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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 4 Recap

He Xia learned that Wu You had never used his company’s cosmetics, and doubted that Wu You would not really plan and make a considerable and accurate sales plan. Wu You was speechless by him and went to the mall immediately. Bought a lot of Yaman cosmetics.

Wu You asked her mother to try Yaman’s facial mask with her, and recorded the real experience. Wu You also went to the street hair mask to conduct field research. He accidentally learned that there is a software that can test human skin. Wu You suddenly thought. I want to combine the mask with the application. Since He Xia went to work and passed by, Wu You dragged him to talk about his thoughts. He Xia denied it on the spot. He didn’t want to spend time on applications and didn’t want to pay high promotion fees for other people’s software. Wu You felt that it made sense.

Qian Jiayi and Wu You watched Sophie live on the street with the goods, and suddenly saw Sophie being splashed with ketchup on his face, and the two of them hurried to rescue. Wu You received Su Fei’s call for help and learned that she was in the hospital, so he and Qian Jiayi rushed over. Lu Man drove over and took the two of them to the hospital.

Sophie came out of the hospital unscathed and explained to them the reason. The anchor Huang Chuchu of the same platform hated her and retaliated against her. Lu Man wanted to send them home. Sophie couldn’t wait to see if she made headlines. Huang Chuchu suddenly came to Sophie to apologize. The agent knew what she had done and threatened to terminate the contract with her. Sophie filmed a video of Huang Chuchu apologizing on the spot, and then invited Wu You, Lu Man and Qian Jiayi to eat hot pot.

Wu You talked about developing applications for Yaman’s products. Qian Jiayi suggested that she conduct a review on the company’s upcoming “Only Life” software. Wu Youdun started the problem and couldn’t wait to help Yaman sell the mask. , Lu Man reminded her to get the sales agency right of Yaman first. Wu You felt that it made sense, and she decided to make a solid sales plan first.

After the meal, Wu You, Qian Jiayi and Sophie went home separately. Lu Man suddenly saw Lin Qing also come to this hot pot restaurant and mistakenly thought that Lin Qing was following her. Lin Qing made it clear that he was here to meet customers and reminded Lu. Man returned to the company as soon as possible to take over. Lu Man suspected that he wanted to take over, mocking Lin Qing, Lin Qing was not angry, and asked Lu Man to come to him if he had something to do. Lu Man took the opportunity to ask that he wanted to see the head of the sales department of the other two e-commerce platforms, Lin Qing agreed to help contact. As soon as Lu Man returned home, he joined Wu You’s “good life group” and chatted with them for a while before falling asleep at ease.

Qian Jiayi accidentally saw Lu Man meet Liu Man from the sales department at the coffee shop. He questioned Lu Manlai’s only purpose in his face. Lu Man defended in every possible way. Qian Jiayi had to thoroughly investigate Lu Man’s details. Lu Man had to do so. Admitting that she only wanted to help Wu You deal with Yaman’s plan, Qian Jiayi reminded her to be careful so as not to be discovered by Mr. Xiao, Lu Man asked Qian Jiayi to hide Wu You.

Wu You came to the company to find He Xia. The secretary lied that he was not there for the meeting. Wu You sat in the lobby and waited. The secretary wanted to call the security guard. Wu You threatened to pester He Xia at home, and the secretary had to give up. Wu You waited until the end of get off work. She felt hungry, so she ordered a takeaway and started to eat. He Xia went home from get off work. Wu You hurriedly stopped him. He Xia didn’t want to listen to her long-winded, and went away in anger.

That night, Wu You called He Xia to the balcony and used the drawing board to show her plan in detail. He Xia went back to the house without saying anything. He thought Wu You had a good idea, so he called Mr. Liang that night. He notified the sole company to sign the contract tomorrow. Mr. Xiao prepared the signing ceremony early in the morning, but the Yaman company temporarily broke the contract. Mr. Xiao was furious and fired Wu You on the spot. He Xia is optimistic about Wu You’s plan, but other shareholders feel that the price is too high, and it is useless for He Xia to fight with them on a reasonable basis.

Lu Man hurried to ask Qianjiayi to intercede for Wu You. Qianjiayi gave her a severe lesson, complaining that she shouldn’t go to the other two e-commerce platforms, and asked them to increase the price, which is tantamount to setting Wu You low. When the price leaked out, Lu Man just woke up like a dream, knowing that he had done something bad with kindness. Wu You just came in. When she learned that Lu Man went to the other two e-commerce platforms without authorization, she was very angry. Lu Man believed that Wu You’s plan was perfect, but she didn’t believe in He Xia’s personality.

Mr. Xiao forced Wu You to pack up his things and leave. Wu You was unwilling to give up and begged Mr. Xiao to give her another chance. Mr. Xiao refused to agree. Mr. Wu had to use force to solve him. Mr. Xiao knew he could not beat Wu You and agreed. Give her one last chance. President Lu urged Lu Man to return to the company to take over as soon as possible. Lu Man felt that Xuanrui’s business philosophy was too old. She carefully selected the only company to study. President Lu recently had to cooperate with the only company on a big project to remind Lu Man to hide herself identity of.

Early in the morning, Wu You came to Yaman to look for He Xia, but the security guards desperately blocked her, so she rushed in, and Mr. Liang told Wu You about He Xia’s whereabouts. Wu You came to the gym to find He Xia and called him out loudly outside the men’s locker room.

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