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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 20 Recap

In Beijing in 1958, researchers were discussing enthusiastically. Director Yu couldn’t help but come in and listened. Huang Xuhua was able to listen to different opinions and did not participate in the heated debate. Director Yu curiously asked him why he was here alone. Speaking, Huang Xuhua replied that he has not possessed the information to the greatest extent, so it is not good to speak. Li Shiying received a letter from Huang Xuhua. Huang Xuhua took the time to write it. After writing it back and forth several times, he tore it up, and finally wrote a few lines, leaving two words at the end, don’t read it. Li Shiying received the letter and finally felt relieved, and replied to him.

Yan Baoguo was also transferred to Beijing and became roommates with Huang Xuhua. Huang Xuhua chased him and asked how her daughter was doing. Li Shiying also sent Huang Xuhua some clothes and a note folded into a boat. Huang Xuhua couldn’t help but laugh after reading it. Yan Baoguo asked Huang Xuhua how he was progressing, and Huang Xuhua answered truthfully.

At first, everyone was full of energy, but then a little bit discovered that what he had learned before was completely useless. There was a lack of data, equipment, and materials, and everything had to be started from scratch. Yan Baoguo felt that it would not be enough, saying that it would be done within three years, Huang Xuhua laughed at him as optimistic. The lights out rang, interrupting the argument between the two. Huang Xuhua hid under the quilt with a flashlight to look at his daughter’s photo, and wrote a letter to his parents and brothers.

Everyone agreed that what is needed most now is time, but no one dared to raise objections when the meeting arrived. Yan Baoguo patted the table and explained that no one would speak at the forum, he said! At the discussion meeting the next day, Director Yu asked them if they could be launched in three years. Yan Baoguo hadn’t had time to stand up and Huang Xuhua opposed it. The development was anxious, but it should not violate the laws of science.

Scientific research and development is not how bold people are. The logic of high production, Yan Baoguo supplemented the approval. Director Yu said that he and Yan Baoguo visited the Soviet Union and boarded the nuclear submarine to bring back first-hand information. With the support of the big brother, three years is not impossible.

After the Chinese delegation returned from visiting the Soviet Union, it brought back a lot of things. When everyone saw it, they hurriedly asked Yan Baoguo what was going on, but Yan Baoguo bowed his head and said nothing. The Soviet experts have to withdraw all of them, and the materials have to be taken away, but Huang Xuhua is not worried.

Everyone in this world will be transferred the same way, and the big deal will start from scratch. The launch time of the nuclear submarine was delayed until five or six years later, but the scientific research mission could not be delayed for a day. Director Yu asked Huang Xuhua and Yan Baoguo to find a large pool where they could do experiments. Huang Xuhua and Yan Baoguo returned to Shanghai, but they couldn’t enter when they passed the house. They could only endure.

Chunling told Li Shiying that someone had seen Huang Xuhua in the canteen. Li Shiying was a little unbelievable. He really came to Shanghai and said hello or went home? Huang Xuhua was busy in the experimental pool, and Yan Baoguo received instructions from his superiors to approve a day off to go home and immediately notify him. Huang Xuhua was in a daze, thinking he was dreaming. Li Shiying opened the door and saw Huang Xuhua with her daughter. She was very excited. The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time. As for her daughter, Huang Xuhua still had some confession. Li Shiying sent a message to Huang Xuhua again, and Huang Xuhua still held a mirror and peeked at her from the inside, his eyes full of affection.

The daughter is very energetic today and does not sleep at night. Li Shiying asked Huang Xuhua if he could come back often in the future, but was a little disappointed to get the answer. When he left the next day, Li Shiying stood at the window holding his daughter Huang Haiyan and watched Huang Xuhua. Huang Haiyan finally called his father.

After soaking in the pool for two full years, Yan Baoguo became a little impatient. Our goal is the depths of the sea, not this small pool! Huang Xuhua received a letter at this time, and his father died. Huang Xuhua shed tears silently. If he asks for leave, the leader will definitely approve it, but it will also be very embarrassing. His vow cannot be violated, and his father in the spirit of heaven will definitely understand him. So mother didn’t blame Huang Xuhua, he failed to come back, there must be his difficulties.

In 1962, Huang Xuhua took Li Shiying and Huang Haiyan to the dormitory allocated by Beijing. They lived in the same courtyard with Yan Baoguo. Huang Xuhua changed Huang Haiyan’s name to Huang Yanni.

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