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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 1 Recap

Popular online novelist Li Yun recently created the novel “General Bachelor’s Guide”, which has been sought after by fans. The response to this book was enthusiastic, and editor Li of the novel serial website called to urge it to be updated. My friend Lili called Li Yun and told Li Yun that Mu Xiaoqi, the son of the richest man in the city, was offering a high price for the author of the “General Bachelor’s Guide”, but Li Yun didn’t care.

Mr. Mu Xiaoqi, the general manager of the group, served as the vice president of the group. He developed a project for the construction of a film and television base, but he dug up an ancient tomb when he was engaged in infrastructure construction. As a result, Mr. Mu stopped Mu Xiaoqi’s position and froze all his bank cards. Mu Xiaoqi found that the things written in the “General Baguiar Instruction Manual” were happening to him step by step.

Mu Xiaoqi grabbed Li Yun and asked her to delete all the content about the “General Baguio Instruction Manual”. This book was Li Yun’s painstaking effort. Of course she refused. During the dispute, Mu Xiaoqi deleted the content that Li Yun recently updated. Li Yun was detained by Mu Xiaoqi, angrily, she decided to write down the protagonist in the book. The next day, Mu Xiaoqi’s men approached Li Yun to ask about Mu Xiaoqi’s whereabouts. At this time, Mu Xiaoqi had disappeared bizarrely. When the chased Li Yun ran up to the rooftop, he prayed to the book update page and begged him not to be Mu Xiaoqi’s person. Grabbed away. Li Yun’s words were entered into the phone by voice, and then she felt dizzy. Before she fell into a coma, she saw that the originally clear sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds.

Li Yun had a dream, in which she was experiencing a fire with a sword in her hand. After waking up, Li Yun found that she was in an era of ancient costumes. Just as she was sighing the reality of her dreams, the maid Cailian entered the room and called Miss. After some inquiries, Li Yun found that she had traveled to an emptied age-the nineteenth year of Taixi, and she was Yun Qianyue, the daughter of the King of Cloud Mansion, a dastardly, arrogant, domineering, and thoughtless future prince. Concubine. Li Yun told Cailian that she had amnesia, because Yun Qianyue used to pretend to have amnesia, so no one believed it.

The Fourth Highness of the Heavenly Sage Kingdom, Ye Qingran, is a famous Hunshi Demon King, but he maintains Yun Qianyue very much. Ye Qingran wanted to take Yun Qianyue away from King Yun’s Mansion to drive misfortune. Unknowingly, Yun Qianyue stunned Ye Qingran and wandered alone in the street. People were all talking about the fire at the Wangchun Tower in the song and dance brothel, while the officials held a portrait of Yun Qianyue to inquire around. Seeing this, Yun Qianyue hid in the carriage behind him. After learning, Yun Qianyue saw a man who looked like Mu Xiaoqi in the carriage. She complained that Mu Xiaoqi was a plague, and the man took him into the imperial city. Yun Qianyue found her mobile phone in her clothes. Before she could use it, the mobile phone fell into the water tank because it was knocked down by a man. The man told her that hidden weapons could not be carried in the imperial city, and Yun Qianyue tried to pull it. He dragged the man, but was flicked away by the man. He warned Yun Qianyue that the woman should not be close to three feet.

The prince told the emperor that Ming Yun Qianyue burned Wangchun Tower and caused countless deaths and injuries to the people. Ye Qingran came forward to speak to Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue who wanted to return to modern times took the initiative to confess the guilt. She felt that only Yun Qianyue was dead. , I can go back to Li Yun’s time. Yun Qianyue’s aunt is a queen. She pleaded with the emperor but was accused by the emperor of being too spoiled by Yun Qianyue. The emperor solicited the man’s opinion. The man said that Yun Qianyue, who was talking nonsense, took the initiative to plead guilty, and there might be other hidden reasons. For this reason, the emperor ordered Yun Qianyue to ban Yun Wang Mansion.

Ye Qingran told Yun Qianyue that the man was Rongjing, the elder son of the Royal Palace, a man who looked as warm as a jade but had a dark belly. He was in charge of the affairs of the Royal Palace after ten years due to illness. Dao, even the emperor is afraid of three points of the wealth in his hand.

Ye Qingran sent Yun Qianyue back to the Cloud Palace. Yun Qianyue’s grandfather, who had to pretend to be sick in order to save her, was waiting for her at home. The unshakable Yun Qianyue caused a headache for Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue complained about Pharaoh Yun, and Cailian said that Pharaoh Yun is the person who loves Yun Qianyue the most.

In the middle of the night, Rong Jing in Prince Rong’s Mansion was still picking up lights to paint, and the painting was showing Yun Qianyue’s face, which made him fall into memories. In the year Yun Qianyue was accused of the prince, Rong Jing ridiculed Yun Qianyue’s lack of ink on her chest and her appearance. The sturdy Yun Qianyue pushed Rong Jing into the lake. Rong Jing could not swim. Yun Qianyue had to He rescued ashore. Seeing that Rong Jing was in a coma, Yun Qianyue wanted to help him with artificial respiration. She didn’t want to just woke up at this moment to ridicule her again. Under the argument, Yun Qianyue and Rong Jing both fell into the water.

Yun Qianyue found the same situation as herself from the book. In order to separate her soul and body and return to the time of Li Yun, she secretly left the Yunwang Mansion. With the self-made thunder-inducing device, Yun Qianyue was waiting in the woods for rain and thunder. The thunderstorm came as expected, and Yun Qianyue ran after the thunder and lightning.

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