an ambitionist. Lin Qing threatened to catch Lu Man to prove his ambition, and Lu Man challenged him.

He Xia convened the board of directors and proposed to establish a professional pre-sales and after-sales customer service team to ensure seamless connection between customers and products. The shareholders did not agree. He Xia expressed his attitude. He did not come to discuss the matter, but to inform everyone. Wu You brought Su Fei to the industry exchange meeting held by the company. They commented on the men who came to the meeting one by one. Mr. Liang pulled He Xia to the exchange meeting. He Xia was very resistant, and Mr. Liang begged him to stay. The exchange meeting officially began. Mr. Xiao recommended Wu You to speak on the stage under the excuse of being physically ill. Wu You was caught off guard without preparation, and Su Fei encouraged her to speak boldly.

Wu You forced herself to calm down. She talked about the importance and necessity of the pre-sales and after-sales customer service team, which coincided with He Xia. Wu You’s wonderful speech won unanimous praise from the guests. Sophie liked a man and encouraged Wu You to take the initiative. Wu You didn’t catch a cold. Sophie took the initiative to talk to that man. The man claimed to be a fan of Sophie, his name is Yangzijiang. It was an application engineer. Yang Zijiang asked Sophie for some emotional problems, and Sophie took him to the rooftop. Yang Zijiang claimed to have a crush on a woman, but he didn’t know how to confess.

Wu You overheard the two girls talking about how handsome He Xia is, but Wu You found out that He Xia was also attending, and she complained endlessly. He Xia heard the two men boasting about Wu You and rushed to confess to Wu You. He Xia rushed in front of Wu You. The two girls also came to say hello to He Xia. The wine was splashed all over Wu You’s skirt. Wu You mistakenly thought about why West Asia wanted to strike up a conversation with the girl, and spoke harshly to him in public.

Wu You went to the bathroom to wipe the wine on his clothes. He Xia came to her to explain what had just happened. Wu You didn’t want to listen, and believed that he was a scumbag. Wu You attacked He Xia by virtue of his ability to practice Sanda since he was a child, but was subdued by He Xia.

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