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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 6 Recap

Yun Qianyue shot Ye Qingran with a slingshot but accidentally shot down a pigeon. Ye Qingran found a leaf letter on the pigeon’s feet. This is a carrier pigeon sent by Ye Tianyi, asking Yun Qianyue why he didn’t reply to him, Ye Qing Ran eats the leaves and tells Yun Qianyue that the pigeon is a great tonic.

Yun Qianyue brought the pigeon soup stewed by himself to the Royal Palace. At this time, Shangguan Mingyu was cupping Rongjing to treat poison. He was worried that Rongjing, who was already cold, could not stand Yueqi’s bitter cold, and Yueqi belonged to him. Wild and sturdy folk customs, if negotiations are unfavorable, Rong Jing will easily fall into danger. The Lord Yueqi has been seriously ill for a long time. The current State Master Yueqi was once the priest of the Dali Temple of the Heavenly Sacred Kingdom. He assisted the investigation of the case in Murong Mansion that year. Rong Jing is here to test Yueqi on behalf of the emperor. The other is to investigate the murder of Murong Mansion.

Yun Qianyue was surprised to see Rong Jing naked and with Shangguan Mingyu alone in front of the bamboo hut. Shangguan Mingyu found out and caught Yun Qianyue who was eavesdropping. The calm Rong Jing asked her why she did not listen to the warning and came to the bamboo hut again. , Yun Qianyue complains about not being a female, Rong Jing has a habit of breaking sleeves. Shangguan Mingyue worried that Yun Qianyue heard the conversation between the two, but Rong Jing didn’t care. Yun Qianyue handed the pigeon soup to Rong when she left in a hurry. King hands. Looking at the indescribable pigeon soup, the picky Rong Jing couldn’t eat it again and again.

Yun Qianyue and Cailian tried to join Rong Jing’s team as attendants. Yun Qianyue successfully mixed in. Cailian was a step late and was recognized as a woman. In desperation, she had to ask Xiange for help. Xiange helped Cailian enter the team. . Xian Ge told Rong Jing about this. Rong Jing, who pretended to be unaware, assigned Yun Qianyue to carry the flag, and Yun Qianyue, who couldn’t carry the flag, scolded Rong Jing all the way. During the rest of the team, the sergeant invited Yun Qianyue to wash her body with everyone, and Rong Jing got out of the carriage to help Yun Qianyue get out of the siege. Yun Qianyue saw that Rong Jing was deliberately embarrassing herself because she saw through her identity. Rong Jing asked Yun Qianyue to be more respectful to herself. After all, Yun Qianyue still needs his care to go down the road.

Yun Qianyue’s departure from the house was told by Yun Xianghe to Lord Yun, who told her not to talk too much, and if the matter was spread out, he would expel her and her mother from Yun’s house. After Ye Qingran learned about Yun Qianyue’s news, he rode a horse to chase out of the city. Qin Yunning, who was in charge of guarding the city, learned that Yun Qianyue and Rong Jing were very angry. During this trip, Qin Yunning wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of Yun Qianyue.

The team stayed at the post station, and Xian Ge arranged a separate room for Cailian who came in later. Yun Qianyue, who had mixed into the team early, had to live with a group of soldiers. Yun Qianyue used her urethra to find Rong Jing for help. Rong Jing turned a blind eye to Yun Qianyue’s various pleadings. In a hurry, Yun Qianyue threatened Rong Jing to get close to him, causing him to suffer from cold poison, and helpless Rong Jing gave up her room.

Leng Zhaozhuo sent someone to steal Rong Jing’s customs clearance document. Without it, Rong Jing would not be able to enter Yueqi Kingdom. Yun Qianyue, who slept well all night, didn’t know this. Rong Jing designed two assassins from Qin Yunning’s team, but the assassins didn’t steal the customs clearance. When the two assassins were chasing Rong Jing’s team, they met Ye Qingran, who was chasing him, on a boat. Ye Qingran saw that the two were not doing well. During the fight, Ye Qingran was kicked into the river.

The fainted Ye Qingran went down the river, and the ice toad by the river was frightened and ran away. This made Tuoba Yeqian who wanted to catch the ice toad very angry. She made the waking Ye Qingran pay for her ice toad, otherwise She let her own Chi Lian Snake bite Ye Qingran. Not only did Hunshi Demon King Ye Qingran not lose the ice toad, he also let the Chi Lian Snake go away, which made Tuoba Yeqian cry loudly and couldn’t bear the crying Ye Qing of a woman. Ran had to help her catch the ice toad.

Yun Qianyue, who was waiting for news at the post station, was bitten by the Chilian snake. Rong Jing, who had returned, saw the Chilian snake and knocked it down with his hands. When Rong Jing checked the wound on Yun Qianyue’s body, he did not hesitate to use his mouth to help. She sucked out toxins. Rong Jing sucked the black poisonous blood and hugged Yun Qianyue into the house. At this time, the entourage around him discovered that Yun Qianyue was a daughter.

The accompanying Shangguan Mingyue warned Rong Jing that the snake’s toxic cold and cold toxins are incompatible with each other. In the future, he must never do such an adventurous thing for a woman. Rong Jing explained that he just wanted to use Yun Qianyue to enter Yueqi. There was nothing to say. Shangguan Mingyu handed over the newly developed Quhan San to Rong Jing.

Ye Qingran wanted to leave, and found that Tuoba Yeqian, who was missing from Yuban’s finger, thought that he had stolen it. At this time, Tuoba Yeqian’s entourage rushed to search for Ye Qingran’s body. As a prince, Ye Qingran naturally did not Ken, after the two sides fought, Tuoba Yeqian, who saw that he was defeated by Ye Qingran, shook the chain on his wrist. With the crisp bell, he was very eager for the insects to flock to Ye Qingran, fearing that Ye Qingran would be forced by the insects. To the tree

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