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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 5 Recap

Qin Yunning wrote a lot of love letters to Rong Jing but had no chance to send it out. She did not expect that Ye Tianyu would do such a thing for herself. After being moved, she became more determined to get Rong Jing. Although Ye Tianyu’s strategy failed, Qin Yunning did not plan to let go of Yun Qianyue, the number one rival in her eyes.

Yun Qianyue regrets Ye Qingwan’s death. Cailian feels that Ye Qingwan is too tight. After all, Prince Rongjing has become indifferent since losing his parents. This cannot be changed overnight. Yun Qianyue laments that she truly loves someone. Is not willing to wait for a minute.

Yun Qianyue wanted to check Rong Jing’s scratched arm while saving her. Rong Jing told her to stay away from her. Yun Qianyue laughed at Rong Jing’s doctors who could not heal themselves. Rong Jing watched Yun Qianyue, who was carefully changing her dressing, fell asleep unknowingly. After wrapping up the wound, Yun Qianyue was about to leave, but found that her skirt was held down by Rong Jing and stayed in bed in order not to wake Rong Jing.

Yun Qianyue on the side also slowly fell asleep, pushing the door and entering Xiange to see the sight of this scene mixed with excitement. The blood left in Rong Jing’s wound remained on the bed, which caused Xian Ge’s misunderstanding. Yun Qianyue wanted to explain, Rong Jing interrupted the topic and asked Xian Ge to clean up the bed as soon as possible. Yun Qianyue chased Rong Jing and asked him to explain clearly to Xian Ge, and Rong Jing asked Xian Ge to tell the people in the mansion not to spread the matter out. Yun Qianyue was furious with this increasingly dark approach.

At night, Yun Qianyue was attracted by Xiao Sheng to the bamboo hut. At this time, Rong Jing was very entangled. The Murong Mansion tragedy, the cause of death of his parents, and the many shackles made him feel heavy. Rong Jing told Yun Qianyue not to enter here at will, and the lost Yun Qianyue asked Rong Jing to send herself out of the bamboo forest. The light in the bamboo forest is dim, and Yun Qianyue, who is not familiar with the road conditions, is always tripped. Rong Jing sprinkles powder to attract fireflies to help Yun Qianyue illuminate. Yun Qianyue, who is in her mind, is very happy.

Because of Rong Jing’s attitude of rejecting people from thousands of miles away, Yun Qianyue just found an excuse to leave Prince Rong’s Mansion. Rong Jing didn’t feel good about it, and he left without saying a word.

When Qin Xiang and Lord Leng talked about the court when they were playing, Qin Xiang felt that Lord Leng helped the three princes to be the right treasure, but Lord Leng saw that Qin Xiang’s wall was very herbaceous.

The third prince, Ye Tianyi, guarded the frontier for many years. Ye Tianyi sent a letter to Yun Qianyue Fei Ge to inform her that he was about to return to Beijing. Yun Qianyue, who had lost his memory, felt inexplicable about this letter. Yun Qianyue looked at the mirror anxiously. She found that her image in the mirror became more and more unclear, which meant that her lifespan in this time and space would not be too long.

Yun Qianyue wanted to spend a lot of money to offer treasures, but she was penniless looking for Ye Qingran to borrow money, but found that Ye Qingran was also ashamed of her pocket. Cailian suggested that she go to Rong Jing, a rich and enemy country, to borrow money. Yun Qianyue, who had just turned his face with Rong Jing, had to cheekily come to Prince Rong’s Mansion. Rong Jing changed his clothes specially to see Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue explained her intentions, Rong Jing asked her why she was looking for treasures, Yun Qianyue said that she would go back to another time and space to find Mu Xiaoqi, Rong Jing mistakenly thought that Mu Xiaoqi was someone Yun Qianyue valued very much, and he was cold. Qianyue went to the restaurant with a cloud on her face.

Yun Qianyue graciously helped Rong Jing pick up dishes, and Rong Jing, who was both tasteful and clean, annoyed the impatient Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue bluntly said that if it wasn’t for money, she wouldn’t want to talk to Rong Jing. This sick child is in one place. Rong Jing grabbed Yun Qianyue’s hand to bully him. He wanted Yun Qianyue to test if he was really bad. Yun Qianyue quickly apologized and kept flattering Rong Jing. , When she opened her eyes again, Rong Jing had already left, and there was a stack of silver bills on the table. Holding the silver ticket, Yun Qianyue took Cailian to the street to offer a reward. In the face of the heavy money, the people were eager to try, but they weren’t what Yun Qianyue wanted.

Yue Qi, who has been surrendering all the time, suddenly came to commit crimes recently. Lord Leng suggested that the emperor let Ye Tianyi go to suppress the enemy. Qin Xiang felt that this had something to do with the court’s foreign policy and should send someone familiar with the court’s affairs. Shangzui is willing to go to Yueqi as an envoy. Yueqi is remote and bitterly cold, and Qin Yunning, who is worried about Rong Jing’s body, gave his amulet to Yunjing. The indifferent Yunjing said that he did not believe in ghosts and gods.

Lord Leng told Ye Tianyi about this, and at the same time asked Leng Zhaozhuo to arrange for someone to drag Rong Jing’s footsteps. Leng Zhaozhuo used a storyteller to deceive Yun Qianyue and said that the treasure was in Yueqi. For this reason, Yun Qianyue decided to go to Yueqi. Last trip. Ye Qingran and Ye Qingnuan went to Yunwang Mansion to ask Yun Qianyue if she had anything to bring to Ye Tianyi, which made Yun Qianyue feel inexplicable.

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