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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 5 Recap

He Xia was called out by Wu You. He was angry and called Wu You aside. Wu You reminded him not to be deceived by the low prices of the other two e-commerce platforms, and to miss the best time for the Yaman mask to go public, as soon as possible He Xia was very impatient to occupy the market. Wu You admitted that she was fired, but only kindly reminded him that He Xia congratulated her, and Wu You was speechless.

Wu You appealed to Sophie and Qian Jiayi to complain. Sophie wanted to avenge Wu You. Qian Jiayi promised to introduce Wu You to a new job. Wu You was born with an unyielding character. She was unwilling to give up and she believed. He Xia will not miss her perfect plan because of the price, and will definitely come to her for cooperation. Wu You suddenly feels cheerful, and he drew Sophie and money with a drink of joy.

Mr. Liang advised He Xia to choose an e-commerce platform from Aiwu and Huojiajia as soon as possible. He Xia considered repeatedly and decided to convene a board of directors immediately to list the prices and sales advantages of the three e-commerce platforms one by one. He Xia did not want to compare prices. , Just want to choose a platform that truly serves Yaman, shareholders have nothing to say.

Lu Man came to He Xia directly and voluntarily admitted that she had gone to the sales staff of Love Goods and Goods Goods and asked them to raise the price. Unexpectedly, they took the opportunity to lower the price. Lu Man asked He Xia to give Wu You a chance. He Xia complained that Lu Man was fooling around. He recognized Wu You’s plan in his heart and asked Manager Liang to prepare the contract, and he would sign a contract with Wu You tomorrow. He Xia came to Wu You after get off work and told her to sign the contract at nine tomorrow.

Lu Man took the initiative to help Wu You prepare the signing materials. Wu You found that the information was one page missing, so he hurried to make a copy. Lu Man helped Wu You stare at the meeting room. He Xia and Mr. Liang came to sign the contract on time. Mr. Xiao flattered him in every possible way. He Xia asked Mr. Xiao to take care of Wu You so as not to always harass him. President Liang complained that He Xia was unkind, and even prevented Wu You from coming to stage in front of President Xiao. He Xia deliberately did this, just because he didn’t want President Xiao to be jealous of Wu You.

Wu You wanted to apologize to Lu Man, but he was worried that she would not save face, so he asked Fang Yuan for help. Fang Yuan lied that Mr. Xiao was embarrassed by Wu You, and Lu Man hurried to the rooftop to relieve Wu You, only to realize that Wu You deliberately deceived her. Wu You repeatedly confessed her mistakes to Lu Man, desperately to make her happy, Lu Man felt that he was also wrong, and the two of them were as good as ever.

Xiuxiu’s mother felt sorry for her daughter’s use of a hard bench. She specially sent her the boss chair and asked for money plus one not to allow Xiuxiu to work overtime and business trips. Xiu Xiu persuaded her mother to leave, and repeatedly confessed her mistake to Qian Jiayi, and Qian Jiayi told her to do well. At work, Mr. Fan sees everything in his eyes. He asks for money to eat seafood after working overtime.

As soon as he met, Mr. Fan took out the house sales contract and the diamond ring, begged Qianjiayi to marry him, Qianjiayi made various excuses, and Mr. Fan persuaded her to think about it, and Qianjiayi refused face-to-face. He Xia couldn’t sleep at night, lingering in her mind two years ago, He Xia carefully selected flowers and a diamond ring to propose to Lu Yun, but was ruthlessly rejected.

He Xia found out the hand model made by him and Lu Yun early in the morning and wanted to take it out and throw it away. Lu Man happened to come to Wu You’s house for the appointment. At a glance, he recognized that it was her sister Lu Yun’s relics, and forcibly hugged the big box of things. Going back, he condemned He Xia for being ruthless and unjust, and forbid him to do anything that I was sorry for Lu Yun. Lu Man found that He Xia and Wu You’s balcony were together, with a trace of worry in his heart. Wu You invited Qian Jiayi, Lu Man and Sophie came to the house to have a dinner, and they personally made small snacks for them to taste. Sophie broadcasted the whole process of production live. Qian Jiayi revealed that she refused Mr. Fan’s proposal and was met by Sophie. Making fun and complaining with Wu You. Lu Man didn’t want to listen to that, but wanted to talk to them about making money. The three of them were not interested.

Yaman’s facial masks were officially launched for sale, and anchors on major platforms actively promoted them. Sophie also promoted vigorously on the live broadcast platform, and Yaman’s facial mask sales continued to rise. Mr. X is a loyal fan of Sophie. He spends a lot of money in the live broadcast room. Sophie doesn’t take it seriously. Mr. X wants to meet Sophie.

Someone posted a photo of Qianjiayi meeting with President Fan in the company group. The employees talked about Qianjiayi and President Xiao publicly spread the scandal between Qianjiayi and President Fan, and insisted that Qianjiayi depends on President Fan. Wu You couldn’t listen anymore, so he fought hard with Mr. Xiao, and also filed a complaint with Mr. Fan. Qian Jiayi rushed to advise Wu You not to care about the dog, and Mr. Xiao rolled his eyes with anger.

Xiuxiu’s plan was messed up, Qian Jiayi severely reprimanded her, Xiuxiu moved out of her mother’s words that her mother would not let her stay up late to work overtime, Qian Jiayi was very angry and reminded her that she had to work harder to catch up with her colleagues. , Otherwise she would be eliminated, Xiuxiu was scolded and crying, Mr. Xiao took the opportunity to show her good to Xiuxiu and kindly persuade her.

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