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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 18 Recap

Qing also accused Aunt Zhang’s son of being outrageous, and the two of them were at war. Yang Lanhang hurried over and told him that he would accompany Aunt Zhang to the operating table, and that the operation had detailed insurance claims. He was willing to gamble his life, and they would do their best. go!

Bai Lingling sent Yang Lanhang into the operating room. Yang Lanhang smiled and said: He is a genius. Together, the two recalled the sad past of the little boy and the little girl in the hospital when they were young. Bai Lingling said that when he is well, he must not die. Yang Lanhang let go, she finally recognized herself.

Li Feifei heard that Yang Lanhang was sick and wanted to see him. The agent reminded her that the crew stopped working for a long time to lose a lot. Her reputation in the circle was over. No one would be willing to cooperate with her anymore. Li Feifei had no choice but to give up.

The long wait is suffering and hope. Finally, Dr. Li came out and announced that the operation was a success! Yang Lanhang’s parents did not know beforehand, they came to visit his son after the operation, and did not tell them complaining about such a big matter. After the two old men left, Ivan advised Yang Lanhang not to confess to Bai Lingling at this time, and Yang Lanhang planned to end the suffering in his heart soon.

Bai Lingling came to see Yang Lanhang holding a flower, but hesitated to face him somehow when he arrived at the door of the ward. When Dr. Li saw it, she encouraged her to go in quickly.

Yang Lanhang told Bai Lingling that when he was a child, he was very happy when he ran home from the hospital. Thinking that she scolded herself and cried, he later learned that money couldn’t buy a heart. He gave the little girl a false hope when she was desperate and helpless. After that, every day he dreamed of the little girl crying in the corridor and asking where he wanted to buy a heart. Many years later, he found the answer in his father’s laboratory.

Although money cannot buy a heart, as long as he works hard, he can make a heart that will never break, so that no little girl will lose her mother. Bai Lingling said that if she didn’t have the money for the small tin box, she would not even have money to buy a ticket to go to her grandmother’s house. She might wander down the street and become a little beggar. Yang Lanhang smiled and said that he would find Bai Lingling to take her home. He couldn’t help but gently stroke Bai Lingling’s hair, feeling that the little girl who cried in the past has finally grown up.

In fact, after that time, Yang Lanhang asked her mother to inquire about the whereabouts of the little girl. Later, her mother really took herself to see Bai Lingling. She climbed a big tree and played. Bai Lingling didn’t understand why Yang Lanhang didn’t tell herself all this earlier, Yang Lanhang Said that she was too temperamental and would blacken others at every turn.

Scenes from the past rushed to Yang Lanhang’s heart: Once in elementary school, Bai Lingling was wrongly stolen from a classmate’s pencil case by her teacher and asked her to call her parents to the school. Bai Lingling told the teacher that she had no parents. After Yang Lanhang saw this scene, he imitated Teacher Wu’s tone and wrote a letter to Bai Lingling, saying that he had wronged her and apologized to her.

Yang Lanhang told Bai Lingling: When he grows up, he turns into “how far is always”. Netizens encourage Bai Lingling to take the exams. All this was done by himself. Because he gave Ling Ling a wrong hope when he was a child, he wanted to protect her health and grow up. He is always seven years away, and it is also Yang Lanhang’s seventeen years. In fact, he returned immediately when the project was over in Europe, but Bai Lingling had already blocked him by then. Yang Lanhang hoped to get Bai Lingling’s forgiveness, but Bai Lingling couldn’t accept this fact for a while and ran out of the ward crying.

When she returned home, Bai Lingling felt uncomfortable in her heart. She lay in Guan Xiaoyu’s arms and cried so hard. She always thought that she was in love with two people at the same time, so she hated herself, so she could only give up both of them, but she never expected them to be It’s the same person.

The next day, Bai Lingling received a call from Ivan early in the morning, telling her that Yang Lanhang had a rejection reaction and was in a coma. After arriving at the hospital, Ivan said that Yang Lanhang had been calling Bai Lingling’s name in a coma. After he went out, Bai Lingling judged that Yang Lanhang was pretending by observing the ECG trajectory, but she was more willing to communicate with him in this state. Bai Lingling said that her parents had gone when she was young. She felt that there was no hope in life. Although she was laughing and joking while climbing trees and walls, she was not happy at all.

Until “how far is forever” encouraged her not to be discouraged, and life is full of infinite possibilities, she believed it, just like when she was a child, she believed that a little boy told herself that she could buy a heart with money, but she was disappointed again and again, and money simply bought it. Without coming to the heart, “how far is always” also flew away. So she told herself to stop fantasizing and to admit her fate, but she didn’t expect that “how far is forever” was back again, and Yang Lanhang also appeared. One of them messed up his graduation defense, and the other helped her find a cleaning job. But she fell in love with both of them incorrigibly.

During this time, she was very painful and felt that she was a scumbag who was scolded by others. Yang Lanhang couldn’t help explaining that before he went abroad, he didn’t think so much. He only had scientific research in his mind. Later, Bai Lingling was admitted to Hua Da, and it was not until the plane landed that he found that Bai Lingling had pulled himself black, and he began to panic. When he couldn’t contact her, he realized that he had fallen in love with Bai Lingling a long time ago.

Yang Lanhang apologized to Bai Lingling and asked her for forgiveness. He knew that Bai Lingling shouldn’t be kept secret, and he shouldn’t be so cowardly. He always wanted to wait until Bai Lingling didn’t hate him so much before confessing, but he didn’t expect to get her into such a predicament. Bai Lingling took out the small tin box and returned it to Yang Lanhang, crying and said that he didn’t know how to forgive him, so he wanted to let him go, forgot about the little boy, forgot “how far it is forever”, and forgot about Yang Lanhang, and started again.

One month later, when the New Year passed, Zheng Minghao came back to expand his business. He invited Bai Lingling and Guan Xiaoyu to eat together. Suddenly countless shiny drones floated outside the restaurant, which combined to form a portrait of 800 and Bai Lingling. The guests were in charge, and the singer Ye Shirong was affectionate. After singing the love song, Zheng Minghao confessed after the end of the song: If Bai Lingling is happy, he can bless her, and if he is not happy, can he give himself a chance to make her happy. Ye Shirong, Master Zheng Minghao, also helped him speak. Zheng Minghao also prepared a surprise meal of “Flowers on Moshang”. Bai Lingling felt sorry for him, and left after expressing gratitude and apologies to Zheng Minghao.

She stopped Yang Lanhang who was dodging in the restaurant and asked him what he was doing when he ran back from the hospital. Yang Lanhang frankly said that she was afraid that she would be better. Yang Lanhang told her that her parents were going out during the Spring Festival, and Bai Lingling agreed if she could spend a year with her. Yang Lanhang happily took her to a place.

Zheng Minghao saw the two running over and was very sad. Guan Xiaoyu persuaded him to let go. Zheng Minghao couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t win an Internet object, nor could he win the person who had deceived her for seven years in reality. He saw Bai Lingling have been Depressed, if she is not happy, why doesn’t she let it go? Guan Xiaoyu said that even he didn’t want to let go, let alone Bai Lingling and Yang Lanhang? Zheng Minghao irritably let Guan Xiaoyu go first.

In fact, Bai Lingling’s thinking logic is like this: Guan Xiaoyu once advised her not to blame Yang Lanhang for this, because he was less than ten years old at the beginning, and he was already very responsible for this kind of responsibility. Later, he just wanted to protect Bai Lingling’s growth silently out of guilt, but Unexpectedly, I fell in love with her in the process. Bai Lingling felt that Yang Lanhang could tell herself later. Guan Xiaoyu told her that Yang Lanhang had just messed up her graduation defense, and that she would dare to talk about it later, and Bai Lingling’s temper would definitely not forgive him. Bai Lingling talked about the encounter between the two on the grid later. He thought it was the encounter in the vast crowd, but he did not expect that it was also directed by Yang Lanhang.

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