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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 17 Recap

Guan Xiaoyu suggested that Bai Lingling and her online dating boyfriend confess this matter. Bai Lingling couldn’t speak up and just wanted to concentrate on the experiment. Guan Xiaoyu accompany her to write a public account publicity plan.

Ouyang Yifan and Guan Xiaoyu couldn’t get in touch, so they called Yin Fan to have dinner with his colleagues. Yin Fan was still busy in the laboratory. Yifan was angry because of such a brother. Even if he worked overtime until late at night, everyone still felt that he was not enough. effort.

After Guan Xiaoyu worked overtime all night to finish the article, it was posted on the official account the next morning. Immediately afterwards, Bai Lingling forwarded it to Yang Lanhang, and soon, Qing Yi, Zhang Yi’an, Professor Jiang, and Yi Fan all read the article.

Yifan took the article and asked Guan Xiaoyu Xingshi about the crime, and told her that the company’s acquired product would be on the shelves, but she privately replaced the official account article with a soft article on new valve materials.

This scientific research also has her own painstaking effort. Before Yang Lanhang returned to China, he registered Huaihai Technology and opened a laboratory with Huaihai University. His brother and Yang Lanhang were responsible for scientific research. He was responsible for docking the market and the products were put on the shelves. , But Yu Guan Xiaoyu has breached the contract, if Guan Xiaoyu is willing to be his girlfriend, he can carry it.

In order to help Guan Xiaoyu pass the customs smoothly, Yifan revised the marketing plan overnight, but the marketing department disagreed and asked him to seek special approval from the president. Yifan had to ask his father to approve the plan with the plan. He didn’t expect his father to see that this matter was related to Guan Xiaoyu. Without reading the content, he threw the plan underground. Yifan was angry that what he was doing was wrong in the eyes of his father, so he picked up the plan and left angrily.

Guan Xiaoyu heard that all of the company’s money was used for scientific research, and there was no extra money for publicity, so Guan Xiaoyu continued to write plans on the official account because all three articles were reports.

Ivan was angry that his father didn’t know how to work, so he quit the family group and destroyed his bank card. He then found that there was a contract signed between the company and Guan Xiaoyu in the bag, guessing that Assistant Chen secretly put it in, and happily called him to thank him, and then tore the contract.

Ouyang Lin praised his son for a good plan, and ordered Assistant Chen to follow his plan. He reminded Assistant Chen: He personally realized that the qualification of the official account for this screening is somewhat different from their brand positioning, so he applied for termination. , I agreed.

Zheng Minghao played basketball in the academy and was very handsome. Guan Xiaoyu pulled Bai Lingling to see that Yang Lanhang was passing by. Zheng Minghao threw the ball at him and provocatively asked him to play. How far is it forever” Yang Lanhang had to accept the move. But his skills were far worse than Zheng Minghao’s. After playing for a while, he was pale, clutching his chest and lay on the ground. Bai Lingling, Zheng Minghao and others rushed him to the hospital.

Zheng Minghao told Xiaoyu and Ling Ling that he had seen the publicity of the new type of heart valve on the official account in the past few days, and the reading volume was getting higher day by day. Knowing that something must have happened, he came to help. Now they have more than 700,000 subscriptions to Xinmen, their influence is far greater than Guan Xiaoyu’s official account, and Xinmen’s icon is originally a heart pattern. He and Dong Chao have discussed it and can add it on the loaded page. A five-second animation about heart valves. When you click into it, there will be a popular science page, the company, Weibo, and advertising spots. This month’s share is given to them. After reading the article, he made all the animations. NS.

Dr. Li blamed Yang Lanhang for playing basketball. Yang Lanhang explained that it was not all for Bai Lingling. He dreamed of playing basketball since he was a child. Dr. Li warned him that he would never be allowed to play basketball with Yang Lanhang. Hurriedly chased out and stopped him. Guan Xiaoyu’s witty pull Zheng Minghao left, and Bai Lingling offered to send Yang Lanhang home. Guan Xiaoyu persuaded Zheng Minghao to give up Lingling and wish her well, but Zheng Minghao disagreed.

Although Bai Lingling had a driver’s license, he hadn’t driven for two years. He was a little rusty. Yang Lanhang was so nervous that he grabbed the seat belt and returned home. Bai Lingling’s legs were so frightened. Zheng Minghao sent a video to tell her that the promotion was already online. At the same time, Yifan’s mother saw the heart valve video promotion made by Xinmen on the bus stop sign, and she immediately contacted Yifan to ask him to find out what Xinmen had to do with the scientific research project.

Guan Xiaoyu’s article was on hot search and was reposted by many big V and celebrities. She was extremely happy. Yang Lanhang’s mother returned home and discussed with her husband that she also wanted to invest in this kind of charity project.

Bai Lingling proposed to Yang Lanhang to transfer the environment for cultivating the valve from the laboratory to the human body. The two were about to discuss. She received a call from Dr. Li and her grandmother went to the hospital. After the two arrived, they found out that Aunt Zhang, who was in the room with her grandmother, was sick.

Dr. Li told them that Aunt Zhang had signed up for the clinical trial before, and had done all the CT experience, and only waited for the valve shape to be 3D printed. The nurse found that the guardian’s signature on the agreement was forged and the family could not be contacted. Zhang The aunt learned that she could not participate in the experiment, and her anxiety caused an acute myocardial infarction. Grandma accompanied her to the hospital. Now Aunt Zhang has heart failure and must undergo surgery immediately.

However, on the one hand, there is no permission from the family, and on the other hand, the stent printing cell cultivation has not been completed. I agreed that the experiment was free. Yang Lan proposed the B plan: to pull the cultured environment into the human body from the laboratory. The earliest idea was proposed by Bai Lingling: if the patient is in a critical condition and needs to be replaced immediately, they can’t wait for the valve to form outside. Later, he discovered that the human body is the best bioreactor. They can implant the printed stent into the heart. The stent completes the function of the valve in the early stage and allows the heart to function normally. Cells begin to grow, and the stent begins to degrade in the later stage.

The shape of the valve allows the heart to continue to function normally. Qing also proposed: How to make cells willing to multiply on the scaffold? Yang Lanhang said that Yin Fan has been overcoming this difficulty recently. Now that animal experiments have been done, they originally wanted to wait for the tissue valve materials to be used in clinical practice before telling everyone. Qing Yi volunteered to find his family and let everyone concentrate on the preparations.

After returning home, Guan Xiaoyu suggested to Bai Lingling that everyone should pool the money for the elderly to have the operation done quickly. Lingling told her grandma had also thought of this method, but Grandma Zhang did not agree with her life and death.

Qing Yi finally found Aunt Zhang’s son, and Bai Lingling hurried to the hospital. Aunt Zhang’s son began to disagree with the operation. Wu Chunhua pointed out that he wanted to survive his mother and get the property earlier. He later heard that Dr. Li said that the clinical trial was free, and immediately agreed.

Qing Yi curiously told Yang Lanhang that he saw someone on the list of volunteers who had the same name and the same sex as the great god, and even had the same birthday. Yang Lanhang admitted that that person was himself, he had congenital aortic insufficiency, and he was still underdeveloped when he was a child. Determined to grow up and do scientific research on his own, and go to the operating table after the research is complete, Yang Lanhang said that he is a genius and will not die. These words reminded Bai Lingling that the little boy in the hospital had said the same when he was a child.

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