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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 2 Recap

Facing Lu Man’s questioning, He Xia fell into pain again. He had explained many times two years ago that Lu Yun’s car accident had nothing to do with him. He Xia didn’t want to uncover the scars anymore. Lu Man threatened to appear in every He Xia. The place entangled him, and then drove away.

Wu You hid to the side and saw He Xia and Lu Man arguing so hard that they mistakenly thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Wu You stopped He Xia and asked him to add the reason behind the bad review. He Xia wanted to get to know Professor Jiang through her and discuss academic issues with Professor Jiang. Wu You bargained with him, and the two finally reached an agreement. Wu You asked He Xia to Restore her from the blacklist.

Wu You searched for He Xia’s information on the Internet, but he did not expect that he turned out to be a doctor of dermatology. Wu You called Professor Jiang overnight, and Professor Jiang promised to meet at the university cafe tomorrow. Wu You brought He Xia to the café on time, clearly stating that Professor Jiang was a clear stream in the academic world, and exhorted He Xia a thousand times. Professor Jiang came, and He Xia hurriedly found an excuse to push Wu You away.

He Xia asked Professor Jiang to license the patent to his company, but Professor Jiang flatly refused. Wu You then hurried back, only to find that He Xia was using her, Wu You left with sorrow. Afterwards, Wu You asked Qian Jiayi and Sophie to complain, and the two of them even came up with an idea to make Wu You and He Xia fall in love. Wu You swears that there is only one man left in the world and he will not choose He Xia.

General Manager Lu asked his daughter Lu Man to work in his Hengrui Group. Lu Man excused that he did not want to return to the company so early. He wanted to exercise outside for a few years before returning. Mr. Lu was no longer reluctant. The only e-commerce platform has several new interns. Lu Man is one of them. She voluntarily asked to go to the marketing department where Qianjiayi is located. Qianjiayi is determined not to accept her, and Mr. Xiao from the sales department is willing to take in Lu Man.

Fangyuan asked Wu You about the progress of the matter, and Wu You promised to handle it well and urged her to work with peace of mind. As soon as Wu You went to work, he saw that He Xia added the reason after the negative review. Fang Yuan was happy that she would not be fired by Mr. Xiao. He Xia sent a message to remind Wu You to fulfill her promise.

Mr. Xiao tried his best to please Lu Man. He made coffee for her personally. He also took her hand and asked questions. Wu You knew that Xiao was always a big fan and worried that Lu Man would suffer. She rushed in and went to report to Mr. Xiao. Mr. Xiao Gritting his teeth with anger. Wu You quietly reminded Lu Man to be careful of Mr. Xiao. He suddenly recognized Lu Man as the person who scolded He Xia and offered to make friends with Lu Man. Lu Man didn’t buy it at all, and even mocked Wu You.

The sales staff believed that Lu Man was a vain person, and all her famous brands were sold together. Everyone kept instructing Lu Man to do miscellaneous tasks. Lu Man complained constantly and could only bite the bullet and work hard. Wu You sent a large bag of snacks to colleagues in the sales department to remind them not to bully the newcomer Lu Man. Lu Man was enthusiastic in his heart.

Wu You asked Professor Jiang to meet and apologize to her for what happened last time. Professor Jiang admitted that he had handed over the patent authorization to He Xia. It turned out that He Xia came to Professor Jiang again and moved Professor Jiang with a sincere heart. Wu You handed over the analysis report to the company, and Mr. Xiao was furious, and Meili took the opportunity to speak ill of Wu You in front of him. Wu You summarized the negative reviews on the platform and suggested to Qian Jiayi to set up a negative review emergency mechanism. Qian Jiayi fully supported her and invited her to join the marketing department. Mr. Xiao heard clearly at the door.

Wu You’s parents sold the house in the city and bought a big house in the suburbs. They kept the money saved to Wu You as a dowry. Wu You helped his parents move, and the neighbor next door had just moved in, and there was a mess in the corridor. He Xia knocked on the door suddenly, and Wu You learned that he lived next door. He Xia’s small coffee table was moved to her house, and Wu You hurriedly returned the coffee table to him.

He Xia successfully got the authorization from Professor Jiang. The assistant suggested choosing an e-commerce platform for promotion. Among them was the only company where Wu You worked. He Xia asked him to choose the best. Wu You was transferred to the sales department as the supervisor. Wu You came to report to Mr. Xiao. Mr. Xiao deliberately refused to arrange for her and let her be a polished commander. He also made a mockery of Wu You. Wu You did not show weakness, and sneered at him. .

It turned out that Mr. Xiao went to Mr. Fan beforehand, and he was so praising Wu You that he wanted to transfer Wu You to the sales department. Mr. Fan didn’t know the truth and asked him to find someone in the personnel department. Mr. Xiao put Wu You under his nose as he wished, and wanted to completely lift her up, Wu You didn’t know about it. Qian Jiayi saw Mr. Xiao’s conspiracy and wanted to go to Mr. Fan to send Wu You back to the marketing department, but Wu You didn’t care and insisted on staying in the sales department.

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