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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 17 Recap

In the winter of 1981, Laifeng County, Enshi, Hubei. Zhang Fuqing was transferred to the China Construction Bank as the vice president, but the Construction Bank was short of money, and the Finance Bureau was also short of money. Jian Rong did not pass the entrance exam for a year after re-reading. She didn’t want to continue studying. Zhang Fuqing persuaded her that everyone has something to do at every stage. If she wants to be educated, he will suffer the loss of uneducated.

The pressure in the mine chased Zhang Fuqing and hoped to allow them a few more days, and Zhang Fuqing was under great pressure. He simply lived in the mine and counted coal carts all day long. After Zhang Fuqing came to CCB, he remembered every account clearly. He traveled to large and small enterprises in Laifeng. The Bureau of Finance allocated a sum of money every year as a reward. Zhang Fuqing used the money to build office buildings and staff dormitories.

After decades of hard work, Zhang Fuqing retired in the autumn of 1984. In 1985, it has been 30 years since Zhang Fuqing and Sun Yulan came to Laifeng. The organization asked Zhang Fuqing to retreat, and he had no regrets and worked as Sun Yulan’s assistant at home every day. The two of them grind beans together to make dregs, Jianrong worked as a nurse, and became a teacher after taking the normal exam. The family is also much better off. Zhang Fuqing couldn’t take any time off at home, fiddling with things at home all day long.

Winter 2014. Today is Zhang Fuqing’s 90th birthday, and the children are back with their grandchildren. Zhang Fuqing wanted to go to a restaurant to eat, but Zhang Fuqing insisted on making it himself. The family’s old house has been around for thirty years, and the children wanted to change to an elevator room, but Zhang Fuqing was used to living there and didn’t want to change it. After retiring for thirty years, Zhang Fuqing still cares about national affairs every day.

Life was still flat, Sun Yulan suddenly fainted one day. Lying in the hospital, Sun Yulan still feels distressed about the money. If Zhang Fuqing hadn’t forced her to retire from the supply and marketing cooperative, she could still receive medical care at public expense. Zhang Fuqing’s conscience was given to the country, and Sun Yulan did not complain.

Zhang Fuqing was also in the hospital. The doctor suggested taking this opportunity to perform cataract surgery. CCB said that he would reimburse him in full, but even then Zhang Fuqing had to do it cheaply. Jianjian asked Zhang Fuqing if he had a military certificate, and said that he would register for him. Jian Jian went home and found Zhang Fuqing’s box, which contained a set of his military uniform, and a few pieces of military medals tightly wrapped in cloth.

Jian Jian took these to register with Zhang Fuqing. Jian Jian took pictures of the military medals with his mobile phone. The children of them never knew about these things, probably even Sun Yulan did not know. At a reunion of classmates, a classmate who was a reporter accidentally saw those photos of outstanding military merits in a healthy mobile phone, and sent a few unborn faces to Zhang Fuqing’s home to dig out first-hand information.

Jian Jian took the three people back home, saying that his old classmates specially asked them to visit Zhang Fuqing. Zhang Fuqing recalled the Battle of Huti Mountain, which was a long time ago for him, but he remembered the past events more and more clearly. At that time, Zhang Fuqing was still a young man, and his family was in the Kuomintang Controlled District. Zhang Fuqing stayed with the Communist Party if he could not go home. Speaking of the difference between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang, Zhang Fuqing also mentioned that he had met Commander Peng Dehuai when he was fighting in Huti Mountain. Those things passed in advance, Zhang Fuqing was full of nostalgia.

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