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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 29 Recap

Gu Xiaoqi was working hard to promote his products in the live broadcast room. He also promoted Lu Li’s products by the way. Gu Mo took care of hygiene. At this time, Gu Xiaoqi’s mother just knocked on the door. When she was pushed to the changing room, her mother was still talking about Gu Xiaoqi, she must use Gu Mo as an example to find an equally good boyfriend. Gu Mo hid in the corner and laughed. After his mother walked away, Gu Mo Then he walked out calmly, hugged Gu Xiaoqi who was shy and uneasy in front of him, and left a deep kiss.

Jiang Zitong is also working hard to promote Lu Li. This time he and Chen Yiming came to the gym. When Jiang Zitong was hit up with him, he did not forget to ask the other party to scan the QR code to make an appointment. Chen Yiming mistakenly thought it was a wretched man who harassed Jiang Zitong on WeChat, so it was rare to show it. With a serious expression, he just called Jiang Zitong away. Chen Yiming explained vaguely that Jiang Zitong couldn’t laugh or cry after hearing this, and the iron tree that hasn’t bloomed for thousands of years even has today.

When Lu Li came to the salon, the sparse audience was all boys. Lu Li was a little disappointed. Jiang Yicheng kept encouraging Lu Li from the side. When Lu Li officially stepped onto the stage, he stumbled and said the first opening sentence, and the crowd even left. Some, just when Lu Li was about to lose his confidence, Huihui, Lu Jingwen, Chen Yiming, Jiang Zitong, and many girls swarmed in. Lu Li also saw the program team come to help out. The familiar smile made Lu Li I immediately let go of my tension and started to speak more naturally and generously about the manuscript I prepared. After the salon, Lu Li and others began to celebrate their achievements, but Jiang Yicheng secretly walked away with Chen Yiming, as if secretly preparing something.

After a while, Chen Yiming guided Lu Li to the venue Jiang Yicheng had prepared, and the computer on the table stayed there. On the interface of “Dreammaker”, Lu Li hesitated to enter his account, and the chat box kept flashing. Under every sentence left by Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng wrote a reply, and there are many left by Jiang Yicheng below. memory. Lu Li was speechless for a while, and the curtain opened behind him. It was Jiang Yicheng’s specially prepared surprise. Looking at the photos flashed on the big screen, they were all about the good memories between the two. At this time, a few programmers left.

When he came in, Jiang Yicheng’s prepared words were written on his back, which was a confession to Lu Li. Jiang Yicheng stood in the center of the stage. The light circle created by the incandescent lamp behind him looked very dreamy. Jiang Yicheng wanted to hear Lu Li this time. Li’s answer, in fact, everything has been answered. Lu Li opened his arms towards Jiang Yicheng with tears in his eyes, and the two held tightly together again. This time there was more happiness. At this time, Lu Li opened his mouth in Jiang Yicheng. When he told the child’s life experience and learned that he was going to be a father, Jiang Yicheng happily held Lu Li and refused to let go.

Jiang Zitong is very envious of Lu Li’s own pursuit, and now he and Jiang Yicheng’s lover are finally married. In order to motivate Jiang Zitong, Chen Yiming promised Jiang Zitong that as long as he can find a career he loves, Chen Yiming will formally consider the relationship between the two. This sentence is equivalent to giving Jiang Zitong a shot. But after working for a few days, Jiang Zitong had no ideas, so he had to ask Lu Li for help. Lu Li remembered that Jiang Zitong likes fashion-related things, so he proposed to use the Internet to give full play to his expertise. Now he called Jiang Zitong and found the direction of his efforts.

Gu Xiaoqi and Gu Mo are having a family gathering. Several parents heard that Gu Mo already has a girlfriend, and they sighed in their hearts. They all blatantly wanted to arrange a blind date for Gu Xiaoqi as well. Gu Mo, who was still smiling, felt cold. After coming down, Gu Xiaoqi originally planned to conceal his parents, who knew that Gu Mo next to him was immediately irritated. He grabbed Gu Xiaoqi’s hand and stood up and announced the relationship in front of several parents. Fortunately, all the parents Very open-minded and quickly accepted the relationship between the two. The huge twists and turns in the imagination did not appear, and Gu Xiaoqi and Gu Mo also breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Yicheng received a call from Chen Yiming and rushed to the company. His opponent Chendong unexpectedly developed a game with the same concept as “Xuan Zhong Ji” in a very short time. Even the technical difficulty is very similar. It must be the core of the company’s source code. When the personnel leaked out, not only was it faced with huge game losses, but also GE began to ask Yicheng to compensate for huge losses. Jiang Yicheng resisted the anger in his heart and ordered Chen Yiming to find the traitor behind the scenes. At this time, the phone rang again, and Jiang Yicheng answered it. It was Xu Yuanzhi’s call.

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