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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 16 Recap

Zhang Fuqing’s shoes were broken, and when he arrived at the supply and marketing agency, he went to buy a pair of straw sandals. Zhang Fuqing saw that the straw shoes were broken. The sellers were unhappy and angry. He scolded the director of the supply and marketing agency Wang and ordered the supply and marketing agency to start today. After rectification, I didn’t even wear shoes and went on the road.

Gao Dong was studying road construction, but no one knew about explosives, and it was difficult to submit for approval. Zhang Fuqing took the matter down again. Zhang Fuqing took Xiao Yang home for dinner, and Sun Yulan made oily noodles. The children have grown up. Jianguo said that the school recommended him to the county sports meeting, so he wanted to change to a new pair of trousers, which was worn and short. Sun Yulan said no, after all, Zhang Fuqing’s trousers were older than him, so he still wore them the same.

Zhang Fuqing led the people to build the road. Others felt that he was just shouting a few empty slogans here, and when he left the pit, he still had to fill in the locals. Zhang Fuqing said that he would not go if he did not repair the road. The locals used noodles to serve food. Zhang Fuqing talked about Shaanxi noodles and said that after the road was built, he would make the noodles for everyone himself. Zhang Fuqing said that if the road is built, the Gaodong people should also go out and have a look at the scenery of Gaodong. The villagers were worried that the road construction would affect the busy farming, but Zhang Fuqing had already figured out a solution.

In the autumn of 1977, at the Gaodong Commune, Zhang Fuqing led everyone to start building roads. Jianguo bought a piece of cloth for his own part-time job, and Jianrong and Jianjian were envious of chasing after him. Jianguo asked Sun Yulan to help him make a new pair of trousers, but Sun Yulan wanted to use this fabric to make a new pair of trousers for Zhang Fuqing. His torn trousers have been worn for a long time and have not been changed, and Jianguo can’t help it. Zhang Fuqing and the villagers were busy building roads, flying around on the cliffs. The fire was about to start, and Zhang Fuqing ran to a safe place to take shelter after the fire started. After a bang, road construction officially began.

In the winter of 1977, Jianguo heard that the state-owned factory in Enshi was recruiting workers and wanted to try it. However, the number of recruiting workers was limited. He wanted Zhang Fuqing to help, so that the family could be a little richer. Sun Yulan did not answer, and asked him to bring the newly made pants to Zhang Fuqing. Jianguo went to the construction site excitedly. Zhang Fuqing was not too young, but he was still working hard on the construction site. The father and son were sitting on the top of the mountain for lunch, Jianguo took out the peppers Sun Yulan had brought, and he made them himself.

Jianguo hesitated and asked Zhang Fuqing to get him an indicator, but Zhang Fuqing refused directly. He couldn’t think of his family whenever something good happened. Jianguo was very angry. Zhang Fuqing only thought about his own fame, but he didn’t think about how they would live with Zhang Fuqing. He met the target, but because of his reputation he didn’t even have the right to fair competition. Jianguo aggrievedly took out the pants and asked Zhang Fuqing to show him a way to survive. Zhang Fuqing asked him to go to the forest farm just like the high school graduates from Maodong, which is also a way to survive.

Jianguo dropped his pants and left, getting more and more aggrieved along the way, but he could only endure it. In the spring of 1978, Jianguo went to Zhahexi Farm to plant trees, because he was angry with Zhang Fuqing and he hadn’t returned home for a long time. Zhang Fuqing took the pepper to see Jianguo. Jianguo asked him how the walled road was being repaired. He worked in such a dangerous place, and Jianguo didn’t dare to tell Sun Yulan. In the summer of 1979, the manager fought day and night for two years, and Gaodong finally had his first road. Sun Yulan took the children to leave here with Zhang Fuqing. The villagers heard that he was leaving to see him off spontaneously. Everyone has seen his work here for so many years.

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