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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 3 Recap

Shangguan Ming Yue asked Rong Jing to help Yun Qianyue get rid of his guilt, and he reminded Rong Jing not to forget the business. The tragedy that occurred in Murong Mansion that year was handled by Mr. Yun, but the dossier was nowhere to be seen in Dali Temple. Rong Jing said that he helped Yun Qianyue to help her find the dossier in Yunwang Mansion.

Yun Qianyue, who had always been lazy and lazy, wanted to take charge, of course, Old Lord Yun would not. Because the first emperor had orders, the empress of generations must be the prostitutes of the Yun family, so Yun Qianyue was born to become a princess and the queen of the world. For this reason, the queen wanted to find someone to teach Yun Qianyue, so Rong Jing offered herself a recommendation. The emperor was happy to give Yun Qianyue this thorn to Rong Jing, but Yun Qianyue objected to her because she wanted to take charge and had to obey the queen’s arrangement.

Rong Jing once saw Yun Qianyue riding a horse with Ye Qingran, so he sent someone to send a BMW to Yun Qianyue. In order to receive the instruction well, Yun Qianyue stayed in the Royal Palace of Rong. However, the decoration of the Royal Palace was so rich that Yun Qianyue was speechless. Yun Qianyue heard that Cailian said that there is a huge collection of books in the Royal Palace. She asked Rong Jing’s attendant Xiange. Xiange said that you need to ask Rong Jing before entering the library. Yun Qianyue felt that there must be something about traveling through time and space in the library. Books.

Lord Leng is a calm and ruthless person, but his son Leng Zhaozhuo is a person who can’t hide his thoughts. The father and son have been helping the three princes to find the throne. This time the prince will be abolished. The three princes have long been abolished. Wrote to inform Lord Leng. Leng Zhaozhuo and Qin Yunning were in charge of the imperial army inside and outside the imperial city. He sent Qin Yunning a thousand-year-old purple ginseng. Qin Yunning didn’t look down on Leng Zhaozhuo, who was granted the official position by his father’s protection.

Leng Zhaozhuo mocked Qin Yunning’s infatuation with Rong Jing. Falling flowers deliberately flow ruthlessly. These thousand years of purple ginseng touched the love of Qin Yunning and his father Qin Xiang. Back then, Qin Yunning’s mother was in desperate need of a thousand years of purple ginseng for life, but Qin Xiang dedicated it to the empress’s wife, which eventually led to the death of Qin Yunning’s mother. The guilty Qin Xiang did not continue. Concubine, he is obsessed with government affairs, hoping to find a good future and marriage for his daughter Qin Yunning.

Rong Jing asked Yun Qianyue to practice calligraphy, but the lazy Yun Qianyue was going to get confused, so Rong Jing punished her to write a hundred characters for Jing. Yun Qianyue, who was very dissatisfied with this, set up a trap. When Rong Jing came to check it out, she was covered with flour. Princess Ye Qingnuan, who was a guest at the Royal Palace, found Yun Qianyue very interesting.

In order to teach Yun Qianyue, Rong Jing had to play Yun Qianyue’s third ruler. Yun Qianyue felt that she had never admitted that Rong Jing was her teacher, so she didn’t have to take the ordination. Rong Jing took out the queen and pressed her, Yun Qianyue had to stretch out her hand, no Rong Jing, who was merciful under him, screamed Yun Qianyue. Ye Qingnuan offered to let Yun Qianyue learn piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy. Yun Qianyue directly captured Rong Jing, and Rong Jing who reacted quickly captured Yun Qianyue. He asked Yun Qianyue to learn etiquette first. Yun Qianyue, who was shaking three steps at a time, was forced to walk the lady’s pace with the bowl. The increasingly impatient Yun Qianyue broke the jar and shattered all the bowls. Rong Jing directly took out a stack of large ocean bowls, which made Yun Qiang. Yue wailed endlessly.

Xian Ge felt that Rong Jing was too harsh on Yun Qianyue, and Rong Jing bluntly said that he was thinking about Yun Qianyue’s future. At this time, Yun Qianyue was breaking into the library of books based on the map drawn by Cailian. According to the book search, Yun Qianyue saw the shelved “Awakening of the World”. Just when she was about to get the book, suddenly Appearing Rong Jing took the book in his hand first. The current Yun Qianyue who was arrested lied that she came to the library to read and study, and she realized that Yun Qianyue was not a Rong Jing who didn’t know how to write, so she didn’t have to pretend it. In between, the two fell on the bookshelf and heard the sound of Xiange entering the library and saw Yun Qianyue and Rong Jing kiss each other.

In panic, Yun Qianyue grabbed the book and walked out. After returning to the room, Yun Qianyue regretted the unexpected kiss with Rong Jing. Yun Qianyue found a way to back the light and shape the future in “Awakening the World”, but it is necessary to gather the three treasures of the white jade dragon, the thousand-year cold iron and the rebirth of the phoenix. Xian Ge anxiously lifted up the weak Rong Jing. The cold toxin Rong Jing in his body was soaked in the hot spring. The cold toxin symptom was most afraid of contact with a woman, which is also the reason why Rong Jing did not let the woman get close to three feet.

The next day, Rong Jing came to check Yun Qianyue’s study. Yun Qianyue took out her proud painting but was torn apart by Rong Jing, because it was a scene of Yun Qianyue and Ye Qingran riding a horse together. . The extremely aura of Yun Qianyue was about to break out, and Qin Yunning came to Rong Jing to send a thousand-year-old purple ginseng. Rong Jing refused on the grounds of lack of replenishment. Because Yun Qianyue was present, Qin Yunning left the purple ginseng and left.

Yun Qianyue asked Rong Jing if she had heard of the two treasures, the White Jade Dragon and the Thousand-Year Cold Iron. Rong Jing asked her why she wanted the treasures.

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