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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 19 Recap

Huang Xuhua and Li Shiying met at the Youth Activity Meeting of the Port Authority in Shanghai in 1952. That was the first time Li Shiying gave Huang Xuhua a haircut, and he didn’t expect it would last a lifetime. Li Shiying was going to Dalian to study at university. On the day he left, Li Shiying ran to the port to say goodbye to him. Huang Xuhua’s ship was already far away, so she left the things to Director Liu and asked her to give it to Huang Xuhua. Inside was a fader.

In 1954, Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry Administration. Yan Baoguo, who just graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute, returned to China as a translator for Soviet expert Vasily to work for his motherland. Regarding the imitation of torpedo boats, Huang Xuhua asked Vasily his questions, but was told that he only needs to learn to imitation, because China’s current industry is not enough to build submarines. Even if it is invaded, the Soviet Union will protect us. After the end, Huang Xuhua still chased Vasily to ask questions, but was stopped by Yan Baoguo.

He said that his actions were too much, and hoped that he would be more sober. Big brother now only wants to teach us to imitate, and don’t think about anything else. . But Huang Xuhua didn’t think so, he wanted to learn more. At lunch, Huang Xuhua took the crispy meat from his hometown and asked Vasily in unfamiliar Russian. People who didn’t understand him used body language and were forced out by Yan Baoguosheng.

On a rainy day, Huang Xuhua was learning Russian and met Li Shiying who was also hiding from the rain at the bus stop. She came here to work as an interpreter. It was the first time to do a translator for a Soviet expert. Yan Baoguo reminded Li Shiying not to translate for Huang Xuhua. He couldn’t get a few words out of his mouth, but he had to chat after the Soviet expert. Of course Li Shiying didn’t listen to him. Huang Xuhua was always the first to raise his hand to ask questions, and Li Shiying also helped him to translate seriously. After class, Li Shiying once again cut Huang Xuhua’s hair, and Huang Xuhua took a peek at her in the mirror. This scene attracted a lot of people’s onlookers, and Vasily applauded their love.

Soon after, Huang Xuhua and Li Shiying got married. Colleagues and friends sent blessings. Huang Xuhua and Yan Baoguo talked loudly at the wedding, and they danced together after being pulled apart. In 1958, Huang Xuhua and Li Shiying had already given birth to a daughter. Huang Xuhua was very fond of her and couldn’t hold it enough every day. After going to work, Huang Xuhua was called by Director Lu and gave him a letter of introduction and a train ticket for him to leave for Beijing immediately. The train was at ten o’clock, and Huang Xuhua didn’t even have time to go home to pack his clothes, so he could only write down the temporary business trip and folded it into a boat, and asked Yan Baoguo to give this to Li Shiying.

Yan Baoguo and Chunling couldn’t figure out where Huang Xuhua had gone, but Li Shiying was very relieved. He said don’t read it, and said that he would be back soon. After arriving in Beijing, Huang Xuhua took the letter of introduction to the Beijing Navy to attend the meeting. He met Zhao Dasheng and Liu Hongyuan from Fujian, who knew nothing about the upcoming meeting. After the meeting started, Director Yu asked them to put away their notebooks and do not make records. The work they are going to do is extremely confidential.

From now on, they must cut off contact with the outside world. Neither their wives, parents nor friends can reveal their work unit. To be an unsung hero for the rest of your life. The atmosphere was heavy, but no one quit. Director Yu announced the purpose of everyone here, starting from that moment, we began to develop our own nuclear submarine. They swear an oath in the face of the national flag, dive into the deep sea like a nuclear submarine, and see their relatives and friends again for some unknown year. Be loyal to the motherland, be loyal to the party, strictly observe secrets and obey disciplines, and never give up unless you achieve your goals!

Director Lu went to inform Li Shiying that Huang Xuhua had a task and could not come back temporarily. He had to stay in Beijing for a period of time and would help her no matter what matters in the family. Li Shiying was confused and worried about this. Everyone huddled in the military band building to do research. The weather was hot, and the director gave everyone popsicles one by one. Huang Xuhua and Zhao Dasheng went out to buy books, but when they came back they couldn’t go back because they didn’t have the documents, they were given a training by the director. They complained that they are a miscellaneous army, but the director said that they are a miscellaneous army. The taste of invisibility has just begun, and it will be like this for many years to come.

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