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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 3 Recap

He Xia came home from get off work and saw three boxes of express delivery at the door. The recipient was Wu You’s at the opposite door. He Xia knocked for a long time and did not see a response from her house, so she had to deliver the express. He Xia tried his best to lift the last box of wood carvings. Wu You just came back from get off work. He Xia gave the big box of wood carvings to Wu You. Wu You refused to take them, and the heavy boxes fell on them. On Ho Xia’s feet, he groaned in pain.

Wu You hurriedly sent He Xia back to the house and took out the ice cubes from the refrigerator. He wanted to apply some ice to He Xia. As a result, he slipped and fell into He Xia’s arms. A large bag of ice cubes fell on He Xia. He Xia grinned painfully on her injured foot. Wu You suddenly received a call from his mother and realized that the three boxes of wood carvings belonged to her family. Wu You rushed to confess his mistake to He Xia with a smiling face. He Xia was very impatient and signaled her to leave as soon as possible. Wu You had to do it.

Everyone in the sales department was very busy. Only Wu You had nothing to do. Wu You took the initiative to help but was ruthlessly rejected. They all regarded Wu You as a spy for the marketing department and avoided her. Wu You was bored, so she had to come out to relax. When she saw Lu Man’s clumsy printing of documents, she took the initiative to help. Lu Man reminded her to be careful. The sales department was guarding her. Wu You didn’t care at all and believed that she could handle it. .

On the company’s board of directors, shareholders unanimously demanded production in accordance with ordinary standards, otherwise profits could not be guaranteed. He Xia insisted on producing high-quality cosmetics, and the patent contract signed by Professor Jiang also agreed on this. If the production is not in accordance with the requirements, not only In the face of breach of contract, consumers will not pay the bill. He Xia insists on making irreplaceable products, otherwise it will be eliminated by the market. Shareholders will wait and see and want to see the final result. After the meeting, President Liang also advised He Xia not to act impulsively, but He Xia was determined.

Wu You bought trauma ointment after get off work and delivered it to He Xia. She knocked on the door and no one responded. Wu You hung the medicine at the door. Suddenly she realized that she had forgotten the key to the house. She hurriedly called the unlocking company. It was all off work, so Wu You had to call his girlfriend Sophie, but no one answered the phone. Wu You saw He Xia’s house light from downstairs, and hurried back to knock on the door. He Xia only heard the knock on the door after taking a shower. He hurriedly opened the door. Wu You wanted to go home from his balcony. He Xia was worried. There was danger and resolutely opposed, Wu You broke in while she was not prepared, she yelled in terror on the balcony on the eighth floor, He Xia turned over the balcony to help her open the door.

When He Xia wanted to go home, he found out that he didn’t bring the key. He wanted to turn over from the balcony of Wu You’s house. Wu You flatly refused. He Xia rushed in. Wu You worried that he would be affected by the fall and clung to him. His legs are not letting go. The parents suddenly went home and saw this scene. They mistakenly thought that Wu You and He Xia were in love. Wu You defended in every possible way, and He Xia found someone to install a code lock overnight.

President Xiao convened a meeting with people in the sales department. Meimei didn’t allow Wu You to attend. President Xiao took out Yaman’s case, and everyone looked at each other and dared not take it. Wu You specially bought afternoon tea and sent it to the meeting room, and took the opportunity to sit down for a meeting, and Mr. Xiao handed over Yaman’s plan to Wu You.

Wu You worked overtime until late, Qian Jiayi sent her a supper to remind her to be mentally prepared. Even if she did a perfect plan, Mr. Xiao would pick out the problem. Wu You is very optimistic and believes that she can see the trick. Dismantle the trick, and discuss the plan with her if you add money to it. Wu You handed the planning case to Mr. Xiao early in the morning. Mr. Xiao sent her to negotiate with Yaman. Wu You bite the bullet and came to see He Xia. He Xia avoided her and asked Mr. Liang to send her away.

Mr. Xiao scolded Wu You so badly, and also deducted her bonus and salary. Lu Man attacked Wu You and complained that she shouldn’t take the difficult case of Yaman. Wu You admitted that he did not do things well and firmly believed that he could do a good job. Mr. Xiao distracted all the others and seized the opportunity to seduce Lu Man in every possible way. He wanted to invite her to dinner. Wu Youquan watched it. She reminded Lu Man to guard against Mr. Xiao’s sexual harassment, but Lu Man didn’t care.

Mr. Xiao came to the appointment on time, Lu Man suddenly ran over to ask for help. She was harassed by three punks. Mr. Xiao was so scared that Liushen Wuzhu. Wu You came in time and pretended to teach the punks. He took the opportunity to punch and kick Mr. Xiao. Mr. Xiao was frightened. Fleeing in embarrassment, Wu You and Lu Man happily closed their mouths together. In fact, this is a play performed by Lu Man and Wu You. Lu Man specifically asked three friends to help.

Wu You and He Xia took the elevator home together. She asked He Xia face to face why he called her a pig. He Xia denied it. Wu You guessed Mr. Xiao was lying. Wu You wanted to know He Xia’s opinion on the planning case, He Xia. Ignore her. Wu You got up early in the morning, secretly followed He Xia to the morning run, and asked him again about the planning case. He Xia was overwhelmed. After seeing blood, she pointed out the pros and cons of the product in a long narrative of her planning case, but did not give any concrete details. A feasible sales plan.

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