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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 18 Recap

Zhang Fuqing pointed out to them the first-class merit medal obtained in the Battle of Huti Mountain. After the battle, the division party committee approved him to join the party and awarded him the title of battle hero. Zhang Fuqing recalled his own fighting deeds. Because of the shortage of food, the Northwest Field Army went to the battlefield hungry most of the time, but even this beat the opponents to their feet. In the winter of 1948, it was about to hit Yangxian County. Zhang Fuqing and his comrades talked about the food in their hometown. The Northeast comrades said that when China was liberated, they would be invited to eat pork stewed vermicelli.

Zhang Fuqing then recalled the second medal of merit. During the Battle of Yongfeng, Zhang Fuqing led an assault team to capture the enemy’s bunker at night. It was also in this battle that Zhang Fuqing witnessed the death of two comrades-in-arms. Zhang Fuqing was depressed at the time, with only one thought in his mind, bombing the bunker. The Northwest Field Army won a big victory in that battle, but sacrificed a lot. The veterans who rushed up with him could not find any of them. He searched for a long time and didn’t find them. He just wanted to tell them that we were victorious. . In the ruins after the war, Zhang Fuqing seemed to see the two of them chatting, talking about life after liberation, but in a blink of an eye they were gone.

The elderly Zhang Fuqing recalled this scene with a sad heart. He hadn’t told anyone about these things for seventy years, and he still said it like yesterday. After the Battle of Yongfeng, Zhang Fuqing was awarded the title of battle hero again and won the second medal of merit. These medals Zhang Fuqing kept in the box for so many years, because he was still alive, but those comrades who fought with him died. Zhang Fuqing vowed to fulfill their unfulfilled wish and fight this revolutionary banner to the end.

Winter 2019. Zhang Fuqing’s fighting deeds were published in the newspaper, but Zhang Fuqing became furious when he saw it and told Jianjian that this should not be an example. The door of his home was broken by reporters and the masses. Jian Jian hurriedly called his classmates to criticize him. After Zhang Fuqing’s deeds were reported, the county party committee also took it seriously and assigned the Propaganda Department to sort it out, but the reporters all wanted to interview Zhang Fuqing in depth. The Propaganda Department came to visit Zhang Fuqing for this, hoping that he would tell his heroic deeds. Later, Zhang Fuqing accepted an interview from the national media. He didn’t like to watch war-themed TV series because he would think of things on the battlefield before. Speaking of those things, Zhang Fuqing burst into tears.

Zhang Fuqing put on the military uniform again, and there were people in the army, saying that he would welcome the old hero to come back to her family. The 359th Brigade paid special condolences to Zhang Fuqing, and Zhang Fuqing also contacted the old comrades who had fought together in the 359th Brigade. During the war, Zhang Fuqing made meritorious deeds, but he did not tell anyone else, nor did he tell his family and children. That was because his comrade-in-arms died when he was less than 20 years old, and he was still alive. What qualifications did he have to take out the merits? . Zhang Fuqing must live well, finish his work well, and comfort the dead heroes of his comrades.

For bravely killing the enemy in the Battle of Yongfeng, Zhang Fuqing was cordially received by Commander Peng Dehuai and took out a box of canned food as a reward. When he came to the monument to the martyrs, although Zhang Fuqing was old, his military salute was still strong and strong. Even if they take off their military uniforms, they are still the cutest people.

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